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Brazilan trip 31st March I had to get up along with John before three to get to the Manchester Airport for flight to Amsterdam at 5.55 am. I hardly slept at all so landed in Rio exhausted, having frittered away the time on board watching films. Both flights were uneventful in spite of having a baby aged not much more than a year behind me on the long haul one. I forgot he was there and so apparently did the parents who largely ignored him (and each other) during the flight. From time to time he helped himself to breast milk with very little assistance from his mother and the rest of the time slept. Apparently a successful approach to child-rearing, if the aim is to pretend you don't have a baby! In order to get ... read more
Confeitaria Colombo - a famous and historic ' dessert restaurant in Rio.

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro March 25th 2016

Today it is Good Friday in Rio! Maybe not the best day to be going to visit one of the world's most famous religious icons? But ... more on that later. When we looked out our window this morning we could see people out an about early on this religious holiday on Copacabana Beach and there were frigate birds wheeling overhead - the first we have seen since the Galápagos Islands. After breakfast we commenced our bus tour of the city. Our first stop was at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Sebastian which was surprisingly deserted on Good Friday morning. When I asked Gina about this she told me that its main service would be later in the day as the final stop of an Easter procession. Built between 1964 and 1979, the cathedral was designed ... read more
Cathedral Interior
Christ the Redeemer
Christ the Redeemer

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro March 24th 2016

We had agreed last night that we would go for an early (-ish) morning walk along the canyon path beside the falls for one last look at the amazing Iguaza Falls before we departed for Rio. Ha, this plan coincided with Richmond's first game of the season this morning (Thursday night in Oz) so Bernie and Meredith weren't doing anything until the game was finished. Bernie was watching it live on Foxtel Go and Meredith was following it on the AFL App. Phew, a win to Richmond so, finally, two happy Richmond supporters could be dragged away from their electronic devices to go for a walk. It was lovely and quiet on the canyon path just after 8.00am this morning before the park was opened to visitors. It was quite overcast, but the falls were still ... read more
Cheeky Birds (Plush-crested Jays)
Our last view of the falls

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro March 21st 2016

Le Brésil, pas du tout au programme au début du voyage, mais pourtant on se retrouve ici pour 15 jours. 15 jours remplis de soleil, de musiques, de retrouvailles et de belles surprises. Découverte de Curitiba avec Alice et Aude, puis l’Ile de Florianopolis avec Bibi et Léa, nous finissons notre séjour dans la célèbre ville de Rio de Janeiro. Hébergé dans une communauté religieuse, nous sommes parti à la découverte de tout ces quartiers qui nous ont fais transpirer..! Fini pour notre 1er continent avec 7 pays, 2 merveilles du monde, 3 océans, 53 toits, 472 nouveaux amis, et une mélancolie déjà présente..! A bientôt de l’autre côté de la planète… Brazil, not in the program at the beginning of our trip. However, we ended up here for 15 days. 15 days full of sun, ... read more
Louca in los Dois Irmanos
Ocean de Dois Irmanos
El Jardin Botanico

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Lapa February 21st 2016

As our plane flew into Rio, we were amazed by the beauty of the scenery beneath us! The mountains, turquoise sea, white beaches and green rainforests surrounding the city are simply stunning. We were expecting to relax a little and enjoy the city at a leisurely pace as we had 12 days here. It soon became apparent however, that there was far too much to see and do to allow that, especially during carnival week! it also became obvious very quickly that we were going to be moving a lot more slowly than we had been due to the extreme heat here… It was 42 degrees on our second day! Aside from the insane heat, Rio is such an exciting city and provided an amazing way to finish our incredible six months of travelling around The ... read more
Stormy Copacabana
Graffiti in Santa Teresa

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Lapa February 14th 2016

Obviously, Rio de Janeiro is an iconic city for many reasons. There’s Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf Mountain, football and, of course, Carnival. We didn’t plan to be here for carnival – it kind of happened by fluke – but we’re so glad it did! So, we landed and soon realised the extent of the madness that is Rio in carnival time. The taxi driver was getting more and more irate as every road he wanted to go down seemed to be shut – and we were panicking as the meter was going up! Anyway, we arrived at our AirBnB place to find a lovely little studio flat in the middle of Lapa, samba town, and our host Alex waiting for us. It soon became obvious that Alex was in the carnival spirit himself and, as ... read more
Noah and his ark!
About to dance down the street to Banda da Gloria
Parade by Arches of Lapa

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro February 7th 2016

Another beautiful hot day and all we can think about was jumping into the nearest body of water we can find. In our case, it was the Atlantic. Jon rents two lounge chairs and an umbrella and I buy myself a thong bathing suit...priorities. All these body types look exactly like mine: big boobs, small waist, finished with bubble butt. I feel like the women here are my long lost sisters. There has to be some Brazilian in me, the resemblance is uncanny. A thin, dark skinned man comes up to us holding a pole that hangs cigarettes and beach towels. Jon buys a pack of smooths and lights one up. The man looks directly at me and asked, “American?” “Yeah,” is it that obvious? “Like to buy some weed?” ... read more
Beautiful Beaches
Hostel Family Dinner
Inside the Hostel

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro February 6th 2016

Jon and I woke in a heap of sweat and dirty laundry, as there are no places to take our clothes to wash the last few days. Over eggs and toast, we had a plan: 1. Find Laundromat 2. Hike the Christ Statue 3. Find closest body of water to douse ourselves in. After all, it was 9am and already 90+ degrees outside and in. In our hiking clothes, we walked down to the main square to procure a laundromat. Amazing murals catch our eye. They made up most of the building’s walls, walls inhabited by the homeless. The richest artistry next to the poorest of folk. On the main road, Jon and I lost our way between the zig-zag nameless roads and half English/half Portuguese directions. We find ourselves outside a liquor store. ... read more
Jon, Me and a Bunch of Lawyers
Jon in His Primal State

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Centro February 4th 2016

The next morning we had some time to kill before our 24-hour magic carpet ride, known for its fold down seats and high-stakes theft. We decided we wanted to soak up one last part of the jungle before we entered into bustling Rio. Trip Advisor pointed us to Parque de Avery. From the reviews, it sounded like a bird sanctuary. When we got there, it was really more a bird zoo. Caged birds as far as the eye can see. Very pretty, a little depressing. Never been much of a “caged-animal observer myself” but hey, I got to hold a toucan…so I guess there’s a win in there somewhere. When it was time to catch the bus, we stocked up on beer and snacks for the long haul. Normally a 24-hour ride anywhere would ... read more
View from the Bus
"Tell me about it"

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil This was to be a one of the highlights of our trip and it did not disappoint. WOW from the moment we opened the curtains as we entered the harbour to Rio de Janeiro till we returned to the ship at just after nine at night was a day to remember. Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful harbour cities in the world , its rich backdrop of mountains, sandy beaches, lush vegetation and the South Atlantic Ocean form a dramatic vista in a league of its own. We sailed in at just before 7am and were greeted firstly with views of Corcavado (Christ the Redeemer) followed by the famous Copacabana beach and just for good measure the famous Sugar Loaf Mountain. And we hadn't even had breakfast!!! Coupled with ... read more
City to the Docks
Copa as we sail in

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