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South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Natal October 18th 2012

Spontan haben wir beschlossen, doch noch einen Tag in Natal zu verbringen. Eigentlich wollten wir hier nur übernachten und dann gleich weiter nach João Pessoa. Aber letztendlich dachten wir uns gibt es hier mehr zu unternehmen und außerdem können wir so noch ein bisschen länger unsere Zweisamkeit genießen. UND vielleicht mag mich Natal ja doch endlich mal. Also haben wir heute einen Buggyausflug gemacht, der wohl in Natal bzw. der Umgebung touristisches Pflichtprogramm ist. Zusammen mit einem brasilianischen Pärchen auf Hochzeitsreise sind wir Richtung Norden losgedüst. Insgesamt über 100 km haben wir zurückgelegt, fast ausschließlich an Stränden und durch Dünen. Denn dafür ist Rio Grande do Norte bekannt – für seine fantastischen Dünen. Und das sind sie tatsächlich! Inmitten der unendlichen Sandlandschaften begegneten uns ab und zu Süßwasserseen, in einem davon d... read more
Blick aufs Meer von Genipabu
Natal im Hintergrund
Überfahrt mit dem Buggy

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Natal October 12th 2012

Seit Montagnacht ist endlich meine bessere Hälfte bei mir!!! Leider hat er nur knapp 2 Wochen Zeit, weil er dann in Deutschland wieder fleißig sein muss. Deshalb müssen wir die kurze Zeit bestmöglich ausnutzen. Also habe ich ihm am Dienstag mal ein bisschen João Pessoa gezeigt (schafft man ja an einem Tag…), wobei ich selbst auch zum ersten Mal mit dem Bus durch die Stadt gefahren bin. Hab gedacht schlimmer als in anderen Städten kann es ja nicht sein. Nur letztendlich waren wir für eine Strecke, die mit dem Auto sonst 20 Minuten dauert, gleich mal 2 Stunden unterwegs. Scheiß Busnetz hier… Am Mittwochmorgen sind wir dann auch gleich geflüchtet Richtung Natal. Na, wer erinnert sich noch? Ja genau, da wollte ich ursprünglich studieren, aber dank unüberwindlicher bürokratischer Hürden sowohl auf brasilianischer als auch auf deutscher ... read more
der größte Cashewbaum der Welt
das ganze grüne ist der eine Baum!!

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Natal May 21st 2011

Morro Branco is a tiny beach town 80km east along the coast from Fortaleza; however, our journey there was beginning 250 km WEST of Fortaleza, and the road for the first hour was hardly worthy of the title. We bounced along from Jericoacoara on a huge 4x4 truck, passing through small villages on our way to meet a proper bus to take us as far as Fortaleza. Bizarrely, this bus took us to the city's airport so we had to take a taxi to the bus station, before getting on another bus to Beberibe, a small town near Morro Branco. Another taxi helped us complete the journey, arriving at 4pm on May 10th. We quickly arranged a place to stay (which wasn't hard - this being low season we were swamped with pousada owners offering their ... read more
The view of Morro Branco from our pousada
Morro Branco beach
The coloured cliffs

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte January 4th 2011

Geo: -5.88333, -35.1667Rain. A lot of it. Apparently yesterday was beautiful and sunny as it has been here in Natal for the past week, but the clouds decided to come out today. Booooooooo!!!! Without the beach, there really isn't much to do here in Natal, especially in Ponta Negra, where I'm staying, since it's more of a beach resort-type area. There are a couple of churches and museums downtown and some shopping centres, but not much else. The area around Natal is renowned for having some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Brazil, with Pipa being a particularly popular one, largely because of its hippie-like atmosphere. Unfortunately Pipa isn't on the itinerary, as I'm just passing through Natal on the way down the coast to Recife. I seem to be missing out on a ... read more
Nice Beach, Despite the Clouds
Seeking Solace in Another Mediocre Cup of Coffee
Lunch At Yet Another Per Kilo Restaurant ...

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Natal September 14th 2009

Natal doesn't get much of a mention in the guidebooks but it's a pretty good place. Yesterday (Sunday) the place was lively, the beach was full of Brazilians, the restaurants busy, it was a nice place to be, probably nicer than the places the guidebooks do mention which are often full of the same people we've seen in other places. Today we've had a great fun day in a beach buggy on the beaches and in the dunes around Natal. The driver was excellent speeding up and down the faces of the dunes, spinning the back end around, pointing out interesting things and playing some excellent music on the cd. Atsuko and I were both like children at the fairground - whooping, hollering and yee hahing like a couple of American golf spectators :-))))) There were ... read more
At The Top Of The First Dune
At The Top Of The First Dune
At The Top Of The First Dune

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa August 1st 2009

Hi all! So here we are in Pipa still, we have decided that we like it so much we will do less travelling around and stick here for a while enjoying this gorgous town. On our second day here we re-visited the same dolphin beach, this time armed with a camera to get some shots! however, as sods law would have it, we couldnt get any pictures and ended up with a couple of videos... im sure we will try again before we leave! We went out that night for tapas, at a cute little spanish restuarant, which was up a small dirt track off the main road. because of the location, not many tourists seemed to find the little gem.... in fact.. we were the only ones there. suspicious that this might not just be ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa July 28th 2009

After an 8 hour journey we arrived in a charming little seaside town that upon first inspection looked a lot more geared toward tourists than anywhere we had been so far. There is a main street that is the heart of Pipa and is approximately 2km long, we had read a good recommendation from our guide book that Pousada Xame (Pousadas are little hotel type places run by family´s) was a good place to stay. The pousada is a little off the beaten track, situated at the very top of the main street, and is therefore a bit cheaper. The place itself is very charming, it has a pool, breakfast area (all breakfasts are included), pool table, DVD area and hammocks in every free space available. Our room is very clean, has a gargantuous bed, air ... read more

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Pipa May 8th 2009

I have now moved on! Time was ticking on, and I felt like I wanted to know more more of Brazil before I returned to Europe. I left Lençóis with regret, however, and will keep a wonderful memory of it and its people in my mind. I took a 7 hour bus ride to Salvador, and left almost straight away for Natal, much further up North, on a 21 hour bus ride, and from there another 3 hours to Praia da Pipa. I will talk about it in my next entry. This one, as the photos testify, is dedicated to my last Chapada tour to the Cahoeira da Fumaça. I really wanted to visit the Fumaça, the most famous waterfall in the Chapada Diamantina. Until recently, it was advertised as the highest in Brazil, but I ... read more
When the waterfall is weak, the wind blows it upwards
Pretty high
Not nervous at all...

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Natal April 1st 2009

NATAL We arrived in Natal after a 28 hour bus ride with directions to Camy's beach house in hand. We were happy not to get robbed in the night, but we were also very tired. We found Camy's house with a lot of help from her neighbors and it was such a wonderful place we felt very fortunate to stay there. We spent that day mostly resting and walking along the beach. The ocean was green with the temperature of bath water. Unfortunately, where there wasn't submerged rocks there were surfers. We weren't sure which was more dangerous but Ammi was determined to swim regardless. She was having fun until a surfer decided to deviate from the group and force Ammi to swim into the rocks, scraping her knee. But she still had fun. “Other than ... read more
Carnival Mask
Master beer salesman
I don't remember Captain America wearing a dress

South America » Brazil » Rio Grande do Norte » Natal March 7th 2009

Die warmherzige Gastfreundschaft meiner "2. Familie" hier in Recife hat mich wieder aufgebaut, gestaerkt und erholt und neue Reiselust in mir geweckt. Ein gluecklicher Zufall hat mir dann noch einen Reisekumpel beschert, der nach verzweifelten Kommunikationsversuchen in meinem gebrochenen "Portugnol" hier in den ersten Tagen Licht in die finstere Nacht brachte: Er ist Deutscher!! Es tut gut, nach so lager Zeit wieder mal in seiner eigenen Sprache zu sprechen. Der Zufall brachte uns mit den gleichen Ideen im Flieger zusammen, und so machten wir uns von Recife per Bus auf in den Norden, um zu surfen und die etwas weniger erschlossenen Straende und Fischerdoerfer zu erkunden. Der Nordosten ist besonders fuer Fisch- und Prawn-Liebhaber ein Paradies auf Erden. Beides liefert dort den Hauptertrag und ist so frisch wie nirgendwo sonst. Erster Halt war Joao Pessoa, ein ... read more
Weg nach Galinhos

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