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February 6th 2009
Published: February 7th 2009
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I´m sure that you will all be glad to know that we managed to get our parasending done and both survived, with an awesome experience to keep with us! After a lazy day on the beach we left Canoa on the night bus to Natal and got a bus to Praia da Pipa, a small but rather touristy beach village. It is touristy for very good reasons however.

Our first day here, after very little sleep on the bus, was unfortunately quite rainy and so we ventured to a nearby beach before giving up and going back, drenched and quite cold from the rain. The next morning it decided to chuck it down again and so we were holed up again in our hostel until the weather cleared in the early afternoon. We had heard about a beach where dolphins are regularly seen and so thought that we would head there, however, the beach we walked to (and saw no dolphins) we later found was not the right beach! The following day we managed to get to the dolphin beach, a beautiful quiet beach backed by tall cliffs with over-hanging trees, and within 10 minutes of getting there were lucky enough to be swimming next to dolphins. We spent the whole day just relaxing, amazed at how empty this paradise was, we assume that the fact it can only be accessed by walking for 30mins along the beach keeps the lazy tourists away!

Much though we both love swimming and sitting on beaches this morning we decided to walk to a nearby ecological sanctuary for a change of scenery. On the walk there we saw a family of bushy-eared marmosets snatching crisps off sunburnt tourists wearing socks and sandals. 30 sweaty minutes later we reached the sanctuary and spent all morning walking around the trails, without seeing a lot other than several green turtles below from a viewpoint. This afternoon we returned to the dolphin beach and once again saw and swam with them.

Much though we have loved it here, for the beaches and the nightlife (we have met a lot of really cool people here, some of whom we have been bumping into sporadically since Belem) we are planning on leaving tomorrow to Olinda, said to be the cultural capital of this part of Brazil. The precarnival is there over the weekend and so we hope to be able to see some of the parades, as well as sample a few caiparinhas!


7th February 2009

What a trip
Hi Dani and Chris. I am so enjoying reading your blogs. What a wondeful time you are having. The parasending sounded such fun .I hope there are lots of photos to see. You talk of the rain but at least you are missing all our snow here which sems to bring most of the country to a standstill at some time during last week and it is forcast again for next week so make the most of the warmer weather. We had a good time in Costalita with Grandma and she was so pleased to get your text on her birthday. I dont think she can believe how it all happens. Brian and I are going back on 23rd Feb so hope to be warm again then. Take care and continue to have fun. Thinking of you both Lots of Love Jacke and Brian. xx

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