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South America » Brazil » Pará » Santarém March 2nd 2023

En route to Santarem, Brazil, our port of call on Thursday, March 2, 2023, we spent two days cruising the Amazon River. Well, to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure of EXACTLY what river we were cruising because Belém, our last port of call, is on the banks of the Pará River. Wikipedia says Belém is “part of the greater Amazon River system” and is “the gateway to the Amazon River” but is technically not ON the Amazon River. The “Amazon basin” is that part of South America drained by the Amazon River and its tributaries. The Amazon drainage basin covers an area of about 2.4 million square miles, or about 35.5 percent of the South American continent, and is located in portions of eight countries – Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, and Venezuela. ... read more
Santarem Highlights Shore Excursion – Santarem, Brazil
Santarem Highlights Shore Excursion – Santarem, Brazil
Santarem Highlights Shore Excursion – Santarem, Brazil

South America » Brazil » Pará » Santarém January 25th 2015

Da ormai quattro lunghe settimane il Mercante si sta lasciando trasportare dalla lenta corrente del Rio dele Amazzoni, il celebre fiume avvolto da un romantico alone di mistero ed esotismo, ma che si rivela in realta´ una immensa massa d´acqua lurida di color fango scossa da violente correnti assassine, le cui sponde melmose sono popolate da nugoli di bestie crudeli quali zanzare e mosche portatrici di larve e febbri, pipistrelli succhiasangue, enormi ragni pelosi lunghi una spanna, per non parlare poi della temibile fauna acquatica, il cui solo terrificante pensiero serve a tener lontani anche i piu´ arditi aspiranti nuotatori. Come sopravvivere alla lunga a tutto cio´? ma sopratutto, come riuscire a godere dei frutti che la natura ha cosi´ generosamente distribuito qui in Amazzonia?? La risposta sta nelle acque, e piu´ precisamente nel loro colore! ... read more
Fiume bianco
Fiume nero
Fiume blu

South America » Brazil » Pará » Santarém August 5th 2014

unsere platzwahl an deck des massenfassenden schiffs war fast perfekt. fast. leider geht die ganze nacht das grelle neonlicht genau über uns nicht aus. und die laut krächzende durchsagebox direkt an unseren köpfen verkündet alle nächtlichen anlaufhafen. immer eine halbe stunde und kurz bevor wir die stops erreichen. nach einer zeit protestieren dann auch unsere lächerlich verwöhnten europäischen körper gegen die durchhängende liegeposition. immer, wenn eine halbwegs angenehme stellung gefunden ist, boxt der nachbar einem fuß, ellenbogen oder kopf in die seite. markus, der verräter, gesteht mir des morgens, dass er abends noch einmal aufgestanden ist, sich zwei bier und eine schlaftablette gegönnt hat. jetzt wundert es mich nicht mehr, dass ausnahmsweise ich ein schlafproblem hatte… die nacht ist also eher durchwachsen und so ist das erwachen durch umtriebiges geplapper der einheimischen... read more
neue bananen
hammock idyll

South America » Brazil » Pará » Santarém March 14th 2014

Friday – Mar. 14/14, Santarem °C-88°F – Humidity 98% – Rain Today’s port of call is Santarem, which is located midway between Belem and Manaus. The city is situated at the joining of the Tapajós and Amazon Rivers. The notes from the Location Team state this meeting as follows: Santarem is where the murky, brownish-yellow waters of the Amazon River meet the aquamarine waters of the Tapajós River. For miles beyond the merging of the rivers, the different colored waters don’t mix and there’s a very visible dividing between them.” The city of Santarem was first established in 1661 and is named after a city in Portugal. The original residents of the area were the Tapajós Indians who developed an ... read more
A long way to anywhere!
Bulldozer used to clear forests
500 years young

South America » Brazil » Pará » Santarém April 4th 2011

I’m currently sitting on a boat in the tiny port of Santarem, a town in the state of Para on the banks of the Amazon River, halfway through a 6 day boat journey that is taking me nearly 2000kms from Belem on the coast of Brazil to Manaus in the midst of the jungle. It’s an epic voyage which has challenged every sense I possess … the noise of the constant forrá music blaring out of the distorted speakers for 15 hours a day, the smell of the blocked toilets and full septic tanks, the taste of the daily repetitive meal of chicken, rice, pasta and potatoes – all in one dish.(its carbs all the way to the toilet), the touch of other people as they bang into you lying in your hammock like an anthropoidal ... read more

South America » Brazil » Pará » Santarém October 13th 2009

De retour a Santarem, nous avons pris nos billets pour le bateau pour Manaus partant le lendemain apres midi. Ca nous laissait une journee pour se balader dans le centre. Il faisait tellement chaud qu´on s´est pose a une terrace pour savourer quelques 'sucos', les fameux jus de fruits exotiques venus tout droit de l´Amazonie. On s´est balade parmi les marches, toujours tres animes. Beaucoup de poissons fraichement peches sur les etalages, tellement enormes qu´il ferait palir plus d´un pecheur! Par contre l´odeur avec la chaleur... L´equipage du bateau nous a gentiment laisse installer nos hamacs le soir, on donc pu dormir sur le bateau ce qui nous a economise une nuit d´hotel. Depart le lendemain prevu a 1heures de l´apres midi.... read more
Santarem - Le port

South America » Brazil » Pará » Santarém October 8th 2009

When I said before that we had found a good position on the boat to Santerem I was actually incorrect. We arrived to the ship around 2 hours before it was due to leave port. We were greeted by the sight of around 250 hammocks with ours smack bang in the middle. I had read in the book that they get very busy but I didn´t realise they would have a hammock in every concievable spot so that there is no room to walk around. Anne had a women who didn´t look well and was about 90 years old. Basically you are sleeping on top of each other. Once the boat had left port we decided to walk around and found two English speaking people. They were both from Lithuania and live in Dublin, Valiukas and ... read more
A different angle, from the same hammock
Me in my hammock
NIght time in the hammock

South America » Brazil » Pará » Santarém October 8th 2009

Apres 3 longs jours de bateau, nous voici enfin arrives a Santarem, ville au milieu de l´Amazonie. On a saute dans le bus direction Alter do Chao, village sur les bords de l´Amazone, repute pour ses plages de sables blancs. Nous avons trouve un genre de camping - auberge ou nous avons installe nos hamacs. Et oui, on commence a prendre les habitudes locales! C´est un village tres calme, pas grand chose a faire, si ce n´est qu´admirer les plages qui se decouvrent au moment de la saison seche (de juin a janvier). Nous avons rencontre un Bresilier, Roberto, qui nous propose de nous emmener dans le parc national de Flona ou habitent quelques civilisations d´indiens. Il a sa famille toujours la bas dans la foret. 3 heures de bateau plus tard (le bateau, une coquille ... read more
Alter da Chao - plage de sable blanc
Alter da Chao
Alter da Chao - Coucher de soleil

South America » Brazil » Pará » Santarém October 3rd 2009

Apres avoir achete nos tickets, nous avons ete au bateau pour attacher nos hamacs le plus tot possible. On a reussi a installer nos hamacs dans un endroit qui nous semblait plutot calme, juste quelques hamacs autour de nous. On est revenu quelques heures plus tard pour embarquer, c´etait un enchevetrement de hamacs, plus de 200 hamacs dans un espace plutot reduit!! On a quand meme reussi a dormir, mais fallait pas etre claustrophobe! L´ambiance sur le bateau etait plutot bonne, mais faut aimer la techno bresilienne car on a eu le meme CD non stop qui hurlait la meme musique pendant les 3 jours.. ... read more
La "chambre" du bateau
Sur le bateau
Les bords de l´Amazone

South America » Brazil » Pará » Santarém September 4th 2009

But we're 700km from the sea !!! in Alter do Chao a beach resort in the Amazon, the sand is soft and white, the sky blue, but instead of the sea we have the Rio Tapajos, a tributary of the Amazon. It's a great place, very slow, relaxed and chilled out. And because the river is dark coloured water it's relatively acidic so there are no mosquitoes !!!! yeah !!! The place we're staying is great, a few hundred metres from the town centre set amongst trees and run by an ageing hippy who now wants to move deeper into the forest because Alter has become too busy !!!! We spent most of the day in the sunshine on the beach, which we had almost to ourselves - great. We watched the sunset with beer from ... read more

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