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South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Uyuni November 15th 2022

Our second day was pretty amazing. We got an early start since the call to prayer had all of us up and ready by 6am. The best we could tell is the call to prayer is 5:15am to 6:00am and then the whole town has breakfast together in the square. Our first impromptu stop was at a llama farm to see a bunch of them up close. I love their ear markers that look like colorful fringe earrings. We hit our highest mark today at just short of 5000 meters (16,400 ft). This well surpasses my last highest of 12,500 ft in Peru. The stopped at a place called the desert of Salvador Dali as the landscape looks straight out of his paintings. We visited several lagoons of varying colors all which have flamingos living in ... read more
Laquna Hedionda
Laquna Hedionda

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Uyuni October 8th 2017

From Puno in Peru we took a bus along the Titikaka lake, including a crossing of a small strait, across the border to Bolivia, with again beautiful landscapes of the Andes peaks and volcanoes. We ended up in La Paz, again at around 4000 meters above sea level, with perfect sunny blue skies during the day and crystal clear and cold nights. La Paz was quite a pleasant surprise, being a combination of a modern city with a very strong indigenous presence and feel, with a very touristy ghetto like city centre though. We spent a few days wandering around the city with the snowy peaks as a continuous backdrop and visiting the enormous local bi-weekly market at the El Alto, the highest major metropolis in the world, with an average elevation of 4,150 meters above ... read more
Crossing a Titikaka lake straight with our bus
La Paz city at altitude
Indigenous at street art La Paz

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Uyuni July 14th 2017

Embora seja um dos países mais pobres da América do Sul, a Bolívia me surpreendeu em termos de paisagens e culinária. O Salar de Uyuni é um lugar mágico, onde céu e terra se unem, sem linha do horizonte: você não sabe onde o chão termina e o céu começa. Simplesmente maravilhoso. Fomos em janeiro, época de chuvas, e isso ajudou a moldar esta paisagem: o céu era da mesma cor que o solo de sal, e a água ainda ajudava tudo a se refletir e virar a mesma coisa. Em um só lugar, terra e céu. Foi uma experiência incrível. Porém, é preciso lembrar que, para conhecer o Salar de Uyuni , a maior planície de sal do mundo, com 10 mil km², a mente e o espírito devem estar abertos a novas experiências. Fizemos ... read more
Paisagem do Uyuni
Carro carregado
Sem horizonte

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Uyuni January 26th 2017

Aussitôt arrivés, nous posons notre sac à l'auberge et fonçons tout droit vers le bureau d'une agence pour réserver notre escapade dans le fameux désert de sel (merci Alice et Quentin pour le précieux conseil ?). Le rendez-vous est pris, nous partons le lendemain matin pour 3 jours loin de tout, direction la frontière du Chili à travers d'immenses étendues et sans douche sur notre route (on sera prévenus!) SALAR D'UYUNI - tour 4x4, 3 jours et 2 nuits Départ : Uyuni, ?? Arrivée : San Pedro de Atacama, ?? À bord : une bande de 5 aventuriers dont nous faisons partie et Diego, notre chauffeur/guide bolivien pour le périple. JOUR 1 Cementerio de trenes Quelques minutes de route et c'est déjà temps de faire notre première étape. Sur place, des dizaines de trains fantômes laissés ... read more
Mc Salar
Cementerio de trenes

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Uyuni September 30th 2016

After a much needed sleep in we went to breakfast which was surprisingly good consisting of cereal, yoghurt, Strawberry milk, tea and coffee and a ham and cheese roll which was yummy once the ham had been removed. We then wandered the streets of this charming little town taking care of various errands as we went and finally stopping at a nice little restaurant on the central plaza. Here we had seafood dishes in the middle of the world's driest desert in the shadow of ghe Andes at 2500 metres. At 4pm we went on our first tour of the day I was not impressed, we climbed a hill in the afternoon heat to look at a dune, looked at a whole in the ground dug by salt miners, visited a rock formation called the Three ... read more
Beer in a restaurant on the plaza
Iglesia San Pedro
The interior of Iglesia San Pedro

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Uyuni April 17th 2016

BOLIVIA: Following the Dakar Rally Part 1...Into the Unknown. We get dropped in this dust blown town called Uyuni...the hotel didn't even expect us. What's gone wrong? Our private tour of Bolivia has been beyond expectations so far. But the following morning we get the shock of our lives. Now it's my turn to say "Thank you, thank you, thank you." 'Cause we're following the Dakar Rally...the World's premier endurance motor race. The race that had to evacuate Africa because of terrorists. Our guide the quirky Janet with her wicked sense of humour. Our driver is Valerio...the guy who surveyed the Bolivian Section of the Dakar Rally route by motorbike...far out...the guy who set the course...karoomba! How lucky are we? Buckle up, strap down, satnav right, hang on tight. Ain't no tourists where we're going. ****** ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Uyuni March 24th 2016

Prossima fermata Uyuni. E siccome morto un papa se ne fa un altro, papa dopo papa questa volta tocca a Carlos prendere l'eredità di Alessia. Il viaggio da San Pedro è lungo e scomodo, Carlos siede davanti con l'autista e si gira di tanto in tanto ad indicare tutti i punti della strada dove sono morte persone. Uyuni è il puntino di sabbia in un deserto di sale. La fatiscenza degli edifici di una delle gemme turistiche della Bolivia ci proietta subito nella nuova realtà aldilà del confine cileno. Musi lunghi e diffidenza marcano di netto la differenza di culture, sguardi, approcci al mondo esterno e vita in generale. Entriamo in territorio delle signore con i cappelli e il fazzoletto sulle spalle. Ed in questo territorio, Carlos non ha smesso un attimo di chiacchierare. Mi sento ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Uyuni November 24th 2015

‘Salt plane, Salt plane. Yay, we’re going on a salt plane!’ Nathan was even more excited than I was about going to Uyuni to see the salt flats, and that is saying something. It had something to do with a misunderstanding though. He thought the salt plane was our means of transport and not the destination. We was wrong about that. I think the mode of transport must have been a spaceship, because where we landed seemed like another planet. The space ships, which looked like buses, took us from sunny Copacobana on the shore of Lake Titicaca to La Paz first. We have seen Quito and Lima already and from what I’d heard, La Paz would be even less appealing to us. So we were fortunate enough to get on an overnight bus that departed ... read more
Cemetario del trens
High Altitude Weights Training

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Uyuni November 23rd 2015

Po skvělém sjezdu silnice smrti jsem měl v plánu navštívit solné pláně poblíž Uyni. Let měl trvat 40 minut a proti tomu autobus to měl jet 16 hodin. Zvolil jsem teda letadlo. První podezřelá věc byla, že mi posunuli odlet o 40 minut zpátky a oznámili mi to pouze emailem den předem. No naštěstí email čtu, jinak bych se asi na letišti divil. Další zajímavost byla, že přestože jsem zaplatil kartou, tak po mně chtěli při vyzvednutí listku kartu znovu. Pak ji projeli žehličkou a chtěli to ode mně podepsat. No, technicky je to další platba, ale budu jim věřit, že je to jen pro kontrolu. Velmi by mě zajímalo, co by se stalo, kdyby moje karta byla jen virtuální, jak to mají některé banky, nebo kdyby neměla vystouplé písmo pro žehličku, nebo kdyby to za ... read more
Východ Slunce nad plání

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Uyuni November 23rd 2015

I had met a group of British girls in Mendoza who were basically doing the same trip as me but in the opposite direction. “You’ll find things will get less and less developed the further you go north”, they told me. As our tour of the Uyuni Salt Flats crossed from Chile into Bolivia, this statement became apparent. While you got to continue on the asphalt road towards the Argentinian border, the turnoff to the Bolivian border was a dirt one. It was symbolic – it was time to go to a place less developed. Getting into the Toyota Landcruiser at the border that would be driving us across to Uyuni over the next three days, it was good to have our Mendoza crew together for the trip – me, Sybe, Fleur, Teo and Nicola. Taking ... read more
Lake Colorada
Laguna Blanca

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