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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo January 1st 2016

New years Eve we tried to sleep around 10pm just after speaking to my parents and wishing them a happy new year and chatting about the day, we woke up to first midnight! So we did get to see the new year in after all! We then both fell asleep and the alarms went off at exactly the same time of 5am!! We jumped up, got changed and went to have some toast to get the carbs in BUT we walked to the kitchen and it was locked shut! You know what we did... Ate a piece of bread, had a handful of rice krispies and had a tiny carton of juice. We were ready for the Tongariro Crossing!! On our way down through the hostel, we saw a few sights (bearing in mind it was ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo » Wairakei November 24th 2015

Didn't win the $10,000 hole in one challenge. Was really windy, a swirling wind too, so I didn't even come close to be honest. Went on a sunset booze cruise on Lake Taupo. Really beautiful. There are a ton of really nice homes on the ridge overlooking the lake. Really clear lake too. Could see the bottom at places it was 20 feet deep. Today I did the hike. Was the hardest hike I've ever done in my life, but such an amazing view. The basic walk is a 19km hike which is supposed to take 6-8 hours. You have the option of also climbing the volcano, which is an additional 3 hours. So yeah, I climbed the volcano. It was incredibly steep and the rocks were really loose, so every step you took, you slid ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo October 23rd 2015

Par Sylvain : Notre première nuit au camping gratuit au bord de la rivière Waikato à Taupo fut très bonne. A la place d’avoir des semaines à commencer par les lundis, nous on commence la découverte de nouveaux coins par les visites aux I sites (office du tourisme) pour voir ce qu’il y a à faire pour cette nouvelle période de vie ! (et oui c’est ça qui rythme nos vies !) Pour nous rendre à celui de Taupo où nous sommes, nous avons la surprise, en arrivant au point de vue surplombant la ville, de voir la neige sur le sommet en face de nous de l’autre côté de ce lac immense (plus grand que le lac Léman !) Cela sera notre terrain de jeu de notre prochaine étape ; le Tongariro Alpine Crossing… Pour ... read more
un MacDo dans un avion!
le port de Taupo
les rives du lac Taupo

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo September 4th 2015

August 8th-14th. Some people love cows, I mean really, really love them. Hindus venerate cows as gods. As a child I used to enjoy many hours in our bottom field trying to get Arthur's herd (our neighbouring farmer) to talk to me. Sadly, my persistence was futile, Daisy and co. never saw fit to pass the time of day or tell me stories as I hoped they might but all the same, I felt I was among friends. I do also recall coaxing one more bold beast to lick my hand only to be thoroughly disturbed by how rough its tongue was, turns out they were used a hair brushes in past time, however despite the infinite tattiness of my hair, I have never been tempted to try this! Some years later, well about 32 but ... read more
Sun up
The dreaded feeders!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo July 13th 2015

It took me awhile to find a good place to stand to hitch a 1 hour lift from Rotorua to Taupo- right where route 5 makes a hard turn on the edge of the city. Once I settled on standing on the median where cars were waiting in a line to make the turn, it took all of thirty seconds before someone gave me the wave. The plan from the start was to do the Tongariro Crossing... you don't have to be in the area long to hear it called the best day hike in New Zealand. In warmer months it can be done independently, as it's a fairly straight forward 7 hour, 19.5 km hike of moderate difficulty, but in winter the trail is mostly snow-covered and is only passable on days with good weather ... read more
Trail across frozen lake
Sliding down the mountain
View of Lakes Taupo and Rotorua

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo » Wai-O-Tapu May 20th 2015

Hi All, We woke up this morning freezing! The temperature has definitely dropped to single degrees and it makes it worse when you go from a powered site with heat blasting in all night to nothing. We had planned to have a walk around Taupo Centre today; they have shops and loads of restaurants, all on the edge of the huge Lake. Neil nearly won $10,000 dollars on a golf hole in one on the beachfront, he hit the flag but it didn’t stay on so he was so close!!! (That money would have been nice) We had also planned to see what the weather was like to decide whether or not to do that sky dive that got cancelled the other day. By 11am, the weather was perfect: sunny with a little cloud. We decided ... read more
IMG_0003 copy

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo May 17th 2015

Hi Everyone, We woke up to a load of people outside our van all getting ready for a run; we unfortunately didn’t have the energy!! We had a quick breakfast of cereal then headed off to our next destination of Tongariro. This was a long drive around 400km!! We still had the issue with our grey water tank (grey water funnels into the shower room making it stink, and also leaks out onto the ground outside!) so on the way we phoned up Britz and they agreed that we could get into trouble if the tank keeps emptying into the street so they said to stay at a site with cooking and shower facilities and they would reimburse it when we return the van. We first drove to Tongariro as we wanted to do the Alpine ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo » Wai-O-Tapu March 16th 2015

We are working our way to the south of North Island - avoided another cyclone - just caught the tail winds. It has not stopped us doing anything just delayed us going on the Huka Falls Jet. It was AMAZING - would love to go on it again. We moved from Rotoru yesterday. I was glad to leave there because of the constant small of sulphur from the thermal and volcanic land. I think if we lived here we would get used to it. We went to a wonderful Maori evening - wonderful evening. We are off to Napier tomorrow for one night and then off to Wellungton for three nights and will be catching up with family I have not seen for many years.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo » Wairakei February 9th 2015

Ce fût (de bière hahaha) un week end magique, un énorme merci à Elise et Clément pour leur cadeau incroyable ainsi qu’à Maman et Papa Jans pour le séjour au pays des Hobbits (je ne ferai pas de jeux de mots sur le nom ^^). Tout a commencé ce fameux lundi 2 Février lors du match du Superbowl opposant les Patriots aux Seahawks. Accompagné de notre ami Enrico, d'une pizza et d'un fût (blague), nous attendions patiemment l'arrivée de Dylan en Nouvelle Zélande. Arrivé pendant le show de Katy Perry, nous avons pu vaquer à nos occupations. Après une suspens insoutenable, un dernier jeu mémorable et une perte de balle inoubliable. Les Seahawks ont perdu, drame national, jour de deuil et drapeaux en berne. Pour se remonter le moral, petit tour au port pour déguster un ... read more
Riesling au port
Arrivée de Dylan

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo November 28th 2014

Geo: -38.6866, 176.07From Waitomo caves we made our way south-east to Rotorua. Rotorua is known for it's volcanic activity and thermal villages. We arrived around midday and took a tour at Whakarewarewa Thermal Village. Here we got a great perspective of how local people lived and live by using the natural environment around them.After the tour we treated ourselves to a private pool in the towns Polynesian baths. It was so relaxing and it was a perfect day to enjoy the views and escape the bus loads of South Korean tourists.That evening we had decided to travel up to the coast to a small town called Muteka. There wasn't any reason for visiting but we were sleeping there and it was a nice little coastal town with a relaxing feel.The following morning we thought that Tauranga ... read more
Taupo and Mountain Backdrop
Iconic Picture
Lake Rotorua

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