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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo » Wai-O-Tapu March 25th 2016

The whole area around and under Roturua is volcanic and steam rises from vents dotted all over the countryside. We took a morning trip down to a well known thermal visitor centre to walk among the sulphur vents, fumaroles, bubbling mud pools, bright yellow pools and spouting geysers. The smell of egg mayo sarnies filled the air, but not in an unpleasant way. The visit ended at Lady Knox geyser where we saw it shoot boiling water about 30 foot into the air. We headed back to Roturua for lunch at a lovely cafe that overlooked the lake. This afternoon we all fancy trying our hand at a speedy luge track that snakes it's way down Mount Ngongotaha.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo March 18th 2016

Today is a travel day, first bussing it from Taupo back to Auckland on another Golden $1 Ticket and then catching a flight due south to Christchurch on New Zealand's South Island. Driver Rameesh, with an impressive moustache, welcomes us on board and goes through the Intercity rules which include having no hot, greasy food or hot drinks on board. A tidy coach is obviously top priority. This is to be a 5 hour journey so I'm surprised when we stop at one place at 11.05am and find this is to be our lunch stop. I know the driver needs a break but LUNCH?! There's a selection of greasy food cafes to choose from so I force down some chips and go back to wait for Rameesh to let us back on board and off we ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo » Wairakei March 16th 2016

Čeprav je bilo napovedano oblačno vreme z občasnim dežjem, je bila sreda na koncu zelo sončna, zato sva jo izkoristila za ogled jezera Taupo in brzic reke Waikato, ki se vanj izliva. Proti Taupu sva se odpravila zjutraj, med 2 uri in pol trajajočo vožnjo sva obvozila že znano Rotoruo. Na poti proti Taupu sva opazila številne kraje z geotermalno aktivnostjo in nekatere druge znamenitosti, ob katerih pa se nisva ustavljala, saj naju je bolj zanimal Taupo. Kraj Taupo leži ob istoimenskem jezeru, ki ga polni reka Waikato, najdaljša novozelandska reka. Preden se izlije vanj, prihiti čez brzice in znamenite slapove Huka Falls, ki sva si jih tudi ogledala. Bila sva navdušena nad ogromno količino vode, ki prihrumi čez slap. Do slapov vodi potka iz parka Spa Thermal Park, sprehod do slapov in nazaj traja približno ... read more
Slapovi Huka Falls
Vroči potok
Jezero Taupo

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo March 16th 2016

I'm booked on a sailing trip on lake Taupo to take a look at some Maori rock carvings this afternoon so after doing a few chores at the hostel (clothes washing, food sorting, bags sorting) I set out to explore Taupo and maybe find a few geocaches until it's time for my sail. I soon find out that the two caches I'd thought I might look for are not really my kind of thing - a war memorial with replica machine guns and a McDonalds (incorporating an actual areoplane hence the geocache). So instead I wander along the lake shore. Compared to lovely Rotorua Taupo is a bit more Yarmouth style so I quickly tire of this and head towards the harbour area to make sure I can actually find Sail Fearless, the boat I'll be ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo March 15th 2016

Today I say goodbye to Rotorua and catch my bus to Taupo. I almost miss it despite being at the right spot really early. Instead of the green Intercity bus I was expecting it's a white bus with another company's name on the side and just an Intercity sign on a board in the front window. Lucky I checked and red faced Ray welcomes me on board. It's only a one hour ride so I'm very soon settling into my next hostel, the Rainbow lodge. It's a bit more rough and ready than the previous one (linked to the international YHA) but the reception girl is really friendly and helpful even helping me phone to arrange a switch of days for my Tongariro Alpine crossing shuttle - the weather forecast seems better in a couple of ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo » Wai-O-Tapu March 14th 2016

Today I'm off exploring geothermal wonders about 15 miles away from Rotorua where I'm staying. Unfortunately it's little drizzly so I'm kitted out in walking gear - walking boots, fleece, waterproofs etc. We pick up a few people along the way including one ditzy girl who gets on the bus wearing the flimsiest little summer dress and flip flops. The only other thing she has with her is a mobile phone. Rolls eyes! As we drive out of Rotorua Thomas our guide gives us the low down on Rotorua. Of the 70,000 population a quarter are involved in the tourist industry looking after around three million tourists a year! We pass a race course on our left. Who knew, horse racing in Rotorua? I wonder if the smell puts the horses off. Did I mention there ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo February 15th 2016

The last four days in Taupo have been so lovely. Now I'm not saying I'm relieved to be out the campervan, I love the thing BUT.. Words can't describe how nice it has been to relax in one place, spread out in a REAL bed that we don't have to put up ourselves every night and shower without wearing your flip flops. Plus having the amazing hospitality we have received from my aunt and uncle hasn't gone amiss. The weather has absolutely been stunning, 30 degrees and clear blue skies every day.... FINALLY. God love Taupo. On the Friday we went on the Huka Jet on the Waikato river (the longest river in New Zealand) to the famous Huka falls. The jet was a twin engine V6 jet boat, reaching speeds of 80 km/ph dashing by ... read more
Me & Rich at Huka Falls
Huka Falls
Huka Jet at the Falls

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo January 25th 2016

We drove up to Taupo, towing a boat for Corrado, which took 6 hours with a couple of stops but a good trip over all. Annemarie and Corrado had rented a house in Acacia Bay for a couple of weeks so we joined them. I do love Lake Taupo, not only for it's fishing, which is world renowned, but for its beauty and it's atmosphere which makes you want to get out and enjoy the walks. We did get out in the boat, but did little fishing with no results, so spent time out pottering about and enjoying the secluded bays with Di and Annemarie. Di and I looked at a few houses for sale around the Lake, as we tend to do these days, and on Friday, Jon, Carina and Little Sadie arrived. In the ... read more
Also Resting.
Corrado with James and Carlo.
Lake Taupo.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo January 19th 2016

We had planned on doing the Taronga pass today but thought the weather would be too bad – but we were wrong – anyway we slept in a bit relatively speaking. Mary loaded us her car and Em and I headed off to have a look around the area. We stopped off at a lookout looking at out at Lake Taupo. The lake is so large we kept thinking we were looking out at the ocean! We then went down to see a Maori village which looked out to Motuopuhi Island and gave a history of the area. As we left the village we were followed by a very friendly duck. I thought the duck was left well behind us then I got whacked by a wing as it flew over my right shoulder to land ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo January 3rd 2016

Happy New Year everybody. Now in Taupo on the way down to Waikanae near Wellington to visit friends, then on the ferry on the 5th to the South Island. Was sad to leave Athalie and Alan at Snells Beach, tremendous hosts and such fun. Now been renamed the Pommiegannets!!!! The journey down here was eventful. Went via Rotorua to the see the thermal springs with a view of having a swim in them, as it's raining hard. Popped into the thermal valley, and decided it was too wet to do the 2 hour hike, so jumped back in the car. Wouldn't start....key was stuck in the ignition and couldnt engage gear. Luckily had joined the AA who took nearly 2 hours to come out. Stuck in the middle of nowhere, chucking it down, so played cards ... read more

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