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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo March 24th 2005

Dear all, It's the best part of your favorite song played really loud. It's when the person you've been drooling over in the bar looks your way and smiles. It's the perfect drug. Alcohol can't touch it. Sex doesn't even come close. It's absolute legend. I'm talking about launching out of a perfectly good airplane at 15,000 feet, meat bombing your way into the earth below and hoping that little napkin opens to cushion your fall a bit. I've always dreamed about skydiving. It seemed an appropriate rite of passage, something a person had to do before becoming a qualified grownup (Yes, yes, flawed logic, but hey...). So when I booked into my hostel at Lake Taupo, I casually asked Paul, the super friendly and laid-back owner, if he'd ever skydived. He smiled at me, ... read more
Gang signs
Group hug

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo March 2nd 2005

Am now solo and halfway down the North Island in a little place caled Taupo. It's only Thursday but it feels like I've been on the Kiwi bus for about 3 weeks! Will hopefully catch up with Rach somewhere around Wellington, or the top of the South Island, but at the moment am having a great time meandering around on my own. Spent our last night in Auckland in style - there was a chinese festival celebration going on in the Domain so we went to check that out. Auckland has a very high Asian population so it was heaving - a literal people jam in most of the park. According to Dave and Claire this is pretty much what we can expect in most of Asia when we get there as well. Also tried out ... read more
Chinese lanterns at the Domain
A long way from home...
Hot Water Beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo January 31st 2005

Huka Falls is New Zealands number one tourist attraction but we'd never heard of it, it was on the hostels free to-do notice board though so we were sold. It's a 3 hour bush walk with amazing views from a number of different points along the way with the spectacular Huka Falls at the end, now we've been let down by 'spectacular falls' recenlty in Okere but it was free and another amazing day so I pakced some luch and off we popped. It was a long walk just to get to the start of the trail and we fought off the desire to stop and eat lunch and continued on to the Falls bush walk. Our first point of interest was a natural spa, about 15 minutes into the walk, it was like a wee ... read more
And a river runs through it
It's that-a-way

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo January 30th 2005

For the first time in this trip we didn't feel sad to leave somewhere, Rotorua was a nice place and we did see some amazing things but the smell was too much and the hostel too noisy, we didn't sleep well during our stay, anyway onwards and upwards, our Southwards in our case as we hit the road to Taupo. We leave early as we've planned a stop half way to visit Wai-O-Tapu park, a Thermal Wonderland as it markets itself. Wai-O-Tapu (sacred waters) is New Zealands most colourful and diverse volcanic area, it's full of stunning geothermal activity and colours of every tint in pools, lakes, craters, steam vents and thermal terraces. I was really impressed by this place but Fiona wasn't to bothered by it, she liked it all and that but that pungent ... read more
Lady Knox Geyser
Boiling mud pools
Every colour

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo July 18th 2004

Well sorry for the delay folks, I spent the rainy days in Taupo catching up on the online diary thing then I have been really busy either touring or doing activities. Not much to report from Taupo - it was just a rainy wet town and for a wee while I was worried I might be stranded there!  I did go to the cinema and watch Shrek 2 - it was cool and Over the next few days the little group I have been mucking around with from the Kiwi bus have been repeating some of the lines and taking the mick out of people of the bus who are now nicknamed donkey!!  (they won't shut up!!)  I have also been called donkey at times esp. when I have been drinking the old 'Mountain Dew' a soft ... read more
Shut up Donkey!!!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Taupo December 4th 1994

Note: This is a journal entry from when I was an exchange student in 1994-1995. The photos have been scanned from the original prints. I went to Hamilton for the weekend to attend a wedding with my host family. I drove up with my host sisters, and we made a few stops on the way there and back at places they thought I would like. It was an awesome weekend. Going to Hamilton, we stopped on the way at Lake Taupo, which was misty and magical looking. My host sisters thought I should see Lake Taupo's 'drain' as well, so we went to Huka Falls. The huge volumes of water in such a small space were incredible! We pulled over at Hatupatu's Rock, where the legendary Hatupatu once hid from the bird-woman that was following ... read more
Lake Ohakuri
Lake Taupo's Drain
Boiling Mud

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