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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Opua July 4th 2011

No 1 – The bigger picture Okay. So here we are, sat sitting in Opua, still waiting for the weather to clear so we can head up to the warmth. The difference is that over the past few days, instead of the bad weather sitting offshore, on Saturday it moved inshore and we are cold and wet and it gets very windy! So what better time to write another exciting episode in the continuing adventures of the good ship Hakura and all who sail on her … or more specifically, will be sailing on her. There is much to do, see and experience here. Saturday dawned bright and sunny, and as Monday was the planned departure day we decided to walk to Paihia to get supplies and then catch a taxi back from the supermarket to ... read more
Opua Marina
Scott emerging after a big night out.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Opua June 30th 2011

Captain’s Log: Hakura on hardstand for ten days for cleaning and painting. Motored from Whangarei Marina at 1630hrs, 26 June 2011, via Limestone Island out to Whangarei Heads and then under single reefed main sailed north before a southerly of around 10 – 15 knots till off Tutukaka where wind swung to west so a small part of the headsail was unfurled. We continued to sail up the coast in a north northwest course towards Cape Brett. Engine started about 2.5 hours south of Cape Brett due to lack of wind. Motored through Bay of Islands to Kerikeri Yacht Club. Arrived 13.30hrs, 27 June 2011. Motored across to Opua Marina on Wednesday. Distance covered, 91 nautical miles. Crew Comment: First sailing experience: Night at the helm. The sun has just set and what better time to ... read more
Hakura being hauled out
Not so dirty keel
The dirty rudder

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga June 3rd 2011

The weather wasn't in a cooperative mindset. Foul weather conditions were something we figured we'd encounter. In the Northland Region where we were stationed on this portion of the trip, we weren't afforded much in the way of indoor back up plans. Everyone we had spoken with asks if we had travelled up to Cape Reinga yet. It was a highly recommended destination, about 3 1/2 hours to the north. All the way north. It is the northern most point of New Zealand. We packed it up and headed out around 8:30AM. Our journey led us through ample farmland and parts of the Northland Forest Park. The livestock well outnumbered persons. In fact, we drove at one point for at least 20 minutes without seeing another car. The primary industries of New Zealand seem to be ... read more
Did we mention it was windy?
On the calmer side
Back up top

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Paihia June 2nd 2011

The weather was wet and wild last night! The water collection system was well feed through the early hours of the night. After the rain let up, the wind came in and tested the resolve of the house's shutters. The scampering of feet echoed through the house under the cover of pre-dawn darkness. After it persisted, I decided to go downstairs and assess the damage. The kitchen presented a surprising scene - all three kids preparing a breakfast of eggs, toast and crumpets! I was outright shocked to see Ivy in the fray. This pleasant sight was followed by another. Upon heading outside to check out the view and undo the shutters, the wind had subsided and the stormy weather had given way to relatively calm skies. I hope it holds out! Thanks to the breakfast ... read more
Ivy on the Ferry
Geddy on the Ferry to Paihia

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland April 20th 2011

They say "don't leave town till you've seen the country", yet here we are, having taken the boys to all sorts of places overseas, and none of us have been to the Far North of New Zealand. So we decided to add a couple of weeks to our summer by heading up there. This would be our third RV trip after USA in 2007 and South Africa last year. We just think its a great way to travel. You've got all your stuff there with you all the time. You can stop anywhere and have a cuppa and a sandwich. The only downside has always been that someone's got to empty the toilet thing. We went through all the usual stuff at Britz headquarters near the airport at Auckland. Then we were on the road. This ... read more
Marine Reserve
Snack Time at Russell

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland April 14th 2011

No rush today just need to get to golf harbour by 3.30pm its only 3 houre ride. I got going at 10 it was a easy ride i ended up going 5ks in the wrong direction but no worrys just turned around and went back. i got to the golf about 2 hours early so i had a look around and read me book for a while. While talken to a lady who was fishing the ferry turned up and i thort it would tie up and wait a bit but thats not how it happoned. It pulled to the dock and people got of and gone it wasnt there for more then a few min it didnt even tie up. So any way i missed the boat but not to fussed at least now i ... read more
Bed for the night

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland April 1st 2011

Quand on parle un peu de plongée en Nouvelle-Zélande, on entend rapidement parler des Poor Knights Islands. Selon Cousteau, ce serait l'un des plus beaux sites de plongées subtropicales du globe... J'appréhende un peu parce que malheureusement ça commence à faire un bail que la Calypso s'est ancrée dans le coin et on a probablement fait beaucoup de dégâts dans le coin depuis... Mais Yves (de Rangiroa), m'avait également recommandé de tremper mes palmes dans le coin et donc j'y vais confiante. Ca commence mal puisque mon premier jour de plongée est annulé au petit matin car les conditions météos sur les îles sont très mauvaises. Le lendemain ça s'est calmé et on part pour 1h de navigation au large de Tutukaka. Les îles se profilent doucement, puis de prêt on admire les falaises et la ... read more
Depart de Tutukaka
Profil des iles
Arrivee sur les iles

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga March 25th 2011

Pulled up well this morning but only gunna head to Kaitaia with is 50ks north. 20ks into it i ran in to an older couple heading south to wellinton they stared at the cape a few days ago. They were 70YO and retiard and were going really well and looked great. They opted to stay in backpacks But still had alot of gear at least 10kg. Once again i was off to Kaitaia. I stoped to check the bike over breaks wernt felling right, its at that point i forgot one of the most inportent spares. Break pads!!! I had blows throug me first pair already. All i could do is swap front to back and take it easy and hope theres a bike shop in Kaitaia. When i got there firt things i did was ... read more
Camp on the cape

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Kaitaia March 24th 2011

The day started bad, the old guy in our dorn snored all night long and even with ear plugs he keeped you up. I stated heading north east and there was a head wind from hell. Im not sure what speed it was but im sure i was rolling backwords. but i new as long as i could get the 30ks to Hokianga harbour i would be set. 30 ks isnt far but the wind was so strong i was lucky to be doing 10kph and when you have a avg of 18ks it kills ya. About 15ks in with wind strill hard in me face i got sight of another solo bike rider she was comeing at me, and flying i must say. We stoped and chated for a bit s she was was quiet ... read more
Ferry roid to far north
Cold Showers

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga March 11th 2011

Road Trip! Specifically, a day-long bus trip that would take me from Pahia, up to the far tip of the north island (Cape Reinga), then back along Ninety Mile beach (with some stops along the way). It was a full bus, and I was probably one of the older occupants, but that really wasn't a big deal. Aside from a couple of stops for food/bathrooms on the way up, we stopped at a forest reserve to take a short walk amongst the kaori. Kaori are native New Zealand trees. Very big trees with branches only at the very top (you may recognize them as the trees in the forest of Lothlorien from the Lord of the Rings). We only had about fifteen or twenty minutes there (I don't think I really needed much more than that) ... read more
Kauri Forest
Cape Reinga
Cape Reinga

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