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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga December 12th 2011

12/1/2010 Josh dropped me off at the airport in Atlanta. 12/1/2011 I picked Josh up at the airport in Auckland. Headed staight north to the very tip of New Zealand to Cape Reinga. Did a little hike and camped out on the beach. Then slowly started heading south. Worked our way to Auckland and went to meeting there. Stayed with some friends we made at the hall and monday went to the bethel. We got put in a tour group with the New Zealand sign language group. After bethel we headed to the hot water beaches on the Coromandel peninsula. You dig a hole in the sand and it fills up with hot water. Then on to Tauranga for the night then on to Gisborne where we caught tuesday meeting. Then worked our way back to ... read more
Cape Reinga
Cape Reinga
Cape Reinga

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga November 24th 2011

We arrived in NZ OK after a long flight via Hong Kong. We picked up the campervan OK and settled quickly into our new beachside home in Takapuna, as recommended by Marys relative David. He lives just round the corner from the site and we spent a few days with him and Sue and Jonny as they very kindly showed us some of the sites of Auckland and surrounding area. After 5 days we headed north and drove through the Kauri forests and saw quite a few of these enormous and very old trees. We also stayed at a very nice regional park site as recommended by Dave and here we saw some very impressive Pohutukawa trees just turning red with flowers. We stayed at a small site in the Trounsen national park and here we ... read more
026 Waipoua forest
045tasman sea meets pacific ocean

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga September 21st 2011

I had so much fun sandboarding in Te Paki! It is hard work and you have to scale the huge sand dunes in order to sandboard down and scaling sand dunes is exhausting as each step you take, your foot just sinks deep into the soft sand. It takes a long time to get to the top, more like 2 steps forward, 1 step backward sort of cx... read more
Me at my failed attempt
Before our climb
Our toboggans

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Ahipara September 21st 2011

If you are ever travelling to Cape Reinga, I highly recommend the Endless Summer Lodge at Ahipara. It is in an excellent location just right across the road from the 90 Mile Beach so you awake to the sound of waves. The "lodge" itself is a 1880 wooden villa. The rooms are very homey and even the bunk beds were super nice! It's environmentally friendly too, as they use ... read more
View from the lodge
Rainbow outside our room
Lie Wei chilling at the lodge

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga September 20th 2011

Lie Wei and I finished work at around 3-ish pm on Monday and since weather forecast was going to be good on Tuesday, we (including her sis and Jie Min) decided to head to Cape Reinga, which is almost the most northen-most point in the North Island. The actual most northen point is actually Surville Cliff but Cape Reinga is probably more famous because it is the most scenic. It is about 280+ km north of Whangarei. Cape Reinga is a very sacred place to the Maori people. It is believed that the spirits of the dead travel to Cape Reinga on their journey to the afterlife to leap off the headland and climb the roots of the 800 year old Pohutukawa tree and descend to the underworld to return to their traditional homeland of Hawaiiki-a-nui, ... read more
On the 90-mile beach
Rarawa Beach
Another shot of Rarawa Beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga September 14th 2011

Drove from Owera to Paihia after looking for a place to stay and asking about what was around the cheapest option was paying for 24hrs in a car park. Got an early night after having a BBQ off the side of the van. Up the next morning we hoped on the boat and headed over the Russel, New Zealands first capital. Had a good look around it was a nice small town nothing to exciting then we went back to Paihia on the boat and drove the van up to Cape Reinga. Run into some French blokes standing in the middle of the road on the way. They were worried about running out of fuel I told they should be able to make it there and back. Didn't see them again so they must have done ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga August 6th 2011

Die Fahrt zum Cap Reinga führte uns heute zum äußersten Zipfel im Norden Neuseelands. Nach einer alten Legende der Maoris, sollen die Seelen der Verstorbenen entlang des Ninety Mile Beachs bis zum Cap Reinga wandern. Dort wartet ein Geist auf die Seelen und überführt diese in das sagenumwobene Hawaiki. An diesem Cap treffen die türkise Tasman Sea und der blaue Pazifik aufeinander. Dies führte zu tollen Farbspielen, die wir vom Leuchtturm aus betrachten konnten. Auf einer kleinen Wanderung zum Strand der Tasman Sea, konnten wir noch die gewaltigen Wellen beobachten und noch etwas verweilen. Der Rückweg führte uns noch zu den Sanddünen von Te Paki. Die Sanddünen können hier eine Höhe von bis zu 150m Meter erreichen. Zu Fuß machten wir uns auf den Weg und erklommen die Ersten kleinen Dünen. Vor uns türmten sich nun ... read more
Tasman Sea
müder Bernd, Cape Reinga
Tasman Sea

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Opua July 27th 2011

Customs cleared, the last minute preparations completed, we left Opua Marina at 11.00am on July 16th. Alex was given the first watch. (We work a three hours on, six hours off rotation with kitchen duties assigned to particular shifts.) It was exciting watching Alex’s reactions to everything, his eyes were like swivels in his head as the tried to take it all in as we headed out. The Pacific Ocean stretched before us, and as the New Zealand coastline diminished behind us we settled down and began adapting to the routine that would be our world for the next week or so. I was on watch for the first sunset, and thought back to enjoying the sunrise while on watch when we sailed up to Opua from Whangarei. I called Alex up from below decks ... read more
Young Alex at the helm
Leaving the Bay of Islands
Alex's first sunset at sea

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Opua July 15th 2011

I would like to tell you that we are sitting in Vava’u soaking in the sun and enjoying island life, but ….. I am sitting, writing this in the Laundromat in the Opua marina while the last load of laundry is washed and dried ready for our departure first thing tomorrow morning, Saturday 16 July 2011. The weather has finally decided to clear enough for us to go and this time, I am sure we will be departing – it feels different somehow, and we can’t wait to get away. Since my last entry a few things of import have happened. Firstly, as it became evident that we would not be able to get away as planned, our crewman Scott had to make the hard decision to leave the boat. He only had a limited time ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Kaitaia July 8th 2011

Well, Gerardo and I decided to have a break from our Moto High Andes Adventure next year, as he is in need of a 'Holiday' with his wife, Marisol and with his new job, time and commitment began to rule. I thought it would be a good idea also, as I have been missing out on a few local adventure rides during the time that we are away in South America. One idle day, after driving our little Citroen 2CV around a few back roads up hear in the North, this crazy idea came to me..."Why don't we take some of these little cars to South America?"....... So after sending a letter inviting expressions of interest, to the New Zealand Citroen Car Club, we now have three cars and six adventurous people committed to the adventure, ... read more
Raewyn (Bones)
Paul Absolum
Meleen Absolum

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