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March 24th 2011
Published: May 1st 2011
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The day started bad, the old guy in our dorn snored all night long and even with ear plugs he keeped you up. I stated heading north east and there was a head wind from hell. Im not sure what speed it was but im sure i was rolling backwords. but i new as long as i could get the 30ks to Hokianga harbour i would be set. 30 ks isnt far but the wind was so strong i was lucky to be doing 10kph and when you have a avg of 18ks it kills ya.
About 15ks in with wind strill hard in me face i got sight of another solo bike rider she was comeing at me, and flying i must say. We stoped and chated for a bit s she was was quiet shaken. She got blowen around like a feather in the wind and any time she picked up speed she was nealy blowen off the road it was about 10am and she was ready to stop. With the 4 panniers on the bike you are like a big kite all you can do is hold the fuck on.
I got to the harbour in about 3 hours, it was a long 3 hours thats for sure. I got the ferry across to the other side and the driver had to abourt and make a second docking due to getting blowen off course (yes the wind was strong) i headed north still ito the wind but a bit more cover. But finaly with much releafe i turn to head west. But with no real suprise the wind died down but at least it wasnt a problem anymore.
I got to Herekino and after 80 brutial ks i callked it a night in some old camp sight with cold showers and only me there but that suits me fine. Best bit it didnt cost a thing.

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