I spent 7 months in 2010 hitchikeing around new zealand and had a blast. so i deside to go back in 2011 for 3 month to cycle northland and get ready for a cycle trip to south america. So right now im just getting for the trip of a life time. See yas in the blog stay tuned

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales July 8th 2011

Left coff around 9am and got on the high way and i was flying down a hill and on the side of the road was another guy on a bike and he was heading south as well. He had a little fire going enough to boil the billy. So after a coffie we got o the road. His name was Rollin and he was on a few weeks holiday and for his time off he was cycleing from Brisbane to New castle. His wife was in holiday so this was gis idea of getting away. See im not the only crazy one. We had lunch on the side of the road and talked for a while then off again. He ended up turning off near mackville to go to the coast. Who know i mnay run ... read more
Moden day Swagie
Harold and Dianne

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Coffs Harbour July 4th 2011

After a great time with me mate on the goldcoast it was time to get moveing again. I just got onto the coast road to head south on the goldcoast then just to piss me off i got me first puncher. After fixing it i got another 5k then i musnt of fixed it propley then it went flat again. So i have desided from now on not to fixed puncher just replace the tubes then fix them at night after i knock off. I ended up rideding with a buch of ladies who done a 60k Marathron the day before. It toke a bit of time to get right out of the city because of all the road works but i got there. I ended up pushing out 70ks for the day bit sore after ... read more
Crossing the boarder

Oceania » Australia » Queensland June 20th 2011

I left the camp ground at 8am and got on the move. ive got a few days before i get the train to brisbane. On the way i ran into a couple of pom blokes and they were heading from melbourn to cairns. They seemed all geared up for the trip there bikes arnt what i would of picked but what ever works i guess. I got 100ks for the day and camped in the bush for the night it was quiet and peacefull all night. I got going at 9am and headed for gimpie it is only a 60k ride from here. I got to gimpie at 2am but was a pain in the arse of a town. I was hopeing to get the train out of gimpie today but there are no more trains ... read more
Train to brisie

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Gin Gin June 16th 2011

I got to the camp sight alot earlyer then i thort i was gunna. It ended up ony been 80ks but the roads where shit no room on the road and were very windey as well but i got there. I found james and rachels tent with very little trouble. They got back at 5pm and the good times begon. There working on a salad mix farm and there not likeing it to much at this stage but with any luck they will get into it. On friday night we got on the goon and had a big night and i managed to closeline my self but all is good i was drunk. On saturday night there was a huge socal club weekend for a power company. So we ended up on the goon again and ... read more
evening around the fire
James and rach

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Gin Gin June 14th 2011

I stayed a free camping spot last night and my plan was to leave at about 8 but i didnt leave till 9. Then the guy i was talken to last night that i had told this to said that there is no way i can do the trip. He reaken that i had no go. He didnt take into account that i had already riden over 3000k and have been sick for the past 4 days all i can say to him that he can get fuck. Him saying that i carnt do it just makes me want to do it much more. But even after that i managed 115ks that day first time i had did 100ks for 4 days now so it felt great to get it again. 110ks the nexted day and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mackay June 10th 2011

The weather report wasnt good for when i was leaveing but i have to hit the road some time. Heading out of Mckay it was spiting rain but nothening major but it was cold most the day. i got 110ks for the day and stayed in the bush for the night. It was rain pretty hard the nexted morning so i deside to stay in the tent plus i wasnt feeling 100% first time of the trip ive felt a bit off. I did end up leaveing at about 12pm i just forced myself to leave just as i packed up the tent it started to rain even harder. I got to a driver reviver at about 5pm. I went and got a coffie then set up me tent and tryed to dry out so of ... read more
The big Mango
Changeing a flat in the rain

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mackay June 4th 2011

Moranbah is 200ks west of Mckay and my next stop point witch ill stay for a few days. I got 105ks and stayed in a rest area witch was as always, no camping but every one stays there anyway. There was an older guys staying there he was around 50 and he was traveling with his nan. He new eveything of the area from where to have a free shower and where to camp for free. Hes got himself a rough old Ute and just goes up and down never in a rush and dosnt really care. He did own a van but he lost it in the Queensland floods but he still seems happy enough with what he has. Just out of the town of Proserpine some one had got realy bord and drew a ... read more
Mine truck takeing up the road
Night with grey nomads

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ayr June 1st 2011

After a 20k ride from Ayr to Alva beach i got to the Yongala backpackers. We went for the dive the nexted morning and was fantasic as evey one says that dives there that all the sea life is on steroyds down there. Everything is big and moveing fast. The ship is coverd in Coral but what do you expect after 100 years. The passenger ship SS Yongala sank off Cape Bowling Green, Queensland, Australia on 23 March 1911. En route from Melbourne to Cairns she steamed into a cyclone and sank south of Townsville. Traces of the ship were found days later as cargo and pieces of wreckage washed ashore at the Cape and at Cleveland Bay. All one hundred and twenty-two people on board perished in what is considered one of the most tragic ... read more
Yondala wreak
Yongala wreak

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ayr May 30th 2011

30/05/2011 Had a last start didnt get going till 9am but by tonight i am wishing i started an hour earlyer. I went into Townsvile and from the seconed i started into town i hated it. The roads were like a rats nest getting into the city. Once into the city they whole main street was full of road works and just pissed me off. So i just stocked up on water and food and headed out of town. I was pushing along really well all day then. I was just starting to think about a place to stay at 4.30ish then i seen the sign saying 40ks to go. So at that moment i had set in my head to get to Ayr so the push was on. I started to push hard if i ... read more
Push To Ayr (6)
Last 10ks to town
Push To Ayr (24)

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Ingham May 27th 2011

27/5/2011. 120k 18av Even after another night on the goon because the frenchys got another 3 boxs of goon, but i was smart this time i was in bed at 9pm, pissed but still in bed. I was up at 7.30 am and on the road and out of town with a slight hangover. Not even 15min into the road i had a car turn right in front of me and dam near clean me up i had to break hard to stop, another great driver i gave the bird to. About 30k out i ran into my first cyclest on his way into town he was about to finsh his trip into cairns from dubbo. I got 120ks for the day so it was a really good out come. I found a nice spot to ... read more
Camp at truck stop

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