Leaven the goldcoast

Published: July 16th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

After a great time with me mate on the goldcoast it was time to get moveing again. I just got onto the coast road to head south on the goldcoast then just to piss me off i got me first puncher. After fixing it i got another 5k then i musnt of fixed it propley then it went flat again. So i have desided from now on not to fixed puncher just replace the tubes then fix them at night after i knock off.
I ended up rideding with a buch of ladies who done a 60k Marathron the day before. It toke a bit of time to get right out of the city because of all the road works but i got there. I ended up pushing out 70ks for the day bit sore after all the days off. And did i say i crossed into NSW lets hope for good roads better them qld any way would be nice.

The nexted 2 days were both 100+k days. Both were really good days on the road nice flat and fast. Heading into Coff harbour there was alot of road works but still over all really good roads.
I deside it was time for a shower after 4 days on the road so i went to a carvan park but they wanted to charge me $28 for a tent sight, that was a bit ritch. I found the local backpacks witch chaged me $22 and i made the right choice by going there. I meet a guy there who had cycled around the USA so it was good to get hints and ideas. I wanted to do some diveing there but the swell got to 3mt and the boad wouldnt go out so i will have to go back to dive with the great grey nurse shark. Coff harbour was a great place i really liked it. it was a shame i had to keep going but it is one of them places that i will go back to.


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