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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland November 11th 2012

It is a bit weird as everything is very similar to UK but then I come across something that reminds of the differences. Yesterday driving though an area with lots of orchards, apples and pears I knew they grew but they also grow oranges, olives and avocados.Saw 2 wild parakeets yesterday morning, quite rare on the mainland, so feel quite lucky.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland November 9th 2012

Week 1 – In which our heroes arrive in a very far place, acclimatize, and see more green and blue colors then they thought were possible. We arrived to New Zealand and already a week has passed. The flight Usually parents dread flights and cite the flight as an excuse for not traveling with children. We, on the other hand, understand that the flight, no matter how exhausting, is a onetime event that just needs to be overcome. But this time around we were worried. Two back-to-back 10 hour flights is not easy even for an adult traveling alone to endure. We were facing over 36 hours door-to-door of sleep deprivation, baby holding, children crying hell. After a day of work. This should surly rank as inhumane and unjustly cruel together with waterboarding and torture. Our ... read more
Auckland skyline
Bay of Islands
Whangarei Falls

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland November 8th 2012

My friend Lynne came to visit me in October for 18 days-she is the first non-family member to make the trip to New Zealand. Guess what? The only stressful part of her trip both ways was the U.S. domestic portion!! When she told me she was going to come to NZ, she inquired about going to the South Island, but I explained that there would not be time-there is so much to do in Northland. I knew she was doubtful-but I think she will agree now that we couldn’t even fit everything in that we wanted to do on the " top of the North" in that time!! Lynne is a retired GP and is currently a fitness trainer, so I was a bit nervous about whether I’d be able to keep up with her. I ... read more
Gannett Colony
Bird in Flight
Muriwai Beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga September 26th 2012

Citroen 2CV’s take on the Roads Less Travelled in the Far North More 2CV Adventure..... After our Shadow of the Andes Expedition earlier in the year and enjoying the little cars so much, it was time to share some of it’s capabilities with other owners, so in consultation with Paul Absolum, in Auckland, we hatched this Raid on the Far North. The plan was to get to the Cape and back by the roads less travelled and keep as far away from main routes and tar seal as possible. After sending out the invitation for 2CV owners to join us on the Far North Raid, we received a very positive response and by start day we had Paul and Melean Absolum, who had joined me on the Shadow of the Andes Expedition to Chile, Argentina, Bolivia ... read more
Regroup at Port Albert
2CV's And Steam

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Kaitaia July 20th 2012

Rosco’s Rocky Road High Andes Adventures 44 Days of ADVENTURE on YOUR own Motorcycle Chile-Argentina-Bolivia-Peru 4th March - 15th April 2013 Take the Roads less travelled Back up and support ..... We have been doing these Adventure rides since 2008, now for 2013, we have some new challenging roads to ride. We will ship your motorcycle to Chile for you and look after all the shipping, customs clearance and paper work, all you have to do is get on a plane and meet us there for YOUR adventure of a lifetime. All Hotels are about the best we can get, and all with secure overnight parking. 10,000 + Kilometers of adventure riding...... Leaving Vina del Mar, on the west coast of Chile, we head across the border into Argentina for two nights before crossing back into ... read more
More Highway stuff
Great Roads

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland May 29th 2012

According to the guide books and maps of the area, we knew that Rawene probably had little to offer in regards to tourist attractions. The one thing it did suggest doing however was the boardwalk around the site of the old Kauri tree sawmill and so we left the campsite ready for the walk. Due to my navigational screw up, we were heading in the wrong direction for the walk, and so I urged Donna to turn around. When Donna had passed what I took to be several ‘perfect’ spots in order to turn around, I ever so slightly lost my temper and just told Donna to get on with it…’Turn round already will ya!!’ This prompted Donna to get a little miffed too, and a heated discussion took place. When I noticed a steep and ... read more
Looking out across Rawene's water
Hokianga harbou
The amazing Kauri Tree

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga May 28th 2012

Come the morning in Matai Bay, although the weather was a little better than the previous day, it was still pretty poor. This however didn’t stop us from taking a stroll along the amazing beach and imagining what it would be like in nice weather in the summer months.Once the rain started to fall a little heavier, we decided it was time to hit the road, and so we set off towards Cape Reinga and the northern tip of the North Island. As we neared Cape Reinga, the weather was still pretty dreary, and so we knew that any real walking or sightseeing was out of the question. We decided anyway just to go see what the road was like leading up to the lighthouse in case it improved tomorrow. Once there, we couldn’t resist walking ... read more
DOC Campsite beach
Beach in the sun...Thats better!
Looking up at the Lighthouse at the tip of the North Island

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland May 28th 2012

We woke up the next morning to a pretty dreary day for the first time on the road trip so far. Still, we didn’t let it dampen our spirits, and we comforted ourselves that considering it was winter, we had done quite well for weather up to now. Despite being overcast, the drive was again spectacular. I happened to be driving on this day, however Donna and I take it in turns to drive on alternate days, this way, we each get to have one day of fun in the driving seat, and the next day to relax and take in the views. We also have a deal. Whoever is driving gets to pick the music all day, and the passenger makes dinner. This means that after a long ride, the driver can sit back and ... read more
Minor road delay
Donna in her beach wear
Matai Bay

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland » Cape Reinga April 15th 2012

Out of cell phone signal and back to simple living, wow out of this world guys, the water was so clear i could see my feet, reflection of course ha ha, seriously i have been treat so well and had some great oppurtuinities i cannot , and will not grumble, no more VM (if you get it your cleverer than i) came up far north as a guest and had a wonderful welcome and great company, the fishing is just out of this world, the peace and quiet is so spritual and calming, i missed not speaking to my family alot, but i did not miss the cell phone one bit, my trip is getting better, Ta ta for now Sam x... read more
snapper 011
bee hives 044

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Northland April 12th 2012

09.04.2012 Da wir noch Northland erkunden wollten, fuhren wir heute über Wellsford, Whangarei nach Paihia zur Bay of Islands. Die Strecke dorthin war unglaublich. Zahlreiche Wasserfälle, Saftig grüne Wiesen, vereinzelt Schafe, … 10.04.2012 Wir fuhren weiter zur Doubtless Bay. In Mangonui übernachteten wir. 11.04.2012 Heute fuhren wir wieder Richtung Auckland. Nach einer 15-minütiger Fährfahrt fanden wir einen Schlafplatz bei Omapere. 12.04.2012 Da wir ab heute genau noch zwei Wochen in Neuseeland verbringen werden, fuhren wir zurück nach Auckland. Zwischenstopp machten wir beim Waipoua Kauri Forest.... read more
Bay of Islands
Bay of Islands

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