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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Ninety Mile Beach April 10th 2016

Today was a milestone day of my trip to New Zealand. I visited one of the "tips" of my 37 day, "tip to tip" journey; namely Cape Reinga, the most northerly, accessable point in New Zealand. I took an amazing, full-day, Harrisons Cape Runner tour. Was picked up at the hotel at 9, returned to the hotel at 5. A full day indeed. At a price of 50$, including a box lunch, well worth it. Given the tide was high in the morning we took the road to Cape Reinga, about 90 miles away from Kataia. First stop was a visit to Rarawa Beach, a beach with white, soft soft silica sand. Prior to reaching the cape we had our lunch at the very pretty Tapotupotu Bay with a wonderful small beach. Finally, at Cape Reinga, ... read more
Wilson at Rarawa Beach
Rarawa Beach
Tapotupotu Bay

So my original plan was to go to Germany and settle down for sometime, and the universe said, "no your not going to do that". So then I decided a sailboat trip in the south pacific might be just the ticket, and the universe said, "nope not going to do that either". Not to be swayed from sailing I found a boat headed for Tonga that needed crew and have been planning that for the past week, but the universe stepped in again just yesterday and said "nope, sorry, not so much" . Alright fine, you win universe, what is it that you want me to do? It was wrong of me not to include you in the initial discussion anyway. So how does one go about talking to the universe and finding an appropriate path? ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Ninety Mile Beach April 24th 2015

Hello Family, friends and bloggers, Woke up early and Neil cooked us scrambled eggs and toast (they were really tasty), we waited until 0830 when our car was dropped off at the hostel. We filled in all the paper work and checked the car out before heading off to Cape Regina. The guy who gave us the car told us to drive the a scenic route, which was on the way, he said it was amazing drive and scenery-and it really was!!! We drove out of Paihia on highway 10, the car came with a map plus we had one in our lonely planet guide. I was navigating as I don’t drive but Vick is a great little driver. Our detour took us 40km off course on a round loop, we saw Matauri Bay, which looked ... read more

Howdy everyone, we left lovely Russell this morning after visiting the flagstaff which was on Maiki Hill, it is the original site where Hone Heke's warriors cut the pole down 4 times between 1844 - 1845, because they didn't agree with the British rule. The present one was erected as a peace offering in 1857 and named Whakakotahitanga (means, being at one with the Queen). God Bless !! Despite the disagreements we got fantastic views up there, first thing in the morning and it was just peace and sunny, absolutely gorgeous. We then continued our journey to Pahia to catch the ferry to travel further up North, the ferry reminded us of the Dartmouth ferry, thought I was there for a moment !! beautiful scenery on the way, as this is currently Good Friday over here, ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Ninety Mile Beach February 22nd 2014

On the West coast of New Zealand, North of Auckland you will find a state highway like no other…miles and miles of golden sand surrounded by waves of the Abel Tasman crashing over bluffs sticking out from the shoreline and gigantic sand dunes, not another human in sight apart from the odd car, as much as in awe as you. This unusual ‘highway’ follows all NZ road rules and was created by farmers who drove their cattle up and down Northland before State Hwy 1 was built in the centre of the reigion. What a way to travel to work everyday hey?! Many locals fish on the beach as it serves as their daily trip to the supermarket. Therefore NZ governement has decreed that only those living in the area may fish…no fish, no dinner! The ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Ninety Mile Beach January 10th 2014

Well done! We have reached Cape Reinga-the northest peak of New Zealand. It's a magic place where the history of New Zealand began. Long time ago the Maori came from Polynesia and started to settle down. For Maoris this special place means a lot. When the Maoris die, their spiritis return from Cape Reinga to Hawaiki (where the Maoris actually come from).You see more Maoris than European people in Cape Reinga. My absolute favourite was the point where the Tasmanean Sea meets the Pacific Ocean. There you can have a glimpse at huge waves from far. The Maori say that it's there where man und woman comes together and new life is created.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Ninety Mile Beach January 6th 2014

Well, I'll say this of staying with people you find on if you can roll with the punches, you may have some amazing experiences you did not expect. My host in Paihia was Josh, a native-born kiwi and self-professed pirate. He is renting a house in Russell, a small yacht-favoring town just outside of Paihia in the Bay of Islands. He often hosts people and friends in his house, so there were 8 people that were there the first night I stayed! The bedrooms/couches/cottage were all taken, but they had an air mattress and a gorgeous view so I just slept outside on the porch under the stars. It was amazing! Josh is an interesting character, a "retired" programmer and entrepreneur who now hangs around and spends his money as he sees fit. (Apparently his ... read more

Originally, I wanted to blog as go. Pity I didn't bring a laptop, since most places have free wifi, but expensive-to-use computers. Anyway, a short overview of where I am and am headed! So I started in Leigh. Which is a bit of pity, as "I'm cycling from Leigh because someone dropped me off there, to Cape Reinga and then to Auckland." isn't half as good a story as "I'm cycling to Cape Reinga from Auckland and then back!". Leigh has the Sawmill, which has expensive simple food but great pizzas, and performances on the weekend. Liked the jazz-band, bought cd. Next day to Waipu *snigger*. Scottish town by origin (now only 15% left?), hostel had some tartan blankets. The way there I followed what I thought was a cycling path along the beach. The beach ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Ninety Mile Beach February 12th 2013

Our stay in Whangarei is, sadly, coming to an end; so we decided for our last excursion to go by coach to Cape Reinga, the most northern point of New Zealand. “The name of the cape comes from the Māori word 'Reinga', meaning the 'Underworld'. Another Māori name is 'Te Rerenga Wairua', meaning the leaping-off place of spirits. Both refer to the Māori belief that the cape is the point where the spirits of the dead enter the after-life.” (I paraphrase from Wikipedia). It is also the place where the Pacific Ocean meets the Tasman Sea; seen from the lighthouse the overfalls and whirlpools are spectacular as the two seas struggle for dominance. On our way we stopped of at the ancient Kauri forest to hug some 2000-year old trees. Sometimes it's best to let the ... read more
Hug a tree
DSCN0001 (2)
Cape Marie Van Diemen

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Ninety Mile Beach November 12th 2012

Did not quite make it to 90 mile beach only to the sanddunes at the edge I havea attached a photo. Did make it to Cape ??? at the very northern tip of the North Island. Also saw a staircase carved inside a huge ancient tree trunk which had been dug out of a peat bog. Found another amazing beach at Rawawa??. No beach at this campsite, I have to walk at whole 2 minutes to get a harbour view. Almost forgot about the sheep being herded up themain road!! Sorry unable to upload photos due to poor wifi connection, will try again when I to a settlement with more than a 100 houses, could be a while!... read more

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