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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Ninety Mile Beach August 3rd 2008

Well the fuse is still burning, and the High Andes Advenure for March 2009 is filling up steadily. Unfortunatly one of the riders had a bad crash here in NZ and will not be fit enough to ride with us in March. He has smashed up his hip pretty bad and is slowley recovering, his two riding mates will now wait until he is ready to come with us. Our Patagonia Expedition, planned for November 2009 is already fully subscribed, mostly with riders that came with us on our last High Andes Adventure. Alec Has gone back to Scotland for their summer (good move as it has been so wet here this winter), as he is still in recovery mode from his fall in Argentina. Charlie also is still in recovery with his broken leg he ... read more
New HondaTransalp
Getting ready
Rosco and Zane

Hello everyone! As you can see we've moved on since this morning, having travelled north to Ninety Mile Beach, which is fan-damn-tastic. Took about five hours to get here, so Jason's pretty bushed (it's 10.12pm here, and he's asleep on the seat beside me). I'll take him back to the Merc inna minute. We're at a new motor camp, "The Park", one of the more up scale ones this time. It's computer has a CD drive and USB port, so this entry has all the pics for the last few days for you all to enjoy. Our first day of driving went really well, New Zealand is visually exactly as we had hoped - rolling green hills, forests that seemed not to end, white sandy beaches, and huge mountains and deep gorges. It was brilliant. The ... read more
Elliott on his SkyWalk
Jason and Elliott on their SkyWalk
The Merc

90 mile beach is badly named as its actually about 60 miles long. Appearently the wrong name was given to it by cattle drovers who estimated its length by the number of days they took to move their cattle along it. They forgot to take into account that cattle on average move slower on sand than earth. Hire cars are forbidden from being driven on it, so a coach trip was the only option for us. A trip along a beach does not sound terribly exciting, I admit, but its one of those things you have to do when you visit the bay of Islands, apparently, so we did. You visit a few other places of interest along the way but the highlight is the beach. It starts with getting unto the beach. I naively assumed ... read more
60 Mile Beach
60 Mile Beach
60 Mile Beach

Today we woke early and drove up to Kaitaia in time to make the 9am bus trip to Cape Reinga. This was a fabulous trip in a 4 wheel drive bus. The meeting of the two oceans at the Northern most point. Steve and I slid down the sandhills on a toboggan!! I got a good video of steve doing a forward roll down the hill!! It was a great day, very full, we arrived back at Kaitaia at 5.15pm and then had to drive 11/2 hours south to our next stop in the itinerary - Hokianga Harbour. The road was very windy and narrow, the speed sign said 100kms/hour!!! they must be joking!!! We arrived at our accommodation in the evening, we were a bit anxious when we drove in as the grass was up ... read more
Bus Trip
Bus Trip

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Ninety Mile Beach March 10th 2008

Today we headed towards Cape Reinga, the most northern point of New Zealand. Along the way we looked in on the famous 90 mile beach. An awesome beach! Much too good for the queues of 4x4 vehicles that line up, to travel up and down it. Finally made it to Cape Reinga, after travelling the last 20km on unsealed roads. A bit of a bumpy ride, but well worth it. (Check out our photos) (Major work is being done to improve some of that road at the moment) Having taken our photos etc... We decided to head back to the Tepaki Giant Sand Dunes, that we had spotted earlier. Glad we did........ What terrific fun and it didn't cost a penny. It was like being in the middle of the Sahara Desert... So if you ... read more
A view taken from Cape Reinga...
Cape Reinga lighthouse...
Now for the close up... Cut and paste this for some pictures... read more

Well my map did not work so . . . . ... read more

March 6th Haven’t mastered the map on this travel blog thing so here is my rendition. Hope you can see it. Here we are in Whatawhiwhi (pronounced Fatafifi) It is on a beautiful bay and the weather has been great. Today, we are actually sitting for the day. Larry just arrived back from the golf course. We arrived here on March 4th , spent the night and then yesterday took a bus tour out to Cape Reinga. Cape Reinga is the most northerly tip of NZ. It was fantastic. The Tasman Sea and the Pacific meet there. Then we jumped back on our 40 seat bus and proceeded to drive through a considerably large stream for miles and finally got to the beach but not before we stopped to surf the sand dunes. Or I ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Ninety Mile Beach January 30th 2008

Two German backpackers, an Israeli backpacker, a camper van with three wheels.........the fourth wheel in a nearby field, all sat outside the house on a normal sunny afternoon here! I was just getting out of the shower when auntie Judy shouted to me, I sent Ste down, who had looked out of the window moments before as he had heard a loud noise and wondered what it was. As he looked out he saw James making his way out to what he thought was a customer at the veg stall they have set up at the gates...........what he found was a bit different. All is he could see was a white clapped out camper van on three wheels inches away from the stall, as he looked to his right he could see three guys all searching ... read more
Look at all the pretty colours..
Vine Fields
wee fella

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Ninety Mile Beach January 17th 2008

17th January 2008 Last night we stopped in L0redo Motel, Kataia. This morning Sand Safaris a tour company picked us up from the motel and took us on a tour up 90 mile beach to the very North of Northland, Cape Reinga. On the way we stopped at Aupouri where we saw the different products that are made from the ancient Kauri trees. These trees are quite incredible as some of them can be up to 4,000 years old and up to 32 metres in girth. Also many of them have been dug up from the peat or swamps and are still in good condition and the wood has a lovely golden colour when sawn and polished. The most impressive feature of the workshop was a flight of stairs hewn out of the centre of one ... read more
Climbing dunes to sledge
Cape Reinga
Old gumdigger

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