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NZ Day 22 & 23 Well, as per usual, what we decide as our destination at night, invariably gets changed in the morning.......well I am a woman & I am allowed to change my mind. Colin (the park owner) suggested that we head up the west coast straight away as the weather would probably turn foul/rain etc by Wed night or Thursday, making it a bit unpleasant. So, he suggested the Kauri Coast Park where you can do night walks through the forest etc. It would have been a big day driving from Port Waikato up to there (considering the speed we travel at), so instead we stayed at a gorgeous little park at Matakohe- where the Kauri Museum is. But first things first. Colin & his wife also advised that to drive through Auckland, stay ... read more
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NZ day 22 & 23 198

NZ day 24- Wednesday Well here we are- a bright & early start to the day which is no mean feat after a menopausal night. We had the alarm set for 7am (bugger me, we are on holidays) so that we would be showered & ready for our 8-30 collection for the Cape Reinga tour. Given my menopausal night & the fact that it was 17 degrees overnight.....doesn’t assist hot flushes I can assure you.....I felt like a wet toe rag when the alarm went off....the first bit of sleep I’d had foe a wee while. Anyway a lovely Maori gentleman collected us at the appointed time & then we set off to collect the rest of the straggly mob....they were worse than sheep! Dead set- we collected a group of 5 Germans.............well they were very ... read more
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NZ Day 24 099

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Ninety Mile Beach April 24th 2011

Well, we’ve had a great time exploring New Zealand over the past 3 months and we’ve done a serious amount of tramping along the way. So it seems fitting that we conclude our trip to this fine country with one more multi-day trek, this time at the very northern tip of the island. The Cape Reinga Coastal Walkway is nearly 50 km long and begins at the northern end of Ninety Mile Beach, continues across secluded beaches, dunes and cliffs to the lighthouse and then finishes at Spirits Bay on the Pacific side. There are no huts along the way, which seems to put a lot of people off, but we loved it. Even during Easter school holidays, we only saw 2 other trampers (both going the opposite direction to us) and a couple of day ... read more
looking out over Tapotupotu Bay
twilight beach at sunset
Jordan walking on the dunes

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Ninety Mile Beach August 18th 2010

Today was the last of the touristy things I'll do on this holiday. I took the tour up to Cape Reinga the very northern tip of the country. The best part was driving along the 90-Mile Beach. Actually it is made of two beaches and the main one was 64 miles (104 kilometres) and that is where our bus traveled. Beautiful! I wish I had my own car...not my real one, but a decent one to rent. You have to make sure you go during low tide, otherwise you might be swept out to sea or the car could be buried in wet sand. We stopped to sand surf. Funny...I didn't really care what was involved in this bus trip as long as I got to the top and drove along the '90 mile beach'. Who ... read more
Don't Get Stuck

Hello again everyone, I had a fantastic day on my trip up to Cape Reinga 3 days ago! We left at about 7am and drove through a town called Taipa, the one thing about Taipa is that there’s a place called Cable Bay there. Apparently in the 40’s and 50’s, there was a cable going all the way across the Pacific to the west coast of British Columbia Canada! When the driver was explaining it I shouted out that it connected to Bamfield and he was pretty surprised, as no one he had driven before had ever known that. We went to an ancient Kauri forest and got to tour around the board walk that the New Zealand government spent millions on for the Queen’s visit (she didn’t even end up walking on the thing), and ... read more
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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Ninety Mile Beach March 16th 2010

Son 90 millas de playa desiertas, pero fuimos a ver para saber de que se trataba… mas playa y dunas!!! ... read more
Ninety miles beach
Ninety miles beach
Ninety miles beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Ninety Mile Beach January 3rd 2010

So, we broke our camera today. Well, it kind of broke itself. Waterproof, my a**. But, No worries, mate! We got ourselves a new one. Not as nice, but it'll have to do. Maybe when we return we can try to salvage some early NZ photos, but no new pix today, unfortunately. So, here we are, day 4 in NZ already. To be honest, we've pretty much lost all track of time. Kinda nice, really. But we've realized that we've spent the better part of a week here, and have just visited the tiny top part of the North Island. It's been great, but we don't know if we'll make it to the South Island in time for our car rental exchange! So, we've been staying in backpackers' places, which have mostly been big homes that ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Ninety Mile Beach November 5th 2009

A steady wind blows wisps of mist across the hillside and plays hide-and-seek with the lighthouse at Cape Reinga on the tip of the north island. Grey and gloomy, it is easy to see why the Maori named this Reinga, meaning underworld. The continuous sigh of the surf, where Tasman Sea meets Pacific Ocean, could easily conceal the snuffling sounds of the spirits of the dead as they descend the root-steps of the ancient Kahika tree to the water and make their final journey to their distand homeland, Hawaiki. The lighthouse first warned sailors of the rocky shores in 1941 and was fully automated in 1987. Situated 18,029 km from London and over 11,000 km from Vancouver, its light can be seen for 35 km and is one of the first lights seen by ships ... read more
Spiritual Kahika Tree
90 mile beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Ninety Mile Beach October 31st 2009

DRAMA ON NINETY MILE BEACH Cycle tourist Feral Mike has been thrown from his bike, known as the Beast of Burden, in a moment of drama on a Northland beach. The incident happened on Ninety Mile Beach, as the pair were within three kilometres of exiting at Te Paki Stream. At a hastily called news conference in Kaitaia this afternoon, Feral Mike said the Beast had been behaving perfectly up until that moment. But the Beast allowed a crosswind to let it veer off course into a soft patch of sand. The Beast buried his front wheel into the sand and stopped. "IT WAS A SORT OF FLOATING EXPERIENCE" "Instead of doing 20 plus ks an hour on the Beast, I was doing them through the air. It was a sort of floating experience - ... read more
Feral Mike at today's news conference
Not the wreckage

90 Miles Beach & Cape Reinga...... read more
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