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Published: April 3rd 2015
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Howdy everyone, we left lovely Russell this morning after visiting the flagstaff which was on Maiki Hill, it is the original site where Hone Heke's warriors cut the pole down 4 times between 1844 - 1845, because they didn't agree with the British rule. The present one was erected as a peace offering in 1857 and named Whakakotahitanga (means, being at one with the Queen). God Bless !! Despite the disagreements we got fantastic views up there, first thing in the morning and it was just peace and sunny, absolutely gorgeous. We then continued our journey to Pahia to catch the ferry to travel further up North, the ferry reminded us of the Dartmouth ferry, thought I was there for a moment !! beautiful scenery on the way, as this is currently Good Friday over here, we were looking for the traffic and funny that, but there wasn't any !!! We both agreed that Russell was our favourite place in the North so far, wish we had an extra day there. Anyhow we travelled 3 hours to our next place which is called PUKENUI, checked into the motel, very functional, that's all we need, the surroundings are gorgeous, spoke to the owner, she was born in England, moved here in the 70's, gave us some tips, so off we went, an hours drive to the VERY END of New Zealand, North! one road there and we arrived at the lighthouse, Cape Reinga. Stunning scenery all around us! in Maori belief, Reinga is departing place of the Spirits of the recently deceased, it is the dramatic meeting place of The Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean. We have actually travelled from the bottom of the North to the furthest tip, pretty good going. The bay's and the beaches were down below unspoilt, beautiful emerald green coloured water. After taking this in, the beautiful scenery, our next stop was further down the road as we decided to do the sand boarding at Te Paki sand dunes/streams at the 90 mile beach. This beach can only be travelled on with 4 x 4's, they used to let cars on here, but they always got stuck. So after a 'sizzling sausage' at the Dunes, handed to us by a couple of friendly young chaps, we hired our boards from a friendly Kiwi and his wife who I think was their mum and dad and off we went, heading for the sun dunes, flippin heck, hard work or what, could they not have supplied a Gondola for us !! It was so tiring, not only did I have to drag the board up with me but I had to get my heavy body up the sand, Stu telling me to go higher because I wouldn't get enough speed, EHHHH, think I will, where I have climbed, thank you very much, then you have to lie down on the board, fat tummy down and GOOOOOOO !! And think, crikey I'm going to fly off this thing and land on me back !!! I'm thinking aren't I a bit old for this malarkey !! Not only that, but I seem to have sand in my mouth, it must have blown in, when I was screaming !!! Stu telling me to go back up and again go higher, I'm telling you it was scarey !! He went to the top of a high Dune and he nearly came off it. Then telling me to do it. I know my limits !!!! Ok, done that, not my best thing I've done, maybe when I was 20, would have appreciated it more.

I have very slow wi fi here, so look back on the photos in the next day or two.

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