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Join us to accompany our gorgeous adventure in South Pacific!!!

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Mount Eden March 29th 2014

Aotearoa- I came to visit you to get some positive energy for the next stage of my life. You gave me the opportunity to try out things that I would never dare to do at home. Now I know that I have proved myself and I can do it because I want it. But everything is about good preparation, isn't it? I realized it after I booked so many flights unnecessarily and doing hard tracks in sneakers:) I made my debut in: Buying a car Renting a car Hitchhiking Taking hitchhikers Travelling with strangers Couchsurfing Woofing holding a shark in my hands standing on surfing board being a horse groom This journey was exceptional special because of the lovely people that I met. They gave me home and shelter when I needed the most. Thank ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Richmond March 24th 2014

Polo Sport is known to be sophisticated and elitist. It's a traditional British game like cricket. Though I am more into dressage I decided to get to know Polo and to be a horse groom. The work behind the scenes is extremely rough- for both the groom and the horse.When an important game is taking place a horse has to be tacked up in less than 2 minutes. What is the tack all about?- two different reins (straight rein and draw rein)-martingale-breast plate-girth and over girth-bandages-plaited horse tail The player often switches the horses between chakkas and can quickly change his mind about what horse he wants to ride. A groom must be very flexible.Apart from my work as a groom, the horses had to be fed and watered in the morning and in the afternoon. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains March 16th 2014

The plan was to do two long tracks in only one day: 1. Prince Henry Cliff Walk (11km) 2. Governs Leap (13km)Unfortunately I started my tramping day too late and ended up doing the Govetts Leap when the sun set. There were still 6 km to conquer to reach the carpark. I had to rely on my intuition and all my senses of orientation to make my way through the dark bush. I was lucky to have my light with me and to look for possible tracks. The bad thing about Australia's tracks is the missing sign. You have to decide which direction it is going to be. It was very confusing and scaring to spend so much time and energy on finding your right route. I climbed slippery, steep cliffs and crossed rivers at night ... read more

It's so astonishing how the climate is affected by wind and chain of mountains. Have u ever heard of the Nor'wester? It's a dry, hot wind that has impact on Canterbury and especially Christchurch (People get grumpy and depressed). The wind comes from the Tasman Sea in the West and has a humidity of almost 100%. When coming across the Southern Alps, the wind condenses and results in rainfalls. Afterwards there remains only 15 % of humidity which is the actual Nor'Wester. The Arthur's Pass is a good place to study how weather works. It is a barrier between the West and East Coast and causes huge weather differences. I was lucky to see them. On the Westside you have got beautiful, sunny sky, whereas the East Coast is covered by clouds. The clouds are caught ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Dunedin March 2nd 2014

I heard of that city that every student is proud of when remembering the time at uni. The students call themselves „Scarfies“ named after the street where all the second years live. When I arrived in Dunedin, I didn't know where to go and what to do. I just let things happen.... The outcome was an adventure with local scarfies. Olly introduced me to their lifestyle. Big parties on Thursday and Saturday. Big houses where up to six students live in. It's a community where everybody helps out. Thanks Olly for your patience, hospitality and and in detail thanks for: - showing me how to hold a bat and take the right posture - explaining the rules of cricket game and most important: not to cross the circle during a game!!! - teaching me slang and ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Curio Bay February 26th 2014

Catlins- that's a far place in the middle of nowhere. No Wifi, rare petrol stations, rare groceries. It was a challenge being on my own and relying on people's help. I was told to go to Nick to do a surf lesson. It was the best thing I have done so far in New Zealand. I learned how to stand on the board being surrounded by hector doplinhs at the same time. Unique experience! So, that's how surfing works: -Lie on your board with your face showing towards the marked area -Start paddling when you see the right wave approaching you -Stand up with your hands behind your shoulder. When you are right handed, stand up with your left foot in the front Then I met Jim who offered me his couch for the night. Thank ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Fox Glacier February 20th 2014

Climbing Fox Glacier which terminates less than 300 m above level is a experience for life. How is it that these Glacier- Franz and Fox- extend so low? It's a combination of large catchments feeding into steep, funnel-like narrow glacial valleys, plus a lubricating climate. It touched mouraines, I was trapped in crevasses......... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Franz Josef February 19th 2014

Just said „Hello“ to Franz Josef (named for the Emperor of Austria-Hungary). To get to Franz you need to take a helicopter that costs at least 350 NZD. So I decided to visit only the edge of Franz glacier and to see what he is all about. It was marvellous crossing the areas that are not permitted for tourists. These areas are in danger because there are hazards like rocks falling apart.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » West Coast » Greymouth February 17th 2014

Hey guys, there was this great fisherman who lives on the West Coast since four generations! He explained what fishing torpedo is all about. There is this big line that can reach out up to 2km in the sea. There are 25 hooks fixed at the end of the line. It stays there for approx.1 hour. Then u check the prey. And we caught 6 sharks! Spotted fish that are known as lemon fish. U get them for 50 bucks/kilo. The white spots on the fish mean the shark has no teeth and can't bite u. I was told that in Europe fisherman cut the fins off(to make soup of it) and throw the body away to the sea- That's a crime against nature. Thank u Dennis for showing me your way of life!... read more

4 days walking!!!! I have seen seals, penguins and colourful birds....Wonderful sanctuary... read more

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