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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Coromandel Town November 13th 2018

12th November Woken by eager individuals getting in an early swim. It’s all well and good have the spot next to the pool if you swim, but it opens a 6am and codes at 10pm and has a spring on the fare which means it slams shut very noisily everyone someone goes through the gate. Finally feel alert enough to stumble to the kitchen to make tea. Sat dozing in my chair until I was awake enough to consider breakfast. Cereal that'll do. Time check 8.20 I need to be out by 10, time for more tea. I might wake up after he second cup. Around 9, started to feel alert enough to consider sorting myself out for the day. Look at a few maps and brochures a decide to head towards Coromandel Peninsula. The road ... read more

Hi Family, friends and fellow bloggers, We woke up in Coromandel Town, we left by about 8.30am, driving all around the peninsular from Coromandal town to Whitianga on the SH25, then down to Hot Water Beach, then finally staying the night in a free self-contained camp ground about 10 minutes from Tairua. It really doesn’t take long to get all the way round (maybe an hour), so we had plenty of time to stop in the pretty town of Whitianga to see the immaculate beach on the east coast-a preferred holiday choice compared to the west coast of this peninsular. We stayed in the library for about 2 hours, and we had lunch in the camper. The town again is small, and a lot of these places are mainly seasonal, so it wasn’t busy as it ... read more

Hello People, Woke up in Te Aroha, our plan was to to drive to Coromandel Town today, first however we decided to get some shopping as the cupboards were bare, and there was also a library so we could charge up our electronics and get some Wi-Fi to let people know we were still alive!! Once we had everything sorted it took about 1h30 to drive to the Coromandal area, along the beautiful winding coast, although the water was very muddy, and as it was so windy it was causing the dirty foam from the sea to spay out onto the road (and our windscreen). When we arrived we had a very lazy day. We parked up where we knew we could be parked for the night, we had a stroll around the town (which took ... read more

26-27 fev On prend la route cette fois pour rejoindre Whitianga, sur la cote est de la peninsule de Coromandel. L'odorante Rotorua est derriere nous maintenant. On s'arrete pour luncher a Waihi beach, assis sur un tronc d'arbre mort face a l'ocean. Aux alentours reposent 9 kilometres de plage completement vide de touristes. C'est le calme plat sous le brulant soleil de midi. On en profite pour trainer les pieds dans les vagues qui s'etendent de tout leur long sur le sable... ...avant de repartir pour Whitianga encore plus au nord sur la peninsule. On s'y installe dans une petite cabane aux allures de chalet, a deux enjambees de la mer ou un pere montre a son fils le plaisir de surfer. ... Ce n'est que le lendemain qu'on rejoint finalement Coromandel town, dernier village de ... read more
Sur la route de Coromandel Town
Port d'Auckland
Quai a Coromandel Town

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Coromandel Town February 16th 2012

Så blev det min tur til at få en på opleveren. Sammen med 11 kiwier havde jeg booket en halvdags snapper-fisketur fra Coromandel. Det blev en fantastisk oplevelse, dagskvoten er 9 snappere, og 20 min før tiden udløb, havde jeg fuldt hus og måtte stoppe fiskeriet. Fiskeriet foregår lige opad af de mange kæmpe store muslingefarme, idet muslingerne afgiver ekskrementer som tiltrækker snapperne. Der er strenge krav i New Zealand, f.eks. koster det 250 NZD, hvis ikke snapperen minimum er min 28 cm lang. Kiwierne siger faktisk, at fiskeri kontrollen i dag, er mere magtfuld end politiet, så det var med at overholde reglerne. Det skal bruges kæmpe stykker med madding, som sættes på en kanske speciel måde, som jeg fik lært via en dvd, som tilfældigvis var i det hus vi lejede i Pohara. Det ... read more
Hjemkomst med den store fangst.
Fangsten på 9 styk snapper.
Manden der hjalp papa med at ordne fiskene.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Coromandel Town February 15th 2012

14/2: Papamoa Beach – Coromandel Vi fik heldigvis lov til at vente med at tjekke ud af vores dejlige hytte indtil kl. 11. Det var svært at forlade den terapi-virkende udsigt, men afsted skulle. Vi skulle hente Morten i Tauranga Airport kl. 14.40, så indtil da havde vi tid til at opleve Tauranga, som er en forholdvis stor by. Vi fik set marinaen, industrihavnen og kigget (lidt mere) butikker. Pappa ville rigtig gerne spise forkost på Burger King, så det gjorde vi. Herfter tog vi ud i den lille lufthavn. Her nød vi en kop kaffe, mens vi ventede på Mortens fly. Vi kunne stort set stå på landingsbanen. Da Morten kom ud af flyet, stod vi og vinkede som om vi ikke havde set hinanden i 100 år. Prikken over i-et havde været, hvis vi ... read more
Delfin i Picton Bay
Captain Andersen
Windy Wellington from the sea..

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Coromandel Town October 7th 2011

Spent the last couple of weeks helping out at the hostel I stayed at in KL. It served a couple of purposes, one of which was to save me some money ready for New Zealand and OMG I'm finally here. After 30 years of dreaming I'm finally in New Zealand and it's everything I ever thought it would be so far. I've only gone from Auckland to Coromandel but the scenery is awesome. I'm currently staying on the peninsula for a few days with views out to the bay, or one of them anyway. Just look at the photos to see what I mean. What more can I say, I don't know the names of the hills or the bays so they are just views but what views and this was just from Auckland to Coromandel! ... read more
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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Coromandel Town October 4th 2011

This week has been eventful to say the least! After staying the night at a woderful site right on the beach we headed for lake taupo where we booked our speedboat experience to hucka falls. This meant wearing a waterproof "lambing gown" and life jacket and speeding along the water at 60k an hour, which doesn't sound much but when you are skimming rockfaces with inches to spare or doing one of many 360 turns around various obstacles including a tree in the middle of the river it was pretty amazing and very wet!!! The next day we headed for Rhotorua where we planned to enjoy a maouri evening including a proper haka, a meal cooked underground (a hangi) and a wonderful insight into the maouri culture, however we were waylaid by the lure of an ... read more

We got back into the car to check out the other side of the peninsula. Our destination - Coromandel Town. Two roads lead to Coromandel, one is a looping paved road that follows the contour of the peninsula and ends up looking like an upside-down "U" and then there is the 309 Road. The 309 Road is a 21-kilometer affair crossing the spine of the peninsula offering roadside attractions as well as a couple of hiking opportunities. A local at the cafe down the street had told me that the 309 Road was "a bit of a bear" but could shave off about 30 minutes of the drive time compared to the paved option. Gertrude agreed, and we have been opting for the scenic routes anyway. It was unanimous- bring on the 309! The 309 got ... read more
Cool Blue Mushroom
Ivy above the kauri grove
Circling a Kauri

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Coromandel Town April 12th 2011

Coromandel town. Went and experienced the Driving Creek Railway. It was the Vision of one man, the potter Barry Brickell. Very inspirational story. Barry was the first full time clay potter in New Zealand and purchased some land just outside Coromandel town to set up his studio. He set up the first wood fired clay kiln at his studio. His productivity required that he had a constant supply of clay to work with.After surveying his own land which sloped up into the dense forest he was able to locate clay deposits. He therefore decided to do the pretty unusual thing of building his own miniture train line by himself to allow him to get up to the deposits, dig his own clay and transport it back to his own studio! He built and built and built ... read more

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