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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton October 18th 2009

We left Shark Bay and continued our way south. We stopped for a night at a freepark at Nerren Nerren, and had planned to stay at another at the Murchison River, a pretty spot with lots of wild flowers. But the FLIES were so bad, after lunch inside the van, we decided to continue on to Kalbarri. We stopped on the way and did 2 short walks at Kalbarri National Park, to Hawkes Head lookout and Ross Graham Lookout. Our flynet hats came out, first time for a very long time - (the Kurong in South Australia we think was the last time!!), and we wore light long sleeved shirts and long trousers, to try to keep them off us. There were quite a variety of wild flowers around. Kalbarri is a pretty coastal town with ... read more
our turn for the window
Kalbarri lookout
Z bend lookout

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton September 16th 2009

Hi All! We've just got back from our 10 day "Wicked" roadtrip up to Exmouth and back so I have lots to write about today but I'm going to split our trip into several blogs rather than one very loooonnnnggg one. We had decided to hire a "wicked campervan" for our trip as we'd thought it would be a pretty cool and cheap way of covering a vast expanse of Western Australia in a short space of time. For those of you that don't know, wicked campers are basically old banger vans converted so that they have a bed, sink and work top in them, and each van has a different paint design. Having seen loads of photos of different vans we weren't really expecting much when it came to picking ours up early Wednesday morning. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton August 30th 2009

Making the most of the hire car we had decided to head up along the northern coastline a bit so that once we had the campervan we could skip this part. It would also give us a feel for the open roads that lay before us in the campervan. As we headed up the highway we started to get a feel for the huge distances that we were going to be travelling in the not too distant future as km after km was eaten up, the road stretched endlessly in front of us and the amount of traffic on the roads dwindled down to the odd campervan or 4wd. After brief pit stops at Eneabba and then Dongara we approached Greenough, just outside of Geraldton. The winds obviously cut across the open plain here and we ... read more
Geraldton sunset
Too old for this camping lark!
Morning wake up call

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton June 29th 2009

We drove south, yesterday to the town of New Norcia. This is a town founded by the Benedictine monks in 1846 where they helped the indigenous population and started an orphanage for aboriginal girls. We did intend touring the town and abbey but found the tour would take over two hours. We had a long drive ahead of us and it was raining off and on so instead walked around the very interesting museum there. There was a collection of Europen religious paintings from the 16th and 17th century which had been stolen from the monks in 1986, but all but one was recovered, if in bad condition. We pressed on, back to Moora where we'd stayed the night before and then another 150 kms or so to Eneabba - always in wind and occasional rain. ... read more
The Abbey
Mother and joey
The Sydney Memorial

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton May 26th 2009

Day 36 (Tuesday 26-May-09, NJJ) After a good night sleep, with the exception of my waking in the middle of the night and screaming 'spiders', we set off by 8.30am. Our first tourist stop was Nambung National Park and 'The Pinnacles'. We did the desert walk and the Pinnacles drive. It was definitely an unusual landscape with me doing my usual excessive camera snapping. Late afternoon we stopped at a campsite in Geraldton to check in for the night. Jamie drove and I had an hour sleep in the back on the way. I'm generally not a good passenger on long journeys and struggle to stay asleep, I hope I break this habit along the way. Pasta again for dinner. Another episode of Underbelly before sleep.... read more
Us at the Pinnacles
More Pinaccles

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton May 24th 2009

We woke up early on Monday morning and headed into town to pick up our “Chubby Camper” van that is ironically named “Sandman” (you’ll find out why it’s ironic later). We checked out of the hostel and, after some help from an Australian that “used to be a Pom”, we hit the “Brand Highway”. Calling it a highway is quite deceptive as it really is just two lanes long with overtaking lanes every 20km or so. We also passed loads of road trains and they are seriously scary! They make our little camper shake like crazy; they are the biggest trucks I have ever seen and they can be up to 36 metres long! We were on this road for 400km and it is just the most crazy, long straight road with hardly any passing cars ... read more
Ala's 066
Ala's 067
Ala's 068

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton May 22nd 2009

Sunday 17th May, 2009 Today we are off on our caravan trip heading north and eventually going through the centre of Australia to the south coast, returning via Esperance before returning sometime in September. We have organized some work on the way to help defray the expenses and to meet some of the locals. We didn't get away from home until 10am, our first stop a petrol station to put more air in the caravan tyres. Unfortunately, the turn was a bit tight as we drove into the first one and we couldn't see a way to get close enough to the air hose. Rags hasn’t got used to the length of the caravan and car yet so we left for the next station. However Rags felt the van was behaving strangely so we pulled over ... read more
Geraldton Farmer's Market
Geraldton Farmer's Market
Geraldton Farmer's Market

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton January 18th 2009

Geraldton til Coral Bay 4 dage i Geraldton med badning og ren afslapning , lige hvad vi havde brug for efter mange dage på farten . Vi boede i en god lejlighed hvor der var plads til hele familien. Geraldton er en halvkedelig by - men stranden var god. Vi besøgte en dyrepark - krokodillen boede i et badekar, og det hele var fuldstændig sveden af - ikke en af de store oplevelser - men sådan bor man åbenbart ude i bushen. Hver større by med respekt for sig selv har en memori lane - fra krigsskibet Hms Sydney som gik ned i 1941 med 645 mand. Dette er også tilfældet i Geraldton som har et stort monument på bakken over byen. På monumentet er der en fugl for hver mand der døde - ret flot. ... read more
Pause for foraeldrenes endeloese udflugter
HMS Sydney Memorial
HMS Sydney Memorial

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton September 27th 2008

Back on the road toward Perth, We made it as far as Geraldton, Dannielle has been exploring her skills as family chef, I am not sure if we have a Jamie Oliver due to the creativity or a Gordon Ramsey because of the attitude when things go wrong but the food is good. We continued on to the Cervantes and the Pinnacles today, almost arrived at Perth but stopped just north, the weather is a little cooler and we have even seen a little rain which we haven’t seen a drop of since we left home, not happy but still having a ball. ... read more
Us at the Pinnacles

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton August 25th 2008

We went to Steep Point (the most westerly point of Australia). On the way there we saw a lot of wildflowers and we took a lot of photos of them. We got to the most Westerly Point, but I don’t get it, because the sign is in a spot, but you get still get further west to the edge of the cliff. Had to let the air out of our tyres to 20psi so that we could get traction on the sand. We also risked a fine of $25 if or when the ranger checked the tyres. We drove back and stopped at False Entrance to see the blowholes and then we drove out. It was a long day, because it was over 320km’s round trip. We drove to Kalbarri National Park which had a lot ... read more
Steep Point
Steep Point Beach
False Entrance - Blowholes

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