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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton November 2nd 2011

Kalbarri(K) to Geraldton(G) (13631 km to 13804 km) CADES DIARY- DAY 83 to DAY 85 Hawks Head, Ross Graham Lookout - goats Natures Window Red Bluff Beach - played with Jake, Isaac, and Will Chinaman's Beach -fishing Pink lake near Port Gregory Sand boarding at Lucky Bay... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton October 3rd 2011

The last couple of weeks have been a journey south along the west coast of Australia. We’ve gone from flat calm and barely a ripple to strong SW winds and large on shore surf. Also from cloudless warm days to wet and cold. The first two stops – Exmouth and Coral Bay are the north and south ends of the Ningaloo Reef, which WA claims is as good as the Great Barrier Reef on the east coast. At Exmouth it was really too windy to get out to the reef proper, but the water is a beautiful turquoise. At Coral Bay we went out on a snorkeling trip and viewed the coral and swam with a manta ray, awesome. It’s just been announced that Exmouth is to be a base for Rio Tinto staff working at ... read more
Luke, Jackie & us
Smelly socks
Smoke bush

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton September 29th 2011

Imagine a town named Walkaway! Well the old railway station exists and is an interesting museum for railway buffs. The station is about 40ks south east of Geralton. The town got its name after crops failed in 1860 and the farmers walked away from the land. Today it is in the middle of an amazing wheet belt but would still be vulnerable to drout. The Walkaway Station was part of a privately owned railway offering passenger and freight services in the region through to Geralton. The private railway ceased operation in the 1960s but the line is still operating with freight services. The station building housed two station master families and even had a school room for the education of their staff. There are a wide range of bits and pieces from the railway era to ... read more
Yes Miss Cuttlebush
Station building
Goods shed and loco.

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton September 22nd 2011

Geralton is not only a bright sunny subtropical city, it is the gateway to a very interesting hinterland. During spring, the countryside blooms with millions of wild flowers sprinkled down the sides of a number of country roads. Geralton is also the memorial for the HMAS Sydney which was lost in a battle off this coast in WW2. Photos of the memorial are included below. It is a somber fact that though these brave mariners lost their lives, we have a freedom and life that may have been quite different. But as we left Geralton and drove up to the hinterland plateau we felt the creator's peace and just loved the days in the bush. Though the roads may be narrow And the location remote, Our hearts so rejoice As the miles role by. Monet cannot ... read more
HMAS Sydney Memorial 02
HMAS Sydney Memorial 03
HMAS Sydney Memorial 04

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton June 21st 2011

Halloechen, nein ich bin nicht verschollen und die giftigen Tiere haben mich auch noch nicht erwischt, wobei ich einigen Red-Bags waehrend meinen 7 Wochen Farmwork begegnet bin. Die Wettquoten steigen und steigen, wobei sich die Red-Bags als recht scheu und passiv herausgestellt haben, zu meinem Vorteil. Joa zuerst habe ich 3 Wochen in Perth, die bisher meines erachtens nach beste der Grossstaedte, nach einem Job gesucht. Hier konnte ich bei der Gastfreundlichen Tochter des Aelteren Ehepaares wohnen (umsonst!!), die wir in Esperance kennengelernt hatten. Da sie fuer 10 Tage nach Schweden in den Urlaub ging, hab ich einfach mal den zweiten Hausschluessel und ihr Auto ueberlassen bekommen. Ein richtig nobles Haus, das ich mir dann nur mit ihrer Vietnamesischen Mitbewohnering teilen musste, die den ganzen Tag am arbeiten war und abends in Ihrem Zimmer verschwand und ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton May 18th 2011

Wednesday 18th – the morning was bright and clear so, after I had done a bit more washing (I was keen to make the most of the cheaper laundry on the park and also the fact that it was very handy to us), we drove south again and stopped by Point Moore’s Lighthouse to read the information board. It is the only lighthouse in Australia made of metal and it was built in 1878. We were just getting back into the car when a young fellow came along in a van and got out a very smart looking remote control plane so we watched the aerobatic display for a few minutes – it was a great show! We travelled on a few kilometres south of Geraldton to a place called Greenough. Our neighbours at Cervantes ... read more
Acrobatics from a minature plane
Poster asking people to consider NOT driving on the beach
Point Moore Lighthouse

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton May 17th 2011

Monday 16th – Our departure from Cervantes was very low key. The night had been quiet and we were up at about 8:00am to get ready to leave. Graham had put some things away last night so we were soon packed and ready to go by 9:00am. Vietnam man and his wife, Bob and Jan, were similarly prepared and we followed them out of the park. We were headed for Geraldton 260 kilometers away although we thought we might consider Dongara as we passed through, about 60 kilometers short of Geraldton. Vietnam man had nowhere in mind – they would just drift and settle when the time was right. We followed them as far as Jurien Bay where we had convinced ourselves they would call in just to see what it was like. They hadn’t moved ... read more
Coastal views on the road to Geraldton
Cyclists struggling along the stretch of road works
We had a nice view when we stopped for a tea break

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton January 10th 2011

We are packing our caravan to head off to Coorow, and finally say good bye to Geraldton, where we have spent the past week, and what a wonderful, wonderful week it was. I have long been drawn to Geraldton after studying Randolph Stow’s Merry-Go-Round In The Sea as a school set work, but travelling north was never on our holiday agenda (as a family we generally went down south to the wine region, or on a personal level, anywhere overseas was my destination of choice!). Anyway, after 25 years, I find myself, very unexpectedly, in Geraldton after discovering my former boss, Alex McKinnon, was based here as editor of The Geraldton Guardian. He invited us to stay with him at his family homestead - his mother Fay, sister Barbara and niece Cecily also live here - ... read more
Our caravan gets a rest
Alex McKinnon
Fay McKinnon

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton November 13th 2010

Geraldton is a small city on the coast, although after Meeka, it felt huge! It was here that we bought our car, a Ford Falcon Fairmont. A friend, Rochelle, offered to drive me and Hazel to Geraldton as she was going to visit family. It's about a five hour drive through even smaller towns than Meeka. Lynsey had left Meeka two weeks before to go to Bali with her boyfriend and would be meeting us in Geraldton. For the first two nights, we all stayed in a beautiful cottage. It had a big kitchen, dining area and lounge, a separate sitting room, two double bedrooms with ensuites and two separate toilets. During these two days, we bought all our camping gear, including the tent. A friend from Meeka, Pedro, had recently moved to Geraldton and he ... read more
Hazel, Lynsey and Andy

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton November 10th 2010

Ive been guilty of not travelling in my own back yard since I worked at Ningaloo so when Giant suggested we pack up the 4wd troopy and the three boxer dogs and drive 400kms north to a tiny historic hamelt just south of Geraldton called Greenough for a few days I thought...why not. The original township once thrived, but now its just parched drought plagued farms dotted around a cluster of historic buildings open for tourists. Greenough is also famous for its wind, the trees grow parallel to the ground, hard times difficult to reconcile with the towns history including deadly floods and cyclones. This place, once a thriving mill settlement dotted amidst thousands of miles of towering wheat and fat sheep was also the place of a horrific family slaying in an isolated farmhouse a ... read more
Two Dead Freds
Clinchs Mill
Yes, Its Windy here!

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