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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton September 23rd 2019

We headed north for approx 58km to the busy port city of Geraldton. Population approx 39,000. The roads are excellent and not too busy. The countryside inland is mainly cereal crops, with beef and sheep grazing. There were several large ships waiting out to sea to load up with grain and other cargos. The display at the visitor's centre stated that there were approx 380 ships each year, exporting the following commodities:- Talc, Iron Ore, Mineral sands, Barley, Wheat, Lupins, Canola, and Copper concentrates. These are exported to: China 84% Australia 4% South Korea 4% Indonesia 2% Rest of the world 6% Forgot to check on imports! The city's waterfront has been modernised and makes a pleasant area to walk, with cafes and well equipped children's play areas overlooking the sea. The museum has a really ... read more
Wonderful play area
HMAS Sydney II Memorial with bouganvillia
Ai and Winks at the memorial

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton July 11th 2019

After a day of driving through quite heavy rain, we indeed made it as far north as Pinnacles Desert, however it was still raining as we trudged around the weird gravestone looking rocks, so we decided to keep heading a bit north until we nearly lost sunlight. We ended up stopping in an RAC campsite in Cervantes, where Philippe's reaction upon first driving by was 'is this the local itinerant's camp?'. His face was priceless when I told him it was our abode for the night. In fairness the campground was quite nice when we got inside, however it was all dark, as the whole coast had been hit with an electricity outage. We sat smugly in our motorhome staring out at the poor powerless vehicles - nonetheless storing the bit of power we still had, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton March 14th 2019

Day 8 (9/3/2019) Up early to get some washing done. Around lunch time headed out to Hollywood Plaza in Salisbury to pick up the last of what we need for the next 4 days. Was about to reverse into a car park when a woman reversed out into us without looking. Exchanged details as while our damage is a scratch & a dent in the aluminium bull bar, it hit around the sensors & indicators. Returned to get the van ready for the journey ahead over the next few days & re-prep everything. Headed out for dinner with our lovely nieces Danielle & Rebekah at the Avoca Hotel before getting as much sleep as possible. Day 9 (10/3/2019) Departed Adelaide at 5:25AM. Stopped for breakfast & a cuppa at Pt Wakefield at 6:30AM, before continuing on ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton September 17th 2018

Leaving England about 3 weeks ago I wondered what I was doing going away for such a long time ( about 5 months ) again and so far away but once in the air and on my 3 day stopover in Dubai I knew I was happy to be on the road again. Staying with Suzanne and Kristy in Dubai and with August temperatures in the 40s Dubai isn’t pleasant one has to find indoor air conditioned pursuits and so it was one day in Abu Dhabi at the Louvre Museum. A beautiful building by the water on Yas Island and well presented artefacts from many different cultures it was interesting to see what was allowed to be displayed in this Middle Eastern culture. Nothing like the Botticelli Venus was to be seen but a ... read more
View from the top
Scarborough beach Perth
nice clean UTE and trailer

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton August 11th 2016

As reported last time we are now headed home; South and then East and a bit more South/East. Not sure why we are going home because the weather improved the moment we left Cape Range – should have extended.... We did quite a lot of free camping on the way South after we had proved that we can go a lot longer than a week on our water supplies. And for those who are wondering, yes that was with showering everyday and clothes were washed in the run-off shower water, not perfect but it worked well. Our first 2 nights free camping showed us separate examples of very poor camp etiquette. At the first camp which had 2 shelters and fire pits, a couple of campers travelling together put their vans at the side and end ... read more
Coalseam Cons Park
Pindar Wreath Flowers
Road into the camp area

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton July 29th 2016

Geo: -28.7731, 114.611Up early again for the dolphin feed but the kids weren't selected to feed them this time but as they both said at "least we've feed them" after a while when the kids had said bye to their friend, the dolphins, and pelicans we left making our way back South to Geraldton which is half way between monkey Mia and Perth. On route we stopped at Eagle Bluff Lookout which features a spectacularly high cliff and a great board walk that overlooks the Denham Sound near Shark Bay from which you can peer down and watch sharks, rays, & Dugong if you lucky. On our last visit in high Summer we saw nothing and shredded the cars rear tyre on the rutted road getting back. This time we were a little luckier Shell spotted ... read more
Shell at Eagle Bluff Lookout
The Family at Eagle Bluff Lookout
Shell at Eagle Bluff Lookout

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton July 26th 2016

Hello everyone. I have been quiet because I have been enjoying myself! So we had 5 lovely days in Carramar staying with Mike and Dorothy. It was such a luxury to have a comfortable bed, good food and Foxtel but the greatest luxury is someone else to talk to. Now I'm not saying Brian is annoying but after 4 weeks on the road together with a high percentage of things that make us row (untidiness -mine, navigation errors - mine ,being a picky bastard - Brian) we were in desperate need of alternative company. Dorothy joined me on my morning walks and I can report the knee continues to improve every day. Our Saturday morning walk included a bit of excitement as we were attacked by geese. These were domestic geese on a residential block but ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton June 22nd 2016

It seems like we have not had a day without rain or drizzle since we left home. In 2008 we were away for 6 months and had 6 days when it rained; oh, how I yearn for the old days. Gripe over. We checked into a caravan park in Esperance amongst the tree fellers and branch munchers, and were able to do all the ‘van duties’, i.e washing, water replenishment and something that her in-doors knows nothing about – emptying the cassette. We also tried unsuccessfully to find out how we could lodge an absentee vote in the upcoming election. Geoff washed the van in the fading light (into the dark), but it was to no avail as it rained on and off as we headed westward. The main problem with the wet roads is that ... read more
The Pinnacles , Cervantes
 Sandy Cape free camp
Sandy Cape free camp

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton September 24th 2014

Hi Guys, :) In a few short weeks I'm about to be setting off on back-pack trek through Europe, welcome to my blog, I'm going to document my travels for my friends and family to see. so if your keen to see where I go follow this blog :) Hope you enjoy my escapades and the photography along the way. Until next time, Peace xo You friend Elle :)... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton April 22nd 2014

Geraldton known as "sun city" for it's warm climate is the administration centre for the region.Home to HMAS Sydney 11 memorial the ship was lost with all 645 hands in November 1941 just off Shark bay whilst engaging the German raider Kormoran which was also lost.This impressive memorial was completed in 2001.HMAS was commissioned in England before being bought by the Australian Navy and was considered to be the pride of the fleet.The memorial has not been updated since the finding of the lost ships in 2008 nevertheless a significant piece of work. Geraldton has aboriginal origins probably dating back 40,000 years. Europeans took interest in the area around 17th century, in 1629 two Dutchmen were marooned on the coast for their part in a notorious mutiny aboard the Batavia. French sailors also passed this way ... read more

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