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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton November 4th 2010

Hi all We’re now in Geraldton after a few more days in windy Denham followed by a very short stay in Kalbarri. Rose finally got to feed the wild dolphins at Monkey Mia. She was over the moon, and the dolphins were quite happy too. They didn’t seem to be wild to me. No sign of anger!!!! That day was one of the very few without gale force winds. The drive to Kalbarri, about 350km, was again into a fierce headwind, but we made good time. We stopped at Hamlyn Pool to see some “Stromatolites” which they claim to be some of the oldest living things on earth? Apparently they provided a lot of oxygen to the atmosphere some 2 billion years ago. Personally it was as exciting as watching paint dry when we saw them! ... read more
Dolphin Eye

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton October 27th 2010

“♫ Geraldton oh Geraldton, we still hear your sea winds blowing They were 31 (km) when we left Geraldton ♪” Starting to get back to civilisation, traffic, traffic lights and all that jazz, but we find another nice camp site north of town and right on the beach, ok 30m walk! After our usual ‘get your bearings tour’ via the Tourist Information we have a committee meeting and plan our next few days. “♫ Geraldton oh Geraldton, we still hear your sea waves crashing Whilst we watch the whales a-breaching We had some fun as we left Geraldton ♪” Greenough Village is first on the list and despite the inclement weather we enjoy a couple of hours wandering round this historic village. The hot lunch and red wine fortified us to press on to the next ... read more
Greenough Historical Village
Sentencing the accused
The accused behind bars

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton September 10th 2010

Here we are in an apartment in Geraldton. Luxury.....don't even have to pack up the beds in the morning. However before this we have been to the Francois Peron National Park which is very beautiful up a peninsular with beaches on either side. We drove through to the top...Cape Peron and saw a dolphin in the bay, a dugong and heaps of bird life. The color of the water is amazing. We camped overlooking the beach, a restaurant with the best view so far!! At the entrance to the park there is an old homestead where you can have a hot tub..and we mean really hot! Water comes up from the ground and flows into a trough for you to sit in.... for a very short while!! Next was Steep Point, the most Western Point in ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton May 22nd 2010

Wednesday 19th May 2010 - Denham -- Geraldton 3295km After a brief stop at the Telecentre in Denham to upload the last blog, we headed on our way further south. We made a few stops before hitting the main highway again. First was at a place called Eagle Bluff, a view point overlooking part of Shark Bay. We didnt see any eagles, neither did we see the suggested dugongs, sharks or dolphins. The dugong are apparently off towards the mouth of the bay where the water is warmer, cant blame them really, the water here is pretty chilly. There were plenty of sea grass meadows though, which are very attractive to them. Next was Shell Beach. This is a long stretch of beach along the L'Haridon Bight in Shark Bay made up of 'coquina bivalve' shells ... read more
Swimming at the feet of the conservation staff
Shell Beach
Shell Beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton May 9th 2010

ESPERANCE TO PORT DENISON Sorry for the delay in updating the blog, I got a bit lazy. It won’t happen again. Monday 26th April, Overcast and cool, but we decided to take the Wildlife Cruise out to Woody Island. It was a bit rough but we managed to get through OK. We saw some sea eagles, seals, sea lion & dolphins on the way to Woody Island. We had about 25 aboriginal boys from the Pilbara on the cruise, who were down in Esperance studying. They had a ball. Tuesday 27th April, Up early and WE went for a bike ride along the Esperance foreshore. Pam’s backside took a while to recover from that. We saw Sammy the seal near the pier, apparently he lives there all of the time. Our unfriendly neighbours left today, we ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton April 2nd 2010

GERALDTON, WESTERN AU This day was completely different from all the others. It was a tender port and the seas were very rough. Getting into the tender was a matter of timing the waves. After a twenty-minute rocking ride we docked to find a lovely lab waiting to greet us. He got his monthly rations of petting. Four of us rented a car. Polite little me didn’t push and shove so I was left standing on the wharf while Tam did the paperwork. The Avis driver promised to come right back for me but I was a crispy critter before Tam drove up. It seems the driver was flagged down by a group on the street and didn’t have room for me again. Poor me! All settled in we drove out to the “dry”, the WA ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton March 15th 2010

Nach den tollen Tagen auf Rottnest Island kehrte erstmal der „Alltag“ (wenn man das so nennen kann) ein. Montag verbrachten wir den halben Tag mit Gartenarbeit und die andere Hälfte des Tages dann in der Innenstadt von Perth. Dienstagmorgen haben wir Schorsch erstmal zum Check gebracht und danach ging es an den Cottlesloe Beach zum „Sculptures by the sea“. Da könnten selbst wir Kunstliebhaber werden - strahlender Sonnenschein, Strand, Meer und einige Kunstwerke. Danach konnten wir Schorsch wieder abholen… Alles gut, nichts kaputt - zumindest mechanisch. Einen kleinen Steinschlag in der Scheibe hat er noch, aber dafür gibt’s hier ja O’Brien (die australische Variante von Carglass). Nach ein paar weiteren Tagen in Perth, beschlossen wir, dass Samstag der Startschuss für die Reise gen Norden fällt. Samstagmorgen starteten wir also nach Lancelin. Ein kleines Örtchen m... read more
Sculpture by the sea
Sculpture by the sea
Sculpture by the sea

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton November 14th 2009

9-11-09 Well off to Geraldton today with a list a mile long. First was the Info centre to find out where things are & what to see. We then went to the Laundromat & had a coffee while we waited. We then went & had the stone chip in the windscreen fixed , only $65 at Novus , Last time it was $115 at Windscreen O’Brien’s, what a difference. Den then dropped me off to do the groceries & he went & booked the car in to get air bags fitted to the springs - the arse end of the car is sagging. ( I asked Den if he could book me in too & get my bum lifted, maybe I need air bags) He then found a place where he could get the car serviced ... read more
6  12-11-09  Greenough Pioneer Museum
13  12-11-09  Greenough Alinta Wind Farm
19  12-11-09  Ellendale Pool

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton November 9th 2009

7-11-09 We woke up to a great day, no wind & we are leaving, the temp is to be a perfect 26 deg , we left early & went the coast road, & turned off to go to Port Gregory, a beautiful place we will have to visit again. A sleepy little fishing haven with a beautiful beach & a Lake known as The Pink lake. We had a cup of coffee at a lookout & no joke the lake went from Pink , to blue, to green , amazing. The Pink colour comes from Bacteria that provides a rich source of Beta Carotene, it is trapped in the salt granules of the lake & gives off the pink colour. From there we went onto Northampton, a town from yesteryear , it reminded me of Berry ... read more
3   7-11-09  A boat bogged & had to be pulled out by 2 tractors Port Gregory WA
4   7-11-09     The Beach at Port Gregory WA
5   7-11-09     The Beach at Port Gregory WA

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