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My wife and I plus a couple of freinds are planning to drive to Perth via Alice Springs and the wa west coast.While in Perth we are detouring to Eygpt for a couple of weeks.

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Melrose October 13th 2010

Was sad saying gooddye to our giude Sam. He was such good fun and really added to the trip. We were teasing him about how bad things were when he only drove a BMW and didn't really believe him, however we all got to see it. Mind you he is tall and needed the leg room!!! Saturday lazed around Cairo waiting to head out at 3:30. We had had a great time, met great people and now it was time to go. Landed at Dubai wher we said goodbye to Pete who was going straight through, whoops via K. L. which was a surprise...not a good one !!!! No sleep on the plane as very cramped and full. However landed at Perth 6pm wher Steve (Pyke) met us. Was great to see him. Went to Steve ... read more
4x4 desert tour
Sunset Dubai
Brickie at Giza Pyramids

Africa » Egypt » Mediterranean » Alexandria October 6th 2010

Am back in Perth but will return you all to Egypt. Actually found a pub and had a few drinks and a meal before boarding the sleeper train for Cairo. The train was very old, slow and not so clean. It broke down a few times and once was outside a village where we watched pople beginning their day. How lucky are we not to have to pump our water daily and carry it back to the house on our heads!!! Pretty lucky too not to have to share our homes with donkeys and water buffalo... It was pleasing to see many of the children with their back packs on heading off to school. It is a credit to them how clean and tidy they send their children off to school uder the condtions. We arrived ... read more

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo » Nasr City September 23rd 2010

Hello everyone. We have been cruising down the Nile for 3 days and it has been amazing. Where to start. Dubai was different, all big buildings and big money. Also very crazy. Lots of development unfinished, mad taxi drivers and surrounded bt desert. We did the 4x4 desert tour and Badawin village dinner and entertainment. Also went up the Tall Tower. Couldn't even feel the elavator go up. Unfortunately it is very sandy and this creates a continual haze. Great experience. From here we flew to Cairo and met with our tour. The group is good fun, with a range of ages. Explored Cairo, went to Pyramids and Sphinx. Still womdering how it was all possible. Overnight train to Answan. 2 hr wait at the station which is considdered fairly normal....Egyptian time!! Viewed the High dam ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Joondalup September 14th 2010

Have just had a guided tour of Perth from Steve as it is his day off. It is a very beautiful city and today the weather has really turned it on for us. We fly out to Dubai at 10:30pm. We are all packed (3:30pm). Brickie is like a cat on a hot tin roof and is not sure what to expect. He is afraid of heights and in Dubai we have booked to go up the Tower!!! Trying to convince him it's not really that high!! It will be a big adventure for us all and we are not sure what to expect. However we have had an amazing journey so far in this part of the country so now it's time for the next adventure. Will keep you posted as much as we can. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Joondalup September 13th 2010

We are in Perth. Stopped a night with friends at Cerventes which was great. Took a tour of the maratime museum at Freemantle on Sunday mainly to check out the Batavia wreck. Windy and chilly here in Perth. Arrived at Steve and Juce Silvesters where we are staying for 2 nights!! Lots of catching up as we are all Yarram people. Having a day of cleaning and charging things. Will train into Perth later and check out the big smoke. Hope you all have your heads down and are working hard!!! ... read more
Cape Peron
Steep Point
Hot tub

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton September 10th 2010

Here we are in an apartment in Geraldton. Luxury.....don't even have to pack up the beds in the morning. However before this we have been to the Francois Peron National Park which is very beautiful up a peninsular with beaches on either side. We drove through to the top...Cape Peron and saw a dolphin in the bay, a dugong and heaps of bird life. The color of the water is amazing. We camped overlooking the beach, a restaurant with the best view so far!! At the entrance to the park there is an old homestead where you can have a hot tub..and we mean really hot! Water comes up from the ground and flows into a trough for you to sit in.... for a very short while!! Next was Steep Point, the most Western Point in ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Monkey Mia September 5th 2010

Coral Bay was a very busy beach place, caravan city. Checked into our windy site and explored what was a very beautiful bay with crystal clear water. Had another snorkel, but was disappointed to see a lot of dead coral close to shore. Was a little better further out. Anyway the water was warm, but chill factor out was not so good. Checked local pub for a few drinks which proved a little more sheltered. Spent the morning on a quad bike, snorkelling trip which we all thoroughly enjoyed. This took us along the beach to Oyster Beach which has some amazing colored fish and coral. Once again chilly, but warm in the water. Next stop was a Lagoon where a few turtles and larger fish were spotted. Once again a great variety of fish to ... read more
John glen beach
Pete bike
Brick bike

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Coral Bay September 2nd 2010

Here we are at Ningaloo Homestead Station Camp Ground tucked in behind a sand dune that leads to the Indian Ocean. We are cooking up enough chow mein to probably feed most people who actually read this blog! Sad to leave Exmouth, but the weather has turned a little and we are experiencing cloud coverage and wind. Not ideal for beach activities. Anyway looking out we see lots of sand dunes with pasture to help feed the 3,000 goats that apparently roam this station. The farmer (camp host!) says that they are tapping into the Malaysian market and sitting on a goldmine. Typical W.A. It’s all about mining!! Anyway it is off to Coral Bay tomorrow, via the dirt road. Not sure about the weather predictions, as most places South are not that warm. Peter here ... read more
Big Bucket

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth » the city September 1st 2010

Still loving reading your comments. Enjoy whatever you are doing!!!... read more

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