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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill May 7th 2021

We're a bit weary after a late night of conviviality, so we bypass breakfast and move straight on to a very pleasant lunch. "Spoons" restaurant is apparently a Swan Hill institution, and we dine in an idyllic setting on a large deck among the gum trees overlooking the Little Murray River. Issy's still feeling a bit tired after last night's libations, so I head off on my own to the Pioneer Settlement, another of Swan Hill's river-side institutions. It was opened in 1966 as a re-creation of a small pioneer-era Mallee town, complete with church, school, Masonic hall, blacksmith, houses, and Main Street shops - post office, bank, newspaper printing office, dentist, barber, etc. The dentist's implements look every bit as scary as today's versions, which is a bit worrying given I'm fairly sure that the ... read more
Lake Tyrrell
Mincers, Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement
Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill May 6th 2021

We wake up feeling not all that well rested. The gent in the next room seemed to think it was a good idea to spend most of the night on the phone on the balcony right outside our door in loud discussion with one of his business partners. If that wasn’t enough the local hoons then sounded like they'd decided last night was as good a time as any to test out the motel drive’s suitability for use as a speedway. Issy tells me that exposed brickwork in motel rooms gives her the creeps, and that I should try to avoid this in future. "No exposed brickwork" isn't an obvious filter on any of the booking sites I've used recently, so I suspect I might be in trouble later. We head back to the port for ... read more
Echuca Wharf
Steam engine, Port of Echuca
Echuca Wharf

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill September 25th 2015

After an early morning coffee in Deni, we drove firstly to Barham and then across the bridge to Koondrook in Victoria. Victoria is where Lenny was born (and we will get down to Gippsland soon). Kerang is on the Murray River (west of Koondrook) and has a variety of small lakes and other bodies of water which make it ideal for irrigating (and bird-watching). We spent some time looking for (and at) birds and they spent time looking at us before flying off!We came across several monuments relating to the Burke and Wills expedition and wondered how the explorers could have performed such travelling feats. They travelled over 3,000 kilometres (from Melbourne to the Gulf of Carpentaria) in less than six months.Upon entering Swan Hill, we saw a large sign advertising the Regional Art Gallery so ... read more
Kerang area
Kerang area
Kerang area

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill May 19th 2015

In the middle of the night a few bright flashes of lightning accompanied by some loud claps of thunder heralded the arrival of rain. It was so nice to be snuggled up in bed listening to the gentle pitter-patter of rain on the caravan roof. By morning the rain had largely stopped and an early excursion to the amenities block was exactly that, as one needed to negotiate your way around the large puddles so as to keep your feet dry. A spout of water pouring from the over-flowing tank provided another obstacle. We left Murrayville Caravan Park knowing the $9.90 fee had been excellent value for money. As we proceeded along the Mallee Highway we noticed almost every town offered a similar deal. Some charged extra for showers, but even this gave good value. This ... read more
The Mildura council mobile library truck was set up in Underbool.
Some of the ploughed fields were nothing more than sand dunes.
If I step out of the 4wd where do I put my feet?

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill March 12th 2015

Day 19 – 11/3/2015 Drove across the border into NSW to get a closer look at Murray Downs homestead. A very large rural property with a house on it that looks like Southfork out of the TV show Dallas. The property adjoins the world class Murray Downs Golf Club & Murray Downs Resort complexes. Spent the rest of the morning taking a casual stroll along the shopping precinct in Swan Hill. In the afternoon we again hopped in the swimming pool & lounged around on the recliners before returning to the pool again, holding conversations with several couples. Another evening BBQ (why cook inside when you can cook outside?) before chasing mosquitoes in the caravan that were obviously immune to the half a tin of insect spray I smothered them with. Two hands were more effective, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill November 21st 2014

Hi travel followers. WOW, yet another week has gone by and I wonder where it went. What have we been up to? Well from Berri we crossed the border into Victoria and moved on to Cullulleraine and camped the night beside the lake itself. A great spot with beautiful grassy sites overlooking the willow trees and the lake etc. From there it was Mildura where we stayed for 4 days as the park we picked and the site we had was excellent. I.e. overlooking the Murray River from the NSW side back towards the city and the wharf where the paddle steamers were pulling in to pick up passengers. etc. Plus the weather was great which is always a bonus. While in Mildura we took a couple of excursions out of town to places like Red ... read more
Mildura Paddle steamer
Murray River Weir and Lock Ten.
Old Italian church near Cullulleraine

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill March 24th 2014

Geo: -35.3426, 143.564All set up with a cup of tea at 11am in Swan Hill for the night, once again right on the Murray River. Drove through Vineyards, Olive Groves and Almond Orchards to get to Swan Hill, beautiful areas and a good trip, looking forward to having a look around Swan Hill, seeing this was the main shopping centre for us 38 years ago.Well we could not remember much about the place, Mick remembered The White Hotel where he had teacher conferences, or that is what he told me and we both remembered the Pioneer Settlement.Had lunch at the Bakery Tearooms and looked around the settlement, the PS Gem used to be a restaurant but today is a museum object with a restaurant built next door. Travelled around Swan Hill and it has changed so ... read more
The Little Murray
Traveling Education

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill December 13th 2013

Swan Hill on the border with NSW and the mighty Murray river flows right through it,which provides for some very relaxing walking along it's banks.Swan hill takes it's name from Major Thomas Mitchell who camped here in 1836 on an expedition from Sydney to inland Australia.He was kept awake by the sounds of water birds and in particular Black swans.The next day he wrote in his diary " I therefore name this isolated and remarkable feature Swan Hill.Although we did walk the river bank we did not see any black swans.The river Murray is famous for it's Murray cod a much sought after fish.In the past there have been fish caught up to 160lb but these catches are rare these days.In town there is a large fiberglass and concrete movie prop of a Giant Murray Cod ... read more
Swan Hill River
Swan Hill
Swan Hill

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill July 2nd 2012

When we were still at Perthville just outside of Bathurst Dave hauled a bottle of port out of the wine cupboard which had use rolling with laughter. It was a 1983 bottle of ”Kalgoorlie Gold Nugget Vintage Port. The description on the back of the bottle follows. “The grapes of this wine were grown on the south west side of the Fimiston slime dumps where the mercury and lead in the soil allow for a full body flavour. The grapes were then crushed at the Oryoa plant and pressed at the Kalgoorlie Dry Cleaner. The must was settled in tailings dams then fortified in cyanide drums. This wine has a crisp tang of sulphur dioxide and should be drunk as soon as possible. Should you wish to decant this wine the sediment ... read more
View from the patio Barunduda
Holly Jean and Alias
Welcome cannons

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill September 30th 2011

SWAN HILL 30th Sept The Swan Hill show was in town at the local footy ground and we thought that it may be worth checking out. It was only on for two days and tomorrow being AFL Grand Final day, the only right thing was to see the show today and leave tomorrow free for footy! We arrived at the show quite early to find a lot of things still setting up. Of course the kids fix their eyes straight on to the array of rides around the 'Main Arena' (footy ground)only to be told "we will do a lap first and then come back to the rides!" On our lap around the show we were constantly being harassed by the different specimen of 'Carny folk' who were trying to lure our business towards their business. ... read more
Charlotte and pup
Josh with dingo pup
Face paint

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