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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill September 29th 2011

SWAN HILL 29th Sept The weather has really turned sour now and we woke to a cold and miserable morning. The kids booked into the peddle cart races which are held on a specialized race track at the back of the park. First to go is Harry and with the four of us cheering from trackside he set off peddling as fast as he could. Charlotte was next and she too went as quick as possible, then Josh going as hard as he could. After all the kids had finished their hot lap, the results were in; Josh and Charlotte with honorable mentions, and Harry as the winner of his age division. The kids have found some great friends here in the park, whether they be here for a few days or only one day. They ... read more
Cart races
Cart races
Cart races

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill September 28th 2011

SWAN HILL 28th Sept Watching the weather last night and today was expected to be wet and dirty. We had a warm nights sleep and the morning was also quite mild but the clouds were starting to move in. Time to go into Swan Hill to stock up on some groceries and have a bite for lunch. We walked around town and ducked in and out of different shops, even buying a new bike for Harry (we thought that the bike we had lugged up here was a little too small for him). On returning from the car after putting the new bike in, I found Rach and the kids in a specialist lollie shop. $50 later we walked out of there. Rach was buying all the 'hard to get' lollies for the kids birthday party, ... read more
Charlotte at 'Tellers'
Giant Murray Cod
Giant Murray Cod

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill September 27th 2011

SWAN HILL 27th Sept After such a big day yesterday we decide to stay around the park today and relax a bit. We book the kids into a couple of the parks activities. Today they are having bead bracelet making classes which tickled Charlottes fancy and ice cream sundae creating which tickled all threes fancy. It was a good day for ice creams as the temp was to get to 30 degrees. By the end of the day the kids had made bracelets, created ice cream sundaes, pounded the jumping pillow, swam in the pool and did numerous laps of the caravan park on our bikes. Not so relaxing for the kids, but very relaxing for the folks. With the kids taken care of with all the goings on in the caravan park, we sat around ... read more
Ice cream Sundae making
Ice cream Sundae making
Ice cream Sundae making

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill September 26th 2011

SWAN HILL 26th Sept Woken up fairly early by our new nieghbours who arrived the night before. 'Cayden' needed his bottle at 6am and he was telling the whole park. How do I know his name you ask? Well we also heard his brothers and sisters constantly yelling, 'SHUT UP CAYDEN!' Then finally Cayden got what he was yearning for and peace reigned again in the park. At least we were up and moving. Today was going to be a big day, we were off to the Pioneer Settlement. After loading ourselves up with breakfast and loading the esky up with lunch and snacks, we drove to the Pioneer Settlement. In we went and leisurely cruised around all of the exhibits explaining to the kids of how people lived on or near the river in the ... read more
Josh - Pioneer Settlement
Pioneer Settlement
Pioneer Settlement

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill September 25th 2011

SWAN HILL 25th Sept 2011 The kids and I had a good nights sleep but Rach wasn't as fotunate! We kind of back onto a farm which has a few cows. It seems that on this Saturday night in Swan Hill, all the cows gather and chuck a party right behind the caravan park! Guess what their favorite word is? "MOO!" and I think the bull had a good time too! 'Here is you coffee Rach! I made it extra strong to get you 'moooooving' this morning' The park is really well set out for the kids - sealed roads so the kids can scooter or ride bikes with ease, big jumping pillow (seems to be standard at most parks now), basketball ring thing, playground, solar heated pool ('too cold today Charlotte'), tennis court, sand/beach volleyball ... read more
Charlotte on Peddle cart
Harry on Peddle cart
Weird basketball thing!

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill September 24th 2011

SWAN HILL 24th Sept 2011 Up early on Saturday morning to finish off packing the van, hook on and gather five bikes to attach onto car and try to get away by 8am for josh's semi final basketball game! On the way with van in tow we pick up Lachie and head to basketball stadium. Semi final basketball (1st v 2nd(Josh,s team)). After a nervous morning the bball game was under way! It was a slow start for the boys and before they knew it, they were down 6-0. After releasing all the sleep in their bodies, they began to claw their way back into the game and by half time they were down 10-6. The second half was a different story and the boys came out with fire in their bellies scoring the first 2 ... read more
Swan Hill setup 2

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill June 14th 2011

Hi all, Well I'm nearly ready to fly out. My flight out of the country leaves tomorrow at 11pm from Perth. That is becoming a small issue for me given that I am still in Victoria and I am supposed to be flying from Melbourne to Perth early tomorrow afternoon. You may have heard that there is a volcano erupting (erupted) in Chile that is disrupting my plans. So far JetStar who I am flying with is NOT flying out of Adelaide and I don’t think they are flying west from Melbourne. My current options, should JetStar tell me they won’t be able to fly me to Perth is to head to Canberra or Sydney to see if I can get a flight across. That means at least an 8 hr drive or bus trip. Not ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill March 16th 2011

We had no rush to start, so a relaxed breakfast and then head to the Pioneer town to check out how it all came together. For a one price ticket we could come and go for 2 days as well as have a Paddle Wheel boat ride on the Murry River and return at 8:30pm for the sound and light show. So we took advantage of this deal and headed in to wander around. They have an amazing collection of early farm equipment and vehicles, including some old vintage cars. One car a Dodge, being driven around and free rides for anyone interested. Of course we had to take advantage of this and took a turn around the town. Certainly a “boys Toys” place to gaze and wonder, at all the Old Gear. A machine or ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill March 15th 2011

We headed to Red Cliffs to visit Big Lizzie, an amazing machine built late in the 1800’s to assist in the transport of wool and other goods out of the Mallee country, and an attempt to replace the camel trains. An amazing early machine that had a travel speed of 2 km/hr. It was converted to a Mallee scrub crusher and contracted by the Government to crush the scrub for the settlers, in around 1920. We drove on into Swan Hill and booked into the Park for 2 nights to give us time to look around this historic river port town. We took a short drive around the town to gain our bearings, then headed back home. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill January 3rd 2011

Swan Hill 2 Jan got train from Bendigo to Swan Hill (2 hours 10 mins). Not much to Swan Hill (population of 9000 apparently - but I think 8950 must be on holiday). No photos of Swan Hill town as it would like taking photos of Livingston town centre!! Anyhoo using the time to update this blog and plan my accommodation in Adelaide (which'll probably be a couple of nights in the city and a few nights in the suburb of Glenelg!!... read more
Murray River (1)
Father and Brother
Murray River (2)

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