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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill May 23rd 2009

This morning we walked along the riverfront and had a look at the smarter Echuca shops before heading back to the motor home to pack and get on the road. It was a rather uninspiring drive west, windy with scrubby country most of the way. Once more we were surprised as we were last year when we came to the town of Cohuna where water is plentiful - lakes, full canals, waterslides, fountains in the park - I don't know if they have a spring but strange to see so much water amongst such dry country. There are a few salt lakes around that area, although one, Lake Boga, is completely empty .. the result of the long Victorian drought. Lake Boga was the base for Catalina flying boats during the war and there is a ... read more
Flock of Galahs

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill February 17th 2009

Today I took a trip down to Swan Hill to have a quick look at the area. At the Information Centre I heard about the Lake Boga Flying Boat Museum and, being a bit of a plane geek, I just had to go and have a look. Lake Boga has been completely dry for a couple of years bacause of the drought, so the various aquatic facilities look strangely out of place. It's hard to visualise it with yachts and speedboats zipping around, let alone as it was during WW2 with flying boats taking off and landing for servicing at the No1 RAAF Flying Boat Repair Depot on the southern shore.... read more
Catalina Flying Boat

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill March 26th 2008

Well this is the second time I’ve relocated to find fruit picking work so this time I’m in Mildura. It’s on the border between NSW & Victoria on the Murray River. It takes about 7 hours to get there from Melbourne on bus and train, but the place is really beautiful. Be nice to go there on holidays. The backpackers wasn’t real flash and the women in charge was a complete dickhead, but made some great friends. I stayed for about 10 days and worked for 3. The first day I picked Wine grapes and made $27.50 for the day, around 12. The second and third day I got a job helping to take the covers off some table grape vines. It paid by the hour so worked out not to bad. Unfortunately this job only ... read more
Debating if it’s to cold and safe to jump in
Sandbar by the river
Swimming in the river

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill September 28th 2006

Hello again; I have got my act together this week and not left it too long to update the blog! It has been a strange week with quite a few contrasts and we have now gone from city to outback again in the space of a few days. First of all, we were really saddened as always to read about the RAF Nimrod crash, especially as Rik had served on 2 Sqn with one of the aircrew, Sgt "Scouse" Langton; Scouse was a gunner in the Regt until last year when he retraded to Aircrew so it is really sad that he was killed. To all of you reading this that are still serving and out on det, keep safe. Well, here goes. We left Bathurst and decided to go the scenic route via the Jenolan ... read more
Jenolan Caves
The Blue Lake

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