Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne May 9th 2021

Day 36 (9/5/21)Temps: Max 20C, Min 8C Woke up to rain falling. Departed Myrtleford at 10AM. Struck a lot of roadworks on the way home with significant delays. As we passed one set of works, 1 man on shovel working, 5 watching. Had lunch at Kalkallo at around 130PM. Arrived home at 250PM. Total kilometres for the trip was 4,367.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Mount Buffalo May 8th 2021

Day 28 (1/5/21)Temps: Max 24C, Min 6C Departed Canberra at 800 AM. Stopped at Albury to pick up the wheel chocks we left behind at the start of the trip! Had lunch at Beechworth before arriving at Myrtleford at 200PM. Set up the van & walked 2 minutes to the main street & familiarised with the town. In bed early absolutely exhausted! Day 29 (2/5/21)Temps: Max 22C, Min 10C Drove up to Lake Catani, altitude 1300M at Mt Buffalo. The lake is meant to be full of trout & was crystal clear. The water was like ice & could feel it through the waders. No fish sighted. Left & battled the cyclists hogging the road on the steep descent. Headed to Lake Buffalo but fared no better. No wind & water way too still. Did not ... read more
Eldorado Dredge (2)
Eldorado Dredge (3)
Eldorado Dredge (4)

Day 24 (27/4/21)Temps: Max 20C, Min 4C And just like groundhog day, we return to washing day & the blog! Dinner menu tonight is satay sticks, plum/yakitori ribs, atlantic salmon for Deb & shoestring chips. Day 25 (28/4/21)Temps: Max 20C, Min 5C Took advantage of the free travel for Seniors on the light rail & buses. About a 1km walk to the closest station. The light rail network is only 12 months old & further expansion is planned. Buses are what they call rapid services & everything runs on time or close to it. The light rail trip to the CBD is around 10-15 mins. We then took the bus to the Woden Westfield south of the CBD. It is strange how pricing differs between the same retailers & we found more bargains here than at ... read more
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CRC001 (3)

Day 19 (22/4/21)Temps: Max 15C, Min -3C Today is washing & blog update time again! The blog takes several hours to do, along with the uploading & renaming of photos. But when we or anyone else reading is going to the same destinations there is information that can make their travels smoother. Woke up to -3C; absolutely freezing. Stocked up on water for Canberra & a few grocery items. Dinner tonight is Chinese Lemon Chicken, Honey Chicken & Spring Rolls from Jin Li Feng Chinese Restaurant in Bathurst. Day 20 (23/4/21)Temps: Max 18C, Min 1C Started our day researching Canberra attractions to plan what we want to do during our stay. Slowly packing the van ready for the drive tomorrow. Decided to take on Australia's #1 tinniest female in a game of mini golf which is ... read more
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Canberra View02

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Bathurst April 22nd 2021

Day 12 (15/4/21)Temps: Max 25C, Min 8C Rest day today & time to update the Blog which takes a couple of hours or more. So much to write about & lots of photos to upload. Also sitting down & going through the things we will likely do in Bathurst next week & reading about local attractions while on the internet. Cooking a mid afternoon lunch/dinner of a roast leg of lamb, jacket potatoes & roast pumpkin, carrots, peas & beans. Day 13 (16/4/21)Temps: Max 23C, Min 9C Up early to get some 10L bottles of water to take to Bathurst tomorrow as most of the tap water is awful; using that for washing up only. Went to the Old Dubbo Gaol which is right in the middle of the main street. Read about some horrific crimes ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Dubbo April 15th 2021

Day 8 (11/4/21)Temps: Max 17C, Min 5C Updated the blog this morning as feeling a little tired after yesterdays lengthy drive. Drove around Dubbo familiarising ourselves with the area & facilities. Went for lunch at the Western Star Hotel. Quite basic & no frills sort of place. We both had Steak Burgers & shared Herb Bread. Herb Bread was heavily laced with herbs, while the Steak Burgers were soggy & falling apart while trying to eat them. Drove a short distance & looked at the shops in the Dubbo CBD. Quite a lot of shops are closed down & empty. Still a lot of people out & about for a Sunday. Decided on the attractions we want to see & their pricing & purchased a Great Big Adventure Pass, which gives you entry to: Taronga Western ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Dubbo April 11th 2021

Day 5 (8/4/21)Temps: Max 27C, Min 15C Waited in the van all day, not knowing when the auto electrician might get here. Went in the heated pool mid afternoon, enjoying the relief from the warm temperatures. Put a marinated Pork roast in the Weber at 330, then received a call from the auto electrician saying he would arrive in 20 minutes. It took him from 420 to 530 to swap the chargers over & solder the wires in. In the meantime, the roast pork, potatoes & carrots were all over cooked. It was too dark to test the charger, but switched to battery overnight & would wait for the sun to come up in the morning. Day 6 (9/4/2021)Temps: Max 23C, Min 9C Woke up to light rain & dark clouds. After a while the sun ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Albury April 8th 2021

Day 1 (4/4/2021)Temps: Max 30C, Min 11C Departed Cranbourne at 7.55AM. Traffic fairly light since most people are away for the Easter break. Decided that we would get a 2 day head start with fine weather & found a place to free camp that was not flooded with noisy campers. We only had 4 semi trailers pass us on the whole drive, which included regular stops to rest, stretch & have a mental break. Arrived at Jindera at 1.35PM. Jindera is a small town with a population of 2,200. At the local sporting ground they have a free camping area set aside for self contained RV's. The area adjoins the local oval, tennis courts, pool, skate park & wetlands. After setting up & enjoying Happy Hour & relaxing, we strolled across to the Jindera Hotel almost ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Mansfield December 9th 2019

Day 16 (8/12/2019) Last full day in Mansfield. Quite a warm day as hot weather looming. Spent the day packing up slowly & taking a few short leisurely walks. Deb decided to jump in the pool to cool off for a while. Day 17 (9/12/2019) Departed Mansfield at 10.20am. Got fuel on the way out of Mansfield. Quite a relaxing drive with a bit of side wind in spots. Stopped in Yea for a morning tea & rest at 11.20am. Went to The Provender Bakehouse where the food is absolutely delicious. Will make it a definite place to stop at in future. Departed Yea at 11.50am. The drive on the Melba Highway was adventurous & heart attack stuff. Came around a bend into a long straight to see a vehicle heading towards us overtaking 4 other ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Mansfield December 7th 2019

Day 12 (4/12/2019) Recovery day today to rest up. Took a leisurely walk around Mansfield, enjoying the cooler weather before the heat arrives next week. Had the trout we caught for lunch which was absolutely delicious. Nothing beats fresh fish that just falls apart & has that nice clean taste. Had an afternoon siesta which means I must have needed the rest. Done a lot of walking on this trip. Dinner tonight was satay sticks & mashed potatoes. Day 13 (5/12/2019) Got up at 5.30am for the drive to Big River. Wanted to fish this area earlier in the day before the sun got up. On the way drove around a bend to find a kangaroo in the middle of the road, but it quickly moved out of the way. Arrived at Big River just after ... read more
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