Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Renmark April 30th 2019

Day 52 (22/4/2019) Picked up some more water for our next stop as there is only a general store there & likely to be expensive. Cleaned up the van & 4WD from all the bird droppings out of the trees. Checked the 4WD fluids which were good considering the huge number of kilometres we have travelled. Day 53 (23/4/2019) Departed Streaky Bay at 9:50AM. Stopped at Murphys Haystacks on the Pt Lincoln road. These incredible rock formations are well worth exploring. There is a $2 honesty box to enter, for which they provide good gravel paths & a well kept toilet block. It will be one of the best $2 you will spend. There is also a low cost camp area here which some people may choose to utilise. We arrived at Venus Bay, only to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Streaky Bay April 22nd 2019

Day 45 (15/4/2019) Walked into town to take a look around the Ceduna shops, picking up a couple of bargains that we did not expect to find! Went to the Ceduna Foreshore Hotel for lunch. Had a 400g Rump Steak for $25, while Deb had a massive Stir Fry for $18. Stir Fry was brilliant while the Rump was as chewy as an old boot. Went fishing & caught fresh fish again, so fish is on the menu. The only problem is that mosquitoes inhabit the jetty & you not only get eaten alive but also picked up & carried away! Day 46 (16/4/2019) Went for a short drive to Denial Bay, which is north west opposite Ceduna across the bay. Lovely jetty walk talking to some wonderful people from all over Australia. Funny how people ... read more

Oceania April 15th 2019

Day 32 (2/4/2019) Last day in Perth. Went for a drive into West Perth To Watertown, which was the original DFO in Perth Before they built the Airport DFO. Here they had all the usual shops, but nowhere near as many bargains as the Airport DFO has. If you ever visit Perth, give Watertown a miss & go to the Airport DFO as it is far better. Back to the caravan to pack up & plan tomorrows trip to Busselton. Day 33 (3/4/2019) Departed Perth at 9:00AM; peak hour traffic. Strangely enough the traffic was not too bad considering as we rarely came to a halt. Our only holdup was some woman doing 40kmh in the 80kmh/100kmh zones. Hard to change lanes when other vehicles are travelling so fast & you get stuck behind some buffoon ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth April 2nd 2019

Day 24 (25/3/2019) Huge winds from the East pounded us overnight, wanting to pick us up & carry us away. Just as well I had everything battened down & anchored. The winds exceeded what we were reported to expect & were quite severe. Did a bit of fishing, but winds still heavy & water still quite dirty which is hardly ideal conditions. Saw a school of large Tailor going up & down the breakwater, but they were far from interested in any lure put in front of them. Day 25 (26/3/2019) Up early to try fishing in the morning instead of the evening. Water still dirty & the winds growing stronger again did not make fishing easy. Same school of Tailor swimming up & down the breakwater, but again refusing to take anything thrown at them. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Dongara March 25th 2019

Day 19 (20/3/2019) Up early to visit Kalbarri National Park before it gets too hot. First stop was the National Parks Office for a Parks Pass as we will be visiting several throughout our trip. Next stop was Natures Window. A short easy walk from the car park takes you to this incredibly wonderful location. Spoke with a couple from England for about 10 minutes as we were the only ones there & took several photos. Just a shame that there is no water in the river at all; completely dry except for some stagnant pools further upstream. A few kms down the road was Z Bend. Very little water here as well. A slightly longer walk to get to this spot, but still quite a simple stroll. Saw people standing on dangerous rock ledges to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kalbarri March 19th 2019

Day 13 (14/3/2019) Had a bit of a sleep in this morning, which was something of a luxury, but after 4 hard days on the road it was well needed. Arranged for the caravan antenna to be looked at tomorrow, meaning we will stay in Geraldton a bit longer, but switching to another caravan park afterwards as we need to take the caravan to them. Purchased some food for the extra few days & the week or so ahead as shops will be rare after we leave Geraldton. After dropping our shopping off at the van, we walked down to the Fishermans Wharf, enjoying some Snapper & chips for lunch at Barnacles on the Wharf. What can I say but YUM! Beautiful flavour & texture; it was some of the best fish I have ever had. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Geraldton March 14th 2019

Day 8 (9/3/2019) Up early to get some washing done. Around lunch time headed out to Hollywood Plaza in Salisbury to pick up the last of what we need for the next 4 days. Was about to reverse into a car park when a woman reversed out into us without looking. Exchanged details as while our damage is a scratch & a dent in the aluminium bull bar, it hit around the sensors & indicators. Returned to get the van ready for the journey ahead over the next few days & re-prep everything. Headed out for dinner with our lovely nieces Danielle & Rebekah at the Avoca Hotel before getting as much sleep as possible. Day 9 (10/3/2019) Departed Adelaide at 5:25AM. Stopped for breakfast & a cuppa at Pt Wakefield at 6:30AM, before continuing on ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide March 9th 2019

Day 1 (2/3/2019) Departed home at 7:30AM. Found traffic quite busy for that early on a Saturday. Not happy to be leaving a day later than expected, but when you only get the caravan back at 4:05PM the previous day, there is not much you can do about it. At least all the main things were taken care of (we hope!) & we have a hassle free trip. After being badly buffeted by fierce side winds from the North, we stopped at Ballarat at 10:20AM for a cuppa & a brief rest. I had forgotten how the bum cheeks nod off driving & a leg stretch always stops any cramping up. Back on the road at 10:50AM, the drive was largely uneventful with little traffic except for one moron who decided he wanted to overtake me ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Merimbula October 29th 2018

Day 1 (12/10/2018) Went to the weighbridge & weighed the caravan on the way to Traralgon. Came in at 2660kgs, so well under the limit. Ball weight a bit heavy at 240kgs, but we will learn to load it a bit differently & adjust what we carry. Arrived at Traralgon just on 12 Noon & set up. Rest of the day spent at the Lions convention Day 2 (13/10/2018) Spent all day at the Lions convention. Day 3 (14/10/2018) Departed Traralgon at 8.00AM. Stopped for a late lunch at Cann River, before arriving at Merimbula at 2.45PM. Set up the caravan & during the evening had electrical issues. Found 10A fuses in place when they should be 20A. Not impressed. Went about looking for all other issues with the caravan & making notes for everything to ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne November 17th 2017

Day 16 (11/11/2017) Woke up around 9AM to bacon & eggs for breakfast. Started packing the annexe away before the forecasted rain & gave the caravan a bit of a scrub. Had to spray the annexe due to bloody earwigs in every tiny little corner. Stopped just before 11AM for some quiet reflection for Remembrance Day. Got ourselves partially packed up so that there was little left to do in the morning for the final trip home. Day 17 (12/11/2017) Left Omeo at 9:25AM. Got stuck behind some idiot towing a caravan with no caravan mirrors, doing 40 in an 80 zone & 60 in a 100 zone. Despite moving across to show him we wanted to pass several times, this buffoon was completely ignorant & made no attempt to let anyone pass. When we got ... read more

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