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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Victor Harbor April 10th 2018

We have a long drive today to Victor Harbor. The satnav suggests a long inland motorway route, crossing the Murray River by bridge, but we decide to stay on the coastal B road which involves a ferry crossing. We buy an awesome bacon and egg doorstop at Hateley’s bakery which we eat on a bench overlooking the ocean before departing Robe. Navigating isn’t hard today, the first instruction is ‘turn left in 141 miles’. We stop briefly in Kingston; primarily for petrol but also because they have a 50 foot giant lobster. And who can’t resist a giant lobster? Next follows 80 miles of Coorong National Park. On the map it looks cool; a chain of lagoons running alongside the ocean. But in reality the view is obscured by bushes so it’s just miles of flat ... read more
Kingston big lobster

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Victor Harbor March 4th 2018

This morning we showered with a view from our bathroom window of the Western Highway! After a self-catered breakfast in our room we hit the road about 9.30am. We stopped at another silo painted by Guido van Helten this morning, this one across the border at Coonalpyn. This artwork features five school children from the local community at play. We did see this artwork as we drove back from Adelaide last year, but its scale still impresses on a second viewing. Since our last journey a new artwork has been completed - a beautiful mosaic screen in front of the public toilets which really brightens things up. Onwards to Tailem Bend where we stopped for another break and ventured down to the bank of the Murray River. We’ve driven past this spot on a number of ... read more
Coonalpyn Silo
Coonalpyn Mural
Tailem Bend Corellas

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Victor Harbor February 26th 2015

This journey takes us across some of South Australia's most productive agricultural and horticultural land. Late last year we crossed the top of the Eyre Peninsular where we saw the grain harvest underway in October. Now the granaries are absolutely bulging with the harvested crops. Ceduna had built a huge temporary grain bunker as big as I have ever seen, and it was bulging. The same is true as we crossed the whole region, grain stored everywhere. Road trains and rail trains moving thousands of tonnes daily, and ships at the various ports loading as fast as the produce arrived. This region has had little or no summer rain, bearing in mind that it is naturally a low rainfall region, so everything looked dry and dusty. Some harvested pastures had sheep eating the stubble, but when ... read more
Low tide
The Big Gallah
Low tide Streaky Bay

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Victor Harbor January 24th 2015

After months of excitement, anticipation and a lot of speculation I finally left my family at Birmingham airport and headed for my first flight- to Dubai. Saying goodbye to my sister was the hardest part but I was determined to hold it together and focus on the adventure ahead. To my pleasant surprise when I found my seat on the aircraft I had an empty seat next to me, YES! Although the first leg of the journey was only around 8 hours long I was so happy to be able to spread out and make myself comfy. I set my clocks to Australia time which meant it was an overnight flight and in an attempt to combat jet lag I snoozed for most of the journey. After our food came the man on the end of ... read more
Dubai at night (Burj Khalifa)

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Victor Harbor January 6th 2015

Notre voyage continue!! Direction Victor Harbour, une petite ville côtière. Au programme du Nouvel An: cinéma avec le Hobbit qu'on voulait tant voir (alors Sam la Nouvelle-Zélande??), un pancake à la petite fête forraine et ... tiens mais tout le monde se dirige vers la plage?? Mais oui il y a un feu d'artifice sur le plage! On pouvait pas espérer mieux! On en profite tous les 2 pour vous souhaiter une bonne et heureuse année!! Plein de bonnes choses pour cette nouvelle année 2015 ;-)))... read more
Repas de nouvel an

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Victor Harbor July 13th 2014

Desert Ship Territory Log Day 10. Time to leave the European winter wonderland of Hahndorf and check out Beerenburg Family Farm where we stocked up on relishes, jams and sauces. It was only 5 minutes up the road. Mount Lofty then beckoned us. This is a great look out over Adelaide and we got a bit lost because Mary Lou, our dumb Irish GPS, told us to go the wrong way. Nevertheless we got to see more of the Adelaide Hills which we missed out on when drove to Hahndorf in the dark. I must've said, "Oh, look at that lovely old stone house!" a thousand times. Absolutely everyone lives in one over here. Time to head off to Victor Harbour via McLaren Vale . We were more interested in bakeries rather than wine, so we ... read more
Vine Yard in McLaren Vale
Dormant Vine Yard in McLaren Vale
Stone Home in McLaren Vale

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Victor Harbor July 10th 2013

Der Jetlag hat bewirkt, dass ich in der Nacht öfters wach war, aber die Sehnsucht nach Walen war stärker. Deswegen fuhren wir schon recht früh los Richtung Süden. Ziel: Victor Harbour Whale Centre. Dort, in ca. 90 km Entfernung von Adelaide, begann um 10h ein Treffen vom Science Club der beiden Kinder. In auch für uns Erwachsene durchaus interessanter Art und Weise wurden spielerisch Informationen zu Walen, Haien und dem Lebensraum Meer vermittelt. Danach durften wir noch im von Freiwilligen geführten Whale Centre herumspazieren und unterschiedliche Dinge bestaunen. Unter anderem den Rückenwirbel eines Wales – unglaublich groß (siehe Foto), das Maul eines Haies und seine Zähne – sie wachsen bis zum Tod des Haies immer wieder nach, wenn sie ausfallen, Haiarten, die keine scharfen Zähne haben, sondern ihr Fressen zermahlen und vieles andere. Nach einem guten ... read more
Rückenwirbel eines Wales

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Victor Harbor March 25th 2013

It wouldn't be a trip to Victor Harbor without a ride on the horse drawn tram. The ride goes along the 600metre causeway from the mainland to Granite Island, it takes about 20 minutes and is an idyllic way to experience a remarkable peice of coast. The trams history reaches back 150 years, when the first horse drawn wagons hauled freight and passengers along the broad gauge railine linking Goolwa to Port Elliott- Australia's first public railway. On another bleak day we rode down to Cape Jervis, where the ferry leaves to go across to Kangaroo Island. The ride was verging on chilly with the omni-present dark clouds threatening us at every turn, but we managed to outwit them. Goodness and niceness prevailed... Cresting the hill there were a huge number of wind turbines (at least ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Victor Harbor March 3rd 2011

After doing our research as to what is to see on Kangaroo Island, we decided to give it a miss, but would head to Victor Harbour and take in that area. It was a little cool and overcast, but the trip was only 40 minutes and we found a nice German Cafe that had yummy pastries and coffee. Obviously a very popular stop, because it was very crowded and a queue for service. After our recharge of morning tea we headed over to the Jetty and info centre. The tram ride to Griffith Island via the horse drawn tram looked like fun, so we jumped on for a visit to the Granite Island. The walk around the Island was good views with the Southern Ocean belting against the huge slabs of granite was awesome with the ... read more
Glenelg Jetty

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Victor Harbor March 2nd 2011

The packing up process doesn’t take t long and we head out, via the seafood shop on the front to purchase a lobster. The country we travelled was flat and easy to maintain a steady speed of 95/100kmh. We stopped at a park at Meningie, a nice wayside on the journey through. We set sail again after our cuppa with Milang, in our sights, this is the Fleurieu Peninsula close to the Victor harbour area and the a possible excursion to Kangaroo Island. The GPS kept us on track, yet at one point we had some doubts, because it turned us off the highway towards a ferry crossing. Oh BOY! Not in our plans, no prior warning and gee would it take our rig, what is the cost? Should we turn around? Ah lets suck and ... read more
Karon on the Tram
The Southern Ocean
Umbrella Rock

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