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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mount Gambier April 8th 2018

The weather report predicts a high of 28 degrees, so we don shorts and factor in some beach time. But it’s actually quite windy and as soon as we’re suitably far enough away from the car, it starts raining. I was already grumpy as I’ve discovered we left my favourite trainers in Warrnambool and the rain doesn’t help my mood. But I cheer up when I remember my trainers were made in Vietnam so I can buy new ones in Hanoi next week. In Cape Bridgewater we follow the walkway along the cliff tops to the petrified forest. It’s not really a forest but tubular limestone formations. They’re quite unusual – it feels like we have been been teleported to another planet. There’s also a blowhole lookout but the tide isn’t sufficiently high so it’s more ... read more
Cape Bridgewater
Cape Bridgewater petrified forest

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mount Gambier August 3rd 2016

Here is just a snippet of Part 1 of our wonderful wedding. We originally planned to get married in Thailand but after my mother in law was diagnosed with cancer in September we decided to bring forward the official ceremony so she could be there. In 6 weeks, we planned and pulled off a fantastic and simple (and cheap) wedding. My parents were able to fly down from Queensland and my son made it from Adelaide so the day could not have been any more perfect. The day started out with checking into Colhurst House (a beautiful bed and breakfast) where my new husband and I would spend the night. I spent time there with my parents and Todd’s 9 year old daughter who was my bridesmaid. Todd’s Mum Jenny came during the morning to also ... read more
Selfie time

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mount Gambier November 17th 2015

Sunday 15 November continued We rested for the afternoon and went out for our dinner at 7.30 pm. We headed north and came across a Jamie Oliver Italian restaurant, which was really busy. We tried to get a table but would have had to wait for a while so decided not to bother and moved on. Onwards past all the lovely big buildings and then back into retail territory and restaurants. Pat was hankering for some pasta and fortunately we came across a couple of Italian places either side of a junction. San Giorgio was selected, and straight to a table. Pat chose salmon penne and I had a meat lovers pizza. Another good meal and with drinks was AUS$57. An amble through the shopping centre and back to the room. Monday 16 November Check out ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mount Gambier January 6th 2015

Pour Noël, petit repas improvisé dans le van à Mount Gambier car il faisait pas super chaud! Rien de bien special à Mount Gambier si ce n'est son Blue Lake qui a la particularité de devenir bleu chaque année de décembre à mars. Il est gris le reste de l'année, étrange n'est-ce pas? Personne ne sait réellement pourquoi sa couleur change (plusieurs hypothèses sont avancées mais rien de confirmé). C'est un lac de cratère en fait et je dois dire que son bleu intense donne envie d'y piquer une tête, ce qui n'est malheureusement pas possible. L'autre bonne surprise de Mount Gambier, c'est sa réserve où nous avons vu - entre autres - notre premier koala et nos premiers kangourous (exceptés ceux le long de la route dans un autre état :-( ). Trop minouches!!!! Il ... read more
Notre premier koala!
Le koala encore
Le koala qui mange ;-)

Hi travel lovers. Continuing with our adventure, we have yet again moved on from Portland across the Vic/South. Aust. border to Mount Gambier. The town is a bit of a surprise as there are plenty of places to visit and things to see, both in town and the surrounding areas/towns. Given this, we have decided to stay three days so that we can take in as much as possible. First up, we visited the limestone sink holes at Umpherston Sinkhole, the Cave Garden and Engelbrecht Cave. All most impressive. From there we decided to check out the three lakes within the city borders. Valley Lake, The Leg of Mutton Lake and the most well known Blue Lake (where Mt. Gambier gets its water). Again, all three of them were impressive in their own right. Today, we ... read more
Cave Gardens
The Blue Lake
Granny kniting a blanket

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mount Gambier December 28th 2013

Good drive to Mount Gambier,headed straight for the caravan park we had booked.Our intention is to stay here over the Christmas and New Year.On arrival we were told to find an empty site of our liking no sites are numbered.The park was virtually empty so we were able to choose a good site and soon settled in.The caravan site is right next to the famous Blue lake which changes colour every year round about November to a translucent blue from a green no one can give a reasonable explanation but there are many theories.This lake draws tourists from all Australia and beyond, it is one of many lakes that have formed in the natural volcanic craters that are abundant here.This particular lake supplies the town water and no leisure activities such as boating or fishing are ... read more
Mount Gambier
Mount Gambier
Mount Gambier

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mount Gambier April 30th 2013

BALLARAT to MT GAMBIER The next part of our journey had us travelling on a nice sunny day to Mt Gambier for approximatly four hours. Nicci said that the country side reminded her of Scotland. The roads were very narrow and full of pot holes it was a shock that no one including the dog got car sick. A beautiful little town we stopped for lunch was Casterton, known as the birthplace of the Australian working dog, the kelpie. It was in Casterton that we got a travel guide on Mt Gambier. We discover that Mt Gambier had a sinkhole garden and an ultra blue lake that changes blue though out the year. Once we arrived at Mt Gambier we stayed at the showground for $15 another for an unpowered site. The showgrounds camping was found ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mount Gambier April 5th 2013

Friday 5th Mount Gambier has turned on a really great warm day for us today - back into summer clothes once the day warmed up from 8C this morning. We decided to revisit the Caves Garden this morning to see the gardens in their natural daylight. Very different from the artificial effects of the coloured night lights. Then, after a quick shopping stop Marg and I did a drive around the crater lakes. Most famous is Blue Lake which from November to March/April is better than sky blue in colour. Today that is what we saw. No doubt it will return to its winter colours of dull grey in the next week or two. No one knows why the change. It is not algae, nor a sunny day phenomena, nor is their a great difference in ... read more
Sink Hole Paorama
Roses In the City Centre
Caves Gardens

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mount Gambier April 4th 2013

April 4th. We travelled a relatively short distanced from Dartmore to the South Australian border and on to Mt Gambier. Our friend Tom Tom kept calling it Mt Gambler. This is a realistic appraisal of Australian Culture, but not the name of an interesting place. Having set up the rigs at the camping ground which is just off the main street, we went walk about, did a little shopping, arranged for 'flu shots tomorrow, booked hair cuts etc. After lunch Marg and I walked up to the Lady Nelson Centre. It is a combination of tourist info and a discovery centre that looks at the history of European settlement and its impact on the local aboriginal people. There is interesting history recorded by Christina Smith and recreated by hologram. The weird (and totally new) sounds of ... read more
The Lady Nelson
Christina Smith telling the history

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mount Gambier March 17th 2013

We again walked past the Blue Lake and bussed it in to MG, made a pleasant change to walking in. Then, because we missed the connecting bus, we again walked. This time to Engelbrecht Caves, this is a huge complex of limestone caves under the city and first explored around 1884. Cave divers "crazy buggers" regularly explore this site and have provided maps showing the extent of this system. One vast chamber is under the Jubilee Hway, divers report that they can hear the sound of heavy transport. The next part of our adventure, was actually on motor bikes (how strange) . We had heard from several people about Port McDonnell being a fabulous place to stay, so we rode the 25km east to check out what we had missed out on. Admittedly, the day wasn't ... read more

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