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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City February 10th 2020

Leaving Adelaide, we flew straight to Cairns. Along with Townsville, Cairns is one of the gateways to the Great Barrier Reef. When Jennie and I were here in 2005 we went to Townsville and took a dive boat boat out 200 miles into the Coral Sea for a week, but we never actually saw the GBR. For this trip, we decided to headquarter in Cairns, where the reef is much closer to the shore. Our hotel was right on the waterfront. Initially, it appeared that there was a big harbor outside our door, but when the tide went out it became apparent that it was actually just a large mud flat with sprouting mangrove seedlings. The harbor was at the end of the city, where there was a large mixed use development that appeared to be ... read more
Australia 2020 Cairns018 020920
Australia 2020 Cairns027 020920
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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns August 25th 2019

We are back on the road for some distance that I'm driving for the first time. Over the next three blog entries, we'll bring you all the way from Cairns to Surfers Paradise. Been few times to Cairns, and few times to the Gold Coast.....but in between, it is a first. We landed late in Cairns and staid in what must be one of nicest Ibis Style I ever stay in....imagine, a Jacuzzi and kitchenette with a microwave in this kind of hotel, this is a first for Tanya and I. So before the shop would close, we rushed to the local Coles for some nice food and a bottle of wine to enjoy in our little home for the night. No car tonight, we will pick our new ride tomorrow just after lunch. In the ... read more
We live in Shelly Beach, South Africa....Australia has few Shelly Beach...this is one of them!
Superbe ray by the Yongala
Tanya on Mission Beach...

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns July 2nd 2019

We awoke on Sunday morning after an amazing catch-up the night before. We find it so easy to stay with our friends as they allow us to have our own space but are always there to provide hospitality if we need it. The conversation continued and we had a relaxed morning. Graham and Liz suggested we go to a local park, Lake Placid, for a walk and lunch. This was a beautiful area, not far from their house where there is a river and a large lake and walking trails. We went to Alessandro's Pizza restaurant for lunch. This is in a great location with fabulous views of the lake, but the service was very slow. We did have some good pizzas to share and some nice wine. Back at their house we continued the conversation ... read more
Some of the tanks on show
Another tank

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns June 1st 2019

Since last weeks blog we have enjoyed good food, wine, company, sightseeing, and such. So nice here with the weather holding its great temperatures and the sun not to hot. Just enjoying being around this wonderful place. A bit of swimming in the pool and walking the beaches. My niece,Louise and her daughter, Lexi arrived from Christchurch to enjoy a break, and so the days became a bit different with a 21 month old doing a great job in entertaining her grandparents and grand aunty and uncle. She really is a cutie. On the Friday before Louise arrived we drove down to a town where my old friend Ian had his stand doing his farmers market selling. This market is very well known on the coast and is well attended by a huge amount of people. ... read more
The Farm House.
Macedonia Nuts.
Out By The nut Trees.

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Inn The Tropics April 24th 2019

"Not all those who wander are lost". JRR Tolkien I have in prior travels and blogs extolled the merits of RV travel as being the very best way of truly seeing a country. Very few rules apply but our philosophy is simply never to plan or book ahead, avoid staying in one place for less than two nights and avoid doing more than 300km on any single day between destinations. So, with these markers in place our final evening in Port Douglas revolved around planning how to get to Cairns, our next stop. Slipping down the Great Barrier Reef was too easy and obvious, so we chose an inland route. Cyril, (nickname for the voice on our navigator device and with ZERO deference to President Ramapromisa), duly kicked in when we had typed in a key ... read more
On the Cay
Coral viewing

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns November 15th 2018

After 6 months of work, we take off to Cairns - the beginning of the end of our yearlong traveling adventure! Cairns is famous for its Great Barrier Reef tours where many tourists get to see sharks, plenty of colourful fish and corals; and for its rainforest tours due to its location in the wet tropics. I laughed at how there are signs and a waiting area for Uber at the Cairns airport (and someone pointed it to us) - we had to hide the fact that we were taking Uber in so many Asian countries! At 4pm, the streets of Cairns were deserted - it was a bit of a weird feel. We were very hungry so after checking in at Bounce, our hostel (which was nice and pretty cheap), we went for a nice ... read more
Alexandra Lookout
Daintree Rainforest River Tour
Mossman Gorge, Rainforest walk

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns October 18th 2018

Unser letzter Tag in Australien startet um 8:00 Uhr mit dem Wecker. Wir hätten alle gerne noch länger geschlafen, aber um 10 ist Checkout, wir haben noch nicht gepackt und das Haus ist noch nicht aufgeräumt. Um Punkt 10 haben wir es dann aber auch geschafft und machen uns auf, noch einmal in Cairns zu shoppen: Emma ist auf der Jagd nach UGGs, Anja nach Opalen. Die UGG Jagt gestaltet sich schwieriger als erwartet, denn scheinbar haben auch Australierinnen eher kleinere Füße als wir. Der angesteuerte Souvenir Shop kann nicht liefern und ebenso das große Kaufhaus. Der Flughafen bleibt die letzte Option. Wir decken uns ein letztes Mal bei Cole‘s mit Lebensmitteln ein und fahren dann in Richtung Strand. Auf dem Weg halten wir bei einem Opal-Miener, über dessen Schild „The Opal Factory“ wir schon mehrfach ... read more
Hier lässt sich gut Blog schreiben...
Tyrone meint es sei ein australischer Eichelheher

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns October 14th 2018

Am Morgen startet Tyrone in sein Solo Abenteuer und fliegt zu seinem Freund an die Gold Coast. Wir Mädels nutzen das durchwachsene Wetter und fahren ins Landesinnere in Richtung Mareeba. Wir halten in Kuranda und besuchen den Koala and Wildlife Park. Dort gibt es für Emma (und dann kulanter Weise auch noch Emma und Anja) erst einmal eine Koala-Fotosession. Dafür wird wohl ein Koala geweckt, denn alle anderen Tiere befinden sich im Tiefschlaf, wie auch die Wombats und ein Großteil der Kängurus, die zudem so überfüttert sind, dass unser Futter sie nicht wirklich locken kann. Das laute Verhalten der Chinesen Gruppe verschreckt die Tiere zudem so, dass heute nicht wirklich gut Kirschen essen ist mit ihnen. Wir entscheiden uns die Weiterfahrt nach Port Douglas über das Inland zu gestalten, schlängeln uns die Gebirgskette rauf und runter ... read more
Nicht nur was die Schlafgewohnheiten angeht sehr nah aneinander
Koala Pic
Wombats schlafen offensichtlich auch gerne...

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns October 12th 2018

Am Flughafen läuft erst einmal alles rund. Passkontrolle, Sicherheitskontrolle - alles gut und wir haben noch reichlich Zeit bis unser Flieger geht. Wir besorgen uns noch Wasser und begeben uns zum angegebenen Gate, welches aus allen Nähten platzt. Es scheint Chaos zu herrschen. Überall laufen Balinesen herum und rufen unverständlich Namen und Ziele aus. Langsam kommen auch wir unserer Bording Zeit nahe - unser Flug ist aber nirgends angeschlagen und laut den Bildschirmen ist es das Gate an dem wir sitzen. Weiter rennen Balinesen durch die Gegend, die lauthals Leute suchen. Wir sind mittlerweile 10 Minuten vor Abflugszeit unseres Fliegers. Ich sehe JetStar Piloten zu einem anderen Gate begleitet werden und entschließe mich hinterher zu gehen... Tatsächlich sind es unsere Piloten, die zu dem Gate gehen, wo unser Flug abgefertigt wird... Beim Einlass in das Gate ... read more
Flughunde am Himmel

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns September 26th 2018

TOP 10 OF EVERYTHING Well, okay, maybe not quite everything. Though I’ve been doing my damnedest to cram in as much as I can for the last couple of decades, not even I can claim to have been anything like everywhere. Even so, to mark 10 years since my first post on TravelBlog, I thought it might be fun to make a list of my personal favourites, if only to start some heated discussions. So, without further ado, let’s kick of with the big one... BEST PLANET 1) Earth : I may be a little biased, but it’s still by far the best planet I’ve ever set foot on. And quite frankly in my opinion anyone thinking of moving elsewhere needs their head examined. 2) There is No 2. If anyone out there does have any ... read more
Spider in Leaf, Babinda, Far North Queensland.
Lake Paluma, Far North Queensland.
Stone Curlew, Cairns Wildlife Dome, Far North Queensland.

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