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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains March 25th 2013

Bevor ich mich mit Australien beschäftigt habe, kannte ich blaue Berge eigentlich nur aus einem dämlichen Kinderlied. Aber hier, nur etwa 90 Minuten Fahrzeit westlich von Sydney, soll es sie tatsächlich geben. Berge voll Eukalyptuswälder, deren ätherische Öle einen blauen Dunst über die Landschaft legen. Zunächst müssen wir leider feststellen, dass an diesem Wochenende außer uns noch sehr viele andere Leute herausfinden wollen, ob das tatsächlich der Fall ist. Die Blue Mountains sind in der Welterbeliste der Unesco aufgenommen und ausserdem das Naherholungsgebiet der Sydneysider, alleine ist man hier also wahrscheinlich selten.In dem kleinen Örtchen Blackheath beziehen wir unser Quartier und fahren danach noch an den Govett's Leap Lookout. Hier stürzt ein Wasserfall spektakulär in die Tiefe und man hat einen tollen Blick auf das von Tafelbergen links und rechts gesäumt... read more
Wasserfall Govett's Leap
Spaziergang am Grose Valley Rim
Grose Valley, Blue Mountains

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains March 20th 2013

Got up early this morning to catch the 8.20am train to Katooomba, the journey took around two hours. I decided to take the hop on hop off bus as I couldn't find an information centre in the town. Firstly I took sky train across the gorge. In the middle of the sky train you can stand on a glass platform and see right down in to the gorge. It was a very long way down. On arrival at the station there was a one hour queue for the trip down in to the rain forest via a cable car. Teas sounded a more favourable option so went back a bit later when it was a bit quieter. Unfortunately some of the walks were closed as they were carrying out come work on the scenic railway and ... read more
Three sisters, Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains January 27th 2013

We awoke to a chorus of animal sounds, mostly cockatoos with the odd bark and snort! Alison, Simon, Charlotte & William live in a beautiful spot in Sun Valley and share their garden with lots of four-legged and feathered friends. Lola the pig is so cute! Unfortunately we also awoke to rain which meant the visibility wouldn't be great at the Blue Mountain hot spots. Un-deterred by the rain, Alison and Simon took us on a walk to Wentworth Falls and the mist cleared for a few photo opportunities. We weren't able to see the three sisters - so it's a good job we did that jigsaw you gave us last year mum! After a wonderful day in the Blue Mountains and a scrumptious breakfast and pie lunch we headed back towards Sydney to stay with ... read more
Maurice with his new friend
Lola the pet pig!
Beautiful chickens!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains January 14th 2013

Marg & I decided pre-Christmas we’d get away for a little while- Blue Mountains Road Trip (BMRT). We’d whip up to the Blue Mountains, by car, swing by Sydney to see Trisha’s Travelcafe & then return home. So, Mon 07/Jan/13, BMRT Day 1, at around 10.00am we set off. We had planned a leisurely trip up, stopping at Goulburn the first night & then onto the Jenolan Caves, via Oberon, on Tuesday. The Hume Highway/Freeway is a great road and the 7hr trip to Goulburn was pretty easy in an air-conditioned Mazda 3, beating the heat of the day (~40oC). The only time we passed through a township was at Holbrook, NSW, but road works are in progress to bypass here as well in the very near future. Interestingly, a submarine (the decommissioned HMAS ... read more
The Big Merino
'Catastrophic' fire potential!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains January 13th 2013

The day started with breakfast in the room because at 6:30 am (yes I repeat 6:30 am) we were too early for breakfast anywhere else. At 7:30 Sam our 4 WD bus driver came to the hotel to pick us up together with another guest Hien, to take us on a trip to the Blue Mountains. As there were only three of us going the tour started immediately. Our trip was changed a little because of a fear of bush fires and the reserve rangers had closed some of the park. Australia is a new country in terms of settlers, the first Brits arriving in 1788 when our other colony the USA refused to accept any more convicts. In terms of indigenous population nobody is too sure when and from where the aborigines arrived but they ... read more
Koalas sleeping as usual
Sam explains Aboriginal basics including the Sharpening Groove
Pulpit Rock

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains December 30th 2012

We took a three day trip with Paul and Dom to see the blue mountains. We hired a car from Sydney airport and drove out of the city, which we navigated using the old school technique of a map, although we did have to resort to Paul's phone for periods. (I have added a map with our route for people who are interested). Our first stop was the Olympic Park, which was in surprisingly good condition given how long ago the games were. One of the Stadiums is still used as a sports arena and the Aquatics Center is now used as a water park which appeared busy on a quick look inside. I will be surpised if the London site is in as good a condition as this in eight years time. We proceeded up ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains December 16th 2012

Bei dem ersten Trip zu den Blue Mountains haben wir weitere Tipps für Touren in den Blue Mountains erhalten. Und da wir Sydney und die Umgebung weiter erkunden wollen, ging es diesmal nach 'Wentworth Falls'. Am Start sind diesmal Laetitia, Tim, Daniel, Mirko, Aron und ich. Da noch nicht alle die Three Sisters gesehen haben, geht es im Anschluss an unsere Wanderung nochmal nach Katoomba zu den Three Sisters. Kurz nach unserem Eintreffen in Wentworth Falls bekommen wir gleich Bananen und Orangen angeboten. Hier war gerade ein Rennen zu Ende gewesen (wahrscheinlich Go-Kart) und da war noch viel Obst übrig gewesen :) Nach der Vitaminspritze ging es weiter zum Startpunkt der Rundwanderung. Wir entschieden uns für den mittleren Rundweg, damit wir zum Nachmittag noch zu den Three Sisters gelangen können. Es ging viel Trepp-auf und Trepp-ab ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains December 10th 2012

Hello everyone. Yes I'm back home, and have had my fix on all the things I was dreaming of months ago. I really haven't had much time to relax, which is weird. I guess it's that saying "Coming back to earth". Coming back home... how does it feel? About 30 degrees heat haha. Nah, it's good to see parakeets, rosellas, and parrots sitting in the trees in my backyard, or going into a shop on a Sunday. Or how about a bed. I did shave off the "Flavour Saver" under my nose(but I re-newed my drivers license with an awesome photo) ;) haha. Australia is expensive. No doubt about that. If I see a hotdog stand selling hotdogs for $8 (6,50 EUR) then I know I'll need a job fast. I did not miss the ... read more
iFLY Singapore
Sister, dog and me/Meine Schwester, Mein Hund, und ich
My nephew/Mein Neffe

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains November 25th 2012

Es ist soweit! Beim vierten Versuch startet der Trip in die Blue Mountains. Die hochmotivierten Reiseteilnehmer sind Toni (D) Johannes (A) und ich :) 8 Uhr morgens klingelt der Wecker (gegen 2 Uhr ging es doch schon ins Bett). 9.18 Uhr fährt der Zug von der Central Station in Richtung Blue Mountains. Auf dem Hinweg müssen wir noch in den Bus umsteigen, da die Zugstrecke gerade erneuert wird. Unser Trip in die Blue Mountains startet in Katoomba. Von hier aus geht es durch das kleine Künstlerörtchen vorbei am Blue Mountains Chocolate Laden (inkl. Kostprobe) hin zum Echo-Point. Wir haben uns hier selbstredend als Touris geoutet und erstmal fleißig fotografiert. Links des Echo-Points liegen die "Three Sisters". Wir sind bestens für eine Wanderung vorbereitet und somit starten wir unseren Weg durch den Wald. Bereits auf der A ... read more
Three Sisters

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains November 15th 2012

Today, i had planned a full day's walking in the Blue Mountains. i had to move rooms today so had to pack before I left meaning I was a little later leaving than i thought I would be. Checked out the travel options for tomorrow to Byron Bay before boarding a train to Katoomba and the Blue Mountains. The train seats were brilliant, the back support flips so you can face either direction or create pods of seats!! Genius, would never work in the UK! Commuters are too up tight! The blue mountains views were spectacular and the bush walking energetic. My legs creaked as they remembered last months trials up to matchu picchu!!! But they powered through and I managed to cover most of the walks and lookout points around the national park peaks including ... read more
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