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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains August 28th 2012

Wo- no not good enough, amaz- no still not there, simply phenomenal-take our breath away- rendered utterly speechless- yes that is our view of the Blue Mountains. A two hour retreat from Sydney and you could be anywhere, but no you couldn't with everything we have seen of Australia thus far, it could only be here. We are going to keep this relatively short but sweet, just like our trip here. The worst part- leaving after one night, although eleven hours of bush trekking and our dogs are more than barking- speaking of which we definitely had a near miss! Our hostel was quite simply the best we had been in, a quad room but only us two, a heater so Lauren could get warm plus a fire with huge wooden table and chairs and a ... read more
Blue Mountains
Cable car over valley
Ben scared over the cliffs

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains July 29th 2012

Firstly, apologies for not writing for so long! The main reason being, that after a couple of weeks spent being a tourist in Oz, inevitably meant that my funds were dwindling somewhat and therefore I took the decision to try and find work in Sydney for a few weeks to help me on my way. So unfortunately, as you will see from my distinct lack of photos these past two months, there's not an awful lot to report! However I will fill you in anyway on my life so far Down Under... So, after returning to Sydney from Melbourne, I'm greeted by another weekend of carnage including an Aussie "barbie" at Scott's house that didn't really involve any food, just a whole load of booze, a hot tub and a very messy ending, I decide I ... read more
Sunrise in the City
Me & The Boys
Tortose & Joel (in his typical photo pose)

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains June 24th 2012

Our first outing in George was to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. After driving through the darkness for an hour and a half we arrived to find nothing open in this little town except for Dominos Pizza so we stopped off at a Motel nearby. Unfortunately it was sandwiched between a road and a train line giving us a less than restful night. Taking advantage of another beautiful sunny day we drove down a tourist trail to explore our new surroundings. Our first sighting of the Blue Mountains was breathtaking, nothing but mountains and rainforest for mile after mile. Along the trail we visited a place called Scenic World. Here we rode on the worlds steepest railway, which is almost vertical through a natural tunnel in the rocks, viewed Katoomba Falls from the Skyway (a cable ... read more
Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains May 19th 2012

We went to the Blue Mountains after 3 very long days of driving!! 8 hours a day and still being so far from our destination we realised just how HUGE Australia is! It was beautiful scenery in Katoomba but a bit too touristy. We went to Scenic World and got to go down into the valley and walk through the forest, getting a cable car back up and another one across the gorge to see McKenzie falls and the Three Sisters. We also went on a walk down the Giant Stairway to get up close to the Three Sisters, it was a really good day. In the evening time we went down to our local bottle shop and purchased a few bottles of wine and gloves to keep us warm in the van.... read more
Mount Solitary
We thought we were near home!
Blue Mountains

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains April 29th 2012

Samedi matin on part tôt du camping, sans visiter le parc. On longe la côte, on prend la Grand Pacific Drive au lieu de prendre la Princes Highway, plus rapide. Mais en réalité c'est pas terrible comme route, seuls quelques villes offrent des vues intéressantes. Arrêt rapide à Wollongong, pour voir le phare qui date de 1872 et le bord de mer, ainsi qu'au Sea Cliff Bridge, pont construit en 2005 au-dessus de la mer et à côté des falaises. On continue toujours plus au nord et cette fois on prend l'autoroute pour accéder au Bulli Lookout, point de vue très en hauteur sur la South coast. On fait un petit crochet pour aller voir un temple hindu, splendide. C'est une première pour nous qui n'avons jamais voyagé en Asie, on se déchausse et on pénètre ... read more
Point de vue de Bulli lookout
Sea cliff bridge
Temple Hindu

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains April 8th 2012

Hi friends & rellies, This is our travel blog which we intend to use as a way of keeping you posted about our travels. It will also be a record of our BIG HOLIDAY. We hope to post reasonably regularly and to include photos - once I work out how! You will have received an email from me with the blog address. ~ M... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains February 10th 2012

On Thursday I took a 2 hour train ride from Sydney to the Blue Mountains. I had heard a little about them, and decided to go, not really knowing what to expect, except that it was a national park. On the way there I took the time to read the Australia Lonely Planet guide (mostly its history and then read the few pages about the Blue Mountains). The sights on the way there are totally different from what you can see in Sydney, it’s practically a rainforest. I got off in Katoomba (small touristic town) and walked down the main road (Katoomba Road), where I arrived at “Echo Point, the lookout of “The Three Sisters”, a renowned rock formation there. Of course, when I arrived, the whole valley that forms beneath the cliff was covered by ... read more
Blue mountains - Katoomba
The Three Sisters
Blue mountains - Katoomba Falls

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains February 4th 2012

Background In June 2011, Lorenza and I travelled to Laos and stayed with the family of one of my workmates. They live in a small village near the capitol Vientiane. The village is situated on the banks of the Mekong River and most of the residents earn their meagre living as farmers or farm labourers. They lead a simple lifestyle and supplement their diets with whatever can be provided from the Mekong, such as fish, snails, muscles, etc. While we were in the village we saw a lot of village children playing and enjoying the start of their school holidays. The kids were all happily poking fun at the “falangs” (foreigners) who were watching their antics. We saw one young girl that was a bit left out and did not join the other kid’s games. We ... read more
Tong & Ting
Lunch Invitation
the Menu

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains January 17th 2012

Day two of Jo’s visit started with an early morning wake up and walk down to Sydney Central station to catch the 7am train. To mark the accomplishment of getting up so early we celebrated with cheese & ham and almond croissants, and settled in for the two hour train journey to Katoomba station. Upon arrival we suddenly felt under dressed as it was a little chilly, so wrapped up in all our layers and jumped aboard the explorer bus. We quickly became acquainted with our driver Scott who was a joyful fountain of knowledge informing us that the bus actually came from from Scotland originally, as well as demonstrating his appreciation for foreign languages by greeting everyone in there native tongue. We soon arrived at our first stop, the Scenic Skyway which transported us across ... read more
Happy Jo - with Coffee and an Almond Croissant
Jo waiting for the Skyway
Views from the Skyway

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains January 16th 2012

Sydney I was soo excited when I woke up because we were going to see Janice, Fiona, Andrew, Richard and Little Grams. We spent the last 3 days in awesome Sydney. It's so awesome because it looks like a wonderful place with wonderful family. The first day we dropped the caravan off to dad's friends. They are really nice. They have a baby. His name is James and he has Down Syndrome too. He is sooo cute. I made him laugh his head off. I made the toy chicken walk and fall off the table. Then we got to Janice's. I made Janice a present. I painted her some coffee cups. I put red on it cause that is her favourite colour. I put Tigger on it for Fiona cause they love that cat. She loved ... read more
Janice, Fiona,Richard and us
The bridge
My art work @the opera house

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