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North America » United States » Texas » Dallas July 31st 2009

Dallas - 35°c (55% humidity) After last night’s fairly late end, I still managed to wake up fairly refreshed around 9am. After checking my email and surfing the web for a while from the comfort of my big hotel bed, I got up showered, dressed and headed out at 10am. Scott wanted a lie in this morning so I didn’t bother waking him up, leaving him a note instead telling him where I was headed off to and to text if he was around. Not that he’d have heard me anyway, when he’s wearing his earplugs and eye mask he usually needs an atomic bomb to go off before he’ll stir! A large portion of the group had gotten up for the 9:15am half-day trip to Fort Worth with Kristina, however myself and the other half ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Dallas July 30th 2009

We accidentally slept in this day, I woke up about 5 mins before brekkie was to start... so i skipped in then got on the bus.. We had two stops, once in Childress or something similar. Didn't do much there but it was interesting because a tornado had been through the night before! Scary, it was only a coupla hours from where we were staying. Also stopped at a Walmart or something too.. I'm not entirely sure I slept through most of the day. Back on the bus we watched Talledaga Nights, and then went past the track that it was filmed at. Finally in Dallas. Before arriving at the hotel, we stopped to have a look at these bull statues... Apparently it was something like that land was where they used round up cattle or ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Dallas July 30th 2009

Temp: 36°C Day 30 we got up early (what a surprise) after just a few hours sleep (no surprise there either) to head for Dallas, Texas. On the way we stopped at a lil town called Childress, Texas. When we drove into the town we noticed that there was debris and crap everywhere, and some of the buildings were quite damaged. Turns out, the night before, less than 2 hrs from where we stayed the night a tornado had gone through the place, we grabbed some food for brekkie and got back on the bus for another 2 hr drive before our next break in Wichita Falls, Texas. We all piled out of the bus (still with very little sleep) and made our way into Walmart. In here, most of us purchased our own pillows for ... read more
Dallas Skyline
Bull Stampede, Dallas
Catching the trolly in Dallas

North America » United States » Texas » Dallas July 15th 2009

So I'm leaving on my big trip 3 weeks and 40 minutes! I'm almost ready save 2 shots and buying my travel insurance and international cell phone plan. I've got my tickets for the first two desitinations (to prove onward travel etc.) but no more. I will be buying airline tickets along the way whenever I feel like it to where I feel like it. instead of telling you boring details I'll tell you where I plan to go and what I plan to do: Singapore: I decided on Singapore because it seemed like a conveniet place to fly to and just about the most gentle introduction to international travel there is ( I haven't travelled abroud since I was a baby). I plan to visit the zoo, eat everything in sight, and get moving ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Dallas June 24th 2009

We have finnaly arrived in Washington DC after spending a great 3 weeks with Donna- Tasha's Auntie. We arrived in DFW airport after a brief stop over in Las Vagas (for an hour!)- we did get to see a bit of the skyline out of the window :) Coming out of the airport was a bit confusing- not helped by the woman who worked there- and eventually we found Donna!! We dragged our ever expanding luggage to Donna's limo, a quick ride later and we were at our home for the next three weeks. We met Donna's Mum/Mom Trula and Callie- Donna's new dog. We soon settled in having lots of cuddles and scratches with Callie and laughing along with Trula. In our first week we were visted by Roberto, Jennifer and Nicholas (Tasha's cousin). We ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Dallas June 11th 2009

My last day in Texas. It started out in the Austin hostel, where I went to tour the State Capitol Building. The building is enormous. I think Texas is secretly trying to move the US government here. The building is a monster and looks similar to the US Capitol. Later in the morning, I headed out through the “hill country” to Driftwood, about a half an hour away. What’s in Driftwood? Not much besides some tasty Texas BBQ. When I arrived at The Salt Lick in the late morning, the unmistakable smell of fire smoke filled the air. Upon entering, I saw one of the few open pits remaining in Central Texas. And on it was a carnivore’s delight, some of the most succulent looking brisket, ribs and sausage I had ever seen. For my lunch, ... read more
The Open Pit at The Salt Lick
Rangers Stadium
Cowboys Stadium

North America » United States » Texas » Dallas May 26th 2009

34 major cities, 17 countries and 4 amazing months. It has been such a humbling and gratifying experience. I was able to learn about 17 different countries and experience their culture. Traveling every weekend showed me the knowledge and drive I can put forth into creating unforgetable experiences and how to adapt to every single situation. You never know what is going to be thrown at you next. You miss trains, you get to class late, you do not sleep for two days; these are all things that made this experience so wonderful. I never would wish those upon anyone, but it only makes you appreciate the little things more and it makes the experience more fun. What’s not fun about surprises? Travelling to Europe has allowed me to see and experience so many new things ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Dallas April 27th 2009

It's $US55, but worth every penny! I came here to Sleep Inn in Irving, TX last night around 12:30AM local time. They sent a shuttle to the airport for me and one other couple. I found this place through a brochure at the airport listing a toll free number for "Choice Inns". Getting here was a bit more complicated that it should have been because I had no coins for the pay phone, and I had to call this location directly to arrange pickup. It's the first time I've used VISA to make a local call, but my Sasktel calling card number would not work here. Anyway, I had a room with a king size bed, great shower, and many other trimmings. This morning the continental breakfast allowed me to make myself a hot waffle, had ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Dallas April 17th 2009

I had a blast at the Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar. It is kind of like PY Sticks back at home but not as crazy. It is a Thurs. night so I can understand that but I did meet some cool people there. I am a Yankee and as much as I try to be Texan it is not working out they can tell buy the way I say some things. You all for one instead of U’all. Every thing is “short and sweet as my friend Amanda says. I miss U’ all at home but I like it down here and I think when I get back I am going to stay here. It reminds me of New Mexico. I miss U’all and I love Michigan for many reasons (like what they calla lake here is ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Dallas March 25th 2009

Our first glimpses of Texas from the air were very different from the last glimpses we had of Peru. Tumbling mountains and colourful beaches have been replaced by a dusty green and golden landscape that stretches, completely flat, in every direction. I have never visited a place before where, no matter how far into distance you look, there isn't a hill in sight. Everything here is large and wide, from the sky and landscape, to the roads, the cars and (I'm sorry to say it) the Americans themselves. Nobody walks here, we stepped off the plane and were greeted by a line of waiting (and, again, rather wide) wheelchairs, for anyone who felt they couldn't quite make it the two minute walk to baggage collection. Everyone seems to step out of their homes and straight into ... read more
Diamond studded cowboy boots
Rows of cowboy boots
A Texan store

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