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North America » United States » Texas » Dallas December 15th 2007

Can't believe it's time to leave! We are frantically packing, checking our lists and finishing up our shifts.....check us out here from time to time for all our travels. We are going to miss all of our friends, family and coworkers and look forward to seeing you all on our return. self portrait of the marriage proposal acceptance Wedding Website LINK ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Dallas November 22nd 2007

Lento Dallasiin oli tunnin verran myohassa ja siita seurasi tietenkin JFK:n kyseessa ollessa lisaa odotusta koneen odottaessa kiitoradalle paasya. Saa oli kirkas joten koko matkan nakyviin tuli kaupunkien valoja, toiset pienempia toiset suurempia. Dallas - Fort Worth metropolialue olikin helppo erottaa kun sinne asti ehdimme, siina maarin oli kokoa valokeskittymalla. Etukateen olin varannut vuokra-auton koska arvatenkin liikkuminen muulla tavoin ei ole mahdollista, ja majoitusta pariksi yoksi kaupungin etelalaidalta. Vuokra-autofirman virkailija kysyi etta riittaako varmasti compact luokan auto, ja niin arvelin riittavan. Ei se Dodge caliber ihan europpalaista kasitysta compact luokan autosta vastannutkaan joten riitti kylla. Google mapsista haettujen ajo-ohjeiden turvin osuinkin lahelle mutta tarkkaa osoitetta ei tahtonut loytya, autovuokraamonkin kartta oli melko ylimalkainen. Mu... read more
Dealey plaza

North America » United States » Texas » Dallas November 10th 2007

I'm currently working on an excavation located in Garland, TX. The site is right next to the new Firewheel mall, and we are testing the area in advance of the construction for the new extension to Highway 190. Many people are surprised to know that archaeology is happening right in their own backyard. The most common question is why? What could we possibly be finding? The answer is that much of CRM work is required because of state and federal laws that say that any development on public land has to be tested to determine if any cultural resources will be destroyed in the constuction process, and to try to recover a sample of the material before it is destroyed. What we find depends very much on the region, but in general evidence of human activity ... read more
Recording a feature
You don't see this everyday!

North America » United States » Texas » Dallas September 10th 2007

Manatees! That was the only thing on my mind going into, during, and after our visit to the Dallas World Aquarium located right in downtown Dallas. I had never seen one before and the sight shocked, awed, and delighted me. Shocked because those things are HUGE. Awed because they seemed so peaceful and HUGE. And delighted because they just peacefully floated from place to place munching on lettuce. They were the highlight of the aquarium by a long shot. Other highlights included the penguins, which darted back and forth in the water. One was in the process of shedding its feathers so it wasn't in the mood to play. Its apparently a very stressful time for them. Poor penguin. I also enjoyed the shark tunnel. You could just sit there and relax and have the sharks ... read more
Shark Tunnel

North America » United States » Texas » Dallas September 7th 2007

SeaTac Airport's relatively new Terminal A is nice. I was irritated by wi-fi problems, but impressed by all the shops, cafés, power outlets, and comfy chairs and benches. Wow! Long, flat, padded benches... perfect for sleeping during a long layover. I've never seen such a thing. I'm sure in my pre-9/11 youth they created all those awkward rows of chairs with armrest dividers to prevent transients from sleeping in the airport... for better or worse, that's not an issue in today's permanently secured areas. And the guy ahead of me in line at the x-ray had to throw away his tube of toothpaste. Speaking of permanently secured areas, D/FW is a crazily pre-9/11 airport trying to make it in a post-9/11 world. Huge, extravagant, mall-like shopping and restaurant centers in each terminal... but every single venue ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Dallas August 17th 2007

I recently began working as an archaeological technician for a local Plano-based company. I am very excited to be working for them because I have always heard good things about this firm, and also because they have several local projects coming up over the next couple of months. My first assignment with them is to perform test excavations near a creek in Wylie, TX. We are finding mostly small fragments of bone, but we did find a large cache of lithics (rock or stone altered by humans) and some projectile points in one of the pits. No one knows the age of the site yet. The reason they are excavating this site is because when they were surveying the area last year they found a really unusual piece of pottery that is not typical for this ... read more
Multi-level site
Muddy Creek
Muddy Creek Site

North America » United States » Texas » Dallas August 16th 2007

La tormenta tropical Erin me ha despertado a eso de las siete de la mañana, pero únicamente para que pudiera correr las cortinas de la ventana y disfrutar del confort del motel. Ya más tarde intentaba que no se me pegaran las sábanas y he dejado atrás ése Austin tan nocturno que he conocido. El destino principal era Dallas, pero por el camino me he cruzado con la ciudad de Waco, infame por los enfrentamientos que en 1993 tuvieron el FBI y una secta de Davidianos. Después de dos meses de asalto al rancho de los locos, un incendio acabó con todo lo que había dentro. Más de ochenta personas murieron abrasadas y el líder de todos ellos acabó con un tiro en la frente despuésde haber presenciado ese tan anhelado Apocalipsis de tantas veces había ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Dallas » Uptown July 14th 2007

We reached the outskirts of Dallas at night following a long stretch of road and accompanied with some amazing thunder and lightning sky pyrotechnics. The next day we drove into sleepy downtown Dallas with the TV theme blasting from the car stereo as the cities skyscrapers loomed towards us on a warm and dusty Sunday afternoon. From checking out the tourist information centre, we quickly found out that the main thing going on in the city was horse racing. Therefore, the alternative to go and visit South Fork ranch from the Dallas TV show appeared the most appealing option. I couldnt really remember the ranch very well as I was but a nipper when Dallas was on the telly; plus, I preferred Dynasty at the age of 5! Like the White House in Washington, the actual ... read more
Baseball in Oklahoma
Dallas Skyscrapers
Dusk Skyline in Oklahoma

North America » United States » Texas » Dallas July 11th 2007

Howdy y'all.... Thankyou so much for all of your comments on the website- we promise that we have been checking it regularly but this is really the first chance that we've had to update it! Its a busy life being a hard core traveller... Well as we currently sit, we are just leaving Texas this afternoon for the Grand Canyon for a few days and gambling the rest of our money away in Vegas- we really could be back sooner than we thought... We've been away for 6 weeks today and while the time has flown by, it feels like months too. Contrary to popular opinion, we haven't just been lazing around and discovering new bars in every town but have actually managed to see quite a lot too! While we thought the back packs were ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Dallas July 5th 2007

It's 3:25am here in the suburbs, the wife's in the shower, the kolaches are minutes away from being heated-up in my mom's kitchen, and we're heading for DFW International Airport within the half-hour to check-in for our 6:30 flight to Beijing via Toronto 23 hours later. I'm trippin' on this right now. Of course, I slept zero point zero last night, instead maniacally printed maps and making copies of passports, the stuff. NO-SLEEP-'TILL-BEIJING! (not Brooklyn). Seriously, I'm crashing-out on one of those planes, and I hope I don't embarrass Pachi too much with all of the snoring I'm going to do. Yikes. Am I really about to go to China? In modern venacular, I think the term is 'OMG', with maybe an 'F' stuck in there somewhere, I can't remember. As a teacher, I have to ... read more

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