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North America » United States » Oregon » Portland August 6th 2018

It's pretty toasty in Portland and air quality isn't fab, so I needed something with guaranteed shade today - The Grotto ended up being the perfect fit! It's billed as the place "for solitude, peace and prayer" and it didn't disappoint. The lower garden area is free and has a few statues (Jesus with the cross, some other statues off near the cliffside), a grotto with a statue of Mary and a kajillion candles around it, and a small(ish) church you can visit. Thankfully they have an elevator that brings you up the cliff to the upper garden. First place I went to upstairs was the Meditation building - it's on the edge of the cliff and gives you a lovely view off towards the mountains. You could see the haze from here, but it was ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland April 14th 2018

Although everyone thinks it rains all the time in Portland we have a relatively dry day here, and it’s not until late afternoon when we need to don our rain jackets. We hear it isn’t actually as wet as they make it out to be and it’s become a bit of a myth the Portland folk like to peddle so to keep away all those southern sun seekers. We have come here via the Columbia River gorge where we found another boondocking site to pull up deep (well 5 miles) into the state forest. It’s certainly not the best time to tour Washington, many of the attractions are not yet open for the season and the main appeal of the area are the outdoor activities which the current weather rules out. We pull up for petrol ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland September 19th 2017

We started our trip to Europe with a LONG trip to Amsterdam via Iceland. We made our way to our B&B which was north of Amsterdam. The B&B is on a road that is between a canal and a dairy farm. We met our host, Rutger and collapsed into bed.... read more
Neighbors at our B&B

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland September 1st 2017

Geo: 45.5118, -122.676... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland August 19th 2017

We flew in late on Friday night. Chris had to work all day (I had the day off) so Arya and I picked him up from work at 3:30pm. We got dinner on the way to the airport, flew through security and had a long wait in the terminal. I made a valiant effort to exhaust Arya by repeatedly running up and down the "travelator"- she gave up somewhere around the 15th trip. Our flight took off at 8:10pm and we arrived sometime around 9:30pm. Anna was already in Portland at our Airbnb house rental, and she was ready with eclipse themed wine and beer. God bless that girl. Arya had slept most of the flight, and I was very grateful I had packed the wearable baby carrier this trip. Otherwise I'm not sure how we ... read more
Evening Flight to PDX
Getting our Rental.. About 10pm

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland August 3rd 2017

August 2, 2017 Place: Portland, Weather: 77 and sunny Hours Driving: 4 hours States Drive Thru: Washington and Oregon Miles: 238 Restaurants: Subway Movies: Games: Books: Arf (Elizabeth), Dunkirk (Matt), El Elefante sin Memoria (Ben-for Spanish) Last night was our last night on the houseboat. We all slept very well on the boat. I'm a little surprised seeing that it wasn't the greatest mattress and Paul and I felt a little like our feet were higher than our heads just slightly. Yet, we boat slept well. Maybe it was the ever so gentle rocking. I mean gentle because any more than that might have had me at the Lake Union Courtyard. I woke up and brewed my coffee and went to the roof to watch the scullers (rowers) silently cutting through the water just as the ... read more
'Ben and Matthew's bed
'Ben and Matthew's bed
Rooftop breakfat

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland July 16th 2017

Susan and Pam meet me at SAS and we load up Susan’s van with my stuff and head off to the airport. I tell Susan and Pam I actually was driving out of my neighborhood this morning and realized, I didn’t have my phone. I was lucky I didn’t have to drive back too far. Well, I did forget the maps. Oh well, we will find some along our route as we know we will be in areas where we won’t have reception. I guess I was stuck on stupid this morning. We park at the extended lot and lugged our luggage to the shuttle. The airport was non-eventful, but our flight took off a bit late. No big deal, we made time up in the air. Susan and Pam told me about their adventures driving ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland July 16th 2017

Mileage – 204.3 Remember Pictures are at the end of the blog too. (ie most of them) We wake early, eat, pack and head out before the crowds. Now as you know from yesterday’s blog, we were near the airport, but we really didn’t know how near we were. Seriously, the view from our room is of the runway. There is a plane at the end of the parking lot but, we heard no planes during the night. Our first stop was Target to get our supplies. As we exited the van I see scratches that were not noticeable last night in the dark. So out comes the cameras to document the damage so that we won’t get charged for it… We got most of the stuff on our list and we filled our coolers (yes, ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland May 23rd 2017

We just spent the one night in McMinnville, so officially, this is completing the second leg of our multi-leg tour (well over a dozen I imagine) and commencing with the third leg. We had our complimentary breakfast at the Comfort Inn. We had a couple hours to kill in the room before we needed to check out. Today, we only need to drive to Portland, and we hadn’t much planned. Shirley was to be back at GenTog today, so we took our time getting packed, and moved our luggage down to the Jeep just before our 11 AM check-out time. On the way to Portland we decided to stop at Sherri’s Restaurant, a popular chain in Oregon that features wonderful pies. I chose the “Trio” which combines a sandwich/quiche, soup/salad and a slice of pie. I ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland February 25th 2017

There are some compromises to be made when you're travelling. You have plenty of time but money is very limited; the sooner you burn through it the sooner you have to come home. Sticking to a budget is challenging and this is why we ended up taking a flight from Salt Lake City to Bozeman that went via Seattle. If, like me, your knowledge of US geography is a little limited, you may not realise how crazy this route was, but a quick look on google maps and you will understand. Unlike our last big travel day, the day we went from Salt Lake City to Bozeman and then onto Big Sky was almost a complete disaster! Our first flight left at 7.30am so we had a 5am start which was a little painful off the ... read more
Our crazy route
Still smiling after 10 hour of travelling on our third flight
Mount St Helens?

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