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North America » United States » Oregon » Portland September 17th 2020

We woke up early this morning and finished cleaning out the fridge, cabinets and packed away all of the kitchen items. After breakfast we hit the road at around 9, with our first stop in downtown Stevenson at the local ACE hardware store to have our propane tanks filled. The young man that was helping us said that he was sorry that we were not able to view this area, The Columbia River Gorge, as it was quite beautiful. As you would expect the visibility did not get any better the closer we got to Portland, in fact, it only got worse. We arrived at Mt. Scott Motor's at 10:45 to drop off the RV's. The check in process was quick, and the people could not have been any nicer. While seeing a major part of ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland September 8th 2020

Our Trip began at 4:45am. We were pretty much packed up the night before, so just needed to get ready, have some coffee, and leave for John and Diane's house. The limo was there promptly at 7:00, and the drive to Logan Airport was pretty quick. No traffic due to the holiday. Check in went without a hitch, with John getting his perfunctory pat down by TSA. I'm starting to think he puts metal on his body just so they'll do it. They told us at the ticket counter that there would be no food served on the flight, and we should get something to go before we left. Well, either the restaurants/kiosks were closed, or they had no more food left. Sandy managed to find one place that had one chicken wrap. Gonna be a ... read more
Masks suck
Puddle Jumper - SEA to PDX

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland June 23rd 2019

Langsam muss ich vom Urlaub mal Urlaub machen. Heute habe ich nach dem Frühstück (leider gab es keine Pancakes) etwas World of Warcraft gespielt, bevor ich meinen Spaziergang gestartet habe. Dabei bin ich zuerst zum Pioneer Courthouse Square, laut Lonely Planet eine der wichtigsten Sehenswürdigkeiten. Aufgrund der kühleren Temperaturen habe ich keinen Frappuccino, sondern einen heißen Mocca Venti getrunken. Seit Los Angeles liegt meine Jacke auf dem Rücksitz des Mietwagens und vielleicht werde ich sie noch brauchen. Dann bin ich etwas weiter und habe in einem Seven Eleven meinen Getränke-Vorrat aufgefüllt. Von dort bin ich ans Ufer des Willamette Rivers, wo sich der Tom McCall Waterfront Park befindet. Viel mehr gibt es in der Stadt aber nicht zu sehen. Nach Chinatown bin ich nicht, weil ich dort erst in San Francisco war und außerdem ist das ... read more
Pioneer Courthouse Square.
Tom McCall Waterfront Park.
Pioneer Courthouse Square.

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland June 22nd 2019

Für gestern hatte ich die längste Etappe dieser Reise eingeplant. Knapp 600 Kilometer von Mount Shasta nach Portland. Nach dem Frühstück ging es wieder los und es war eine lange Fahrt über Berge und durch Wälder. Ich machte zwei Wasserpausen und einen Trinkstopp und musste zum Glück nicht auf die Toilette. In Portland habe ich mein zentrales Hotel gut gefunden. An diesem Tag habe ich meinen Bargeldvorrat und meinen Wasservorrat weiter abgebaut und möchte beides bis zum Ende der Reise natürlich auf Null bringen. In meinem Hotel gibt es kein Restaurant, aber nachdem ich auf Google in Laufweite ein Fonduerestaurant gefunden habe, wusste ich wohin ich gehen will. Es gab ein 4-Gänge-Menü mit Käse-, Fleisch- und Schokoladenfondue und Salat. Das war sehr lecker, kommt aber nicht an die Käsefondues in der Schweiz heran. Im Hotel bin ... read more
Der berühmte Mount Shasta.
Der berühmte Mount Shasta.
Erste Wasserpause.

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland January 15th 2019

Well here goes my first foray into the world of blogs. Thus far Amy and I ars getting stuff done relatively well. We've gone through about 6 iterations of bags. Finding the right combination of weight, size, and comfort is the challenge. I can't wait to get this show on the road, metaphorically and literally.... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland October 11th 2018

Woke at 2:00am Dublin time, left our B&B at 3:00am in order to drop off the rental car. At the gate for our flight to Amsterdam all checked in. Now breathe. Ended up with lots of room on this flight, too. When looking at seating charts last night, only the last row — the VERY last row by the bathrooms and the galley — was available. Thought we were going to be sardined for the 10-hour flight, the two middle seats of the middle section of four. But no! The two seats to the outside of us never did fill, so we moved out and both of us have an aisle and lots of personal space. Woo hoo! Simple pleasures and reasons to rejoice at the end of a long 12-day vacation. Just watched an HBO ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland September 21st 2018

Oregon 2018 Portland Resting and overview. A lie in at last with an 8am breakfast. A route march then to catch the tram into town. After several false turns we managed to catch the tram to Down Town Portland at $2.50 for the geriatrics. A deal. A slope around town into various shops and then a cycling shop where I bought some padded cycling fingerless gloves . These are the first I have found since Jackson Wyoming 4 yrs ago. Then a look around the largest bookshop in the world, Powell’s, and it is massive with a great selection of books in about 8 large rooms. Bill and myself found a sew-on badge here for our saddlebags after trawling the whole of Portland. We called at the Pendleton Woollen shop, since Richard W bought his Pendleton ... read more
Portland hire bikes
Powell’s book store.

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland September 20th 2018

Oregon 2018. Portland last ride Well today was certainly an interesting one with no one locked up in Multnomah County Jail. The Sheriff was quite polite once he had got over his serious warning bit and threats of a $280 fine. These British cyclists take some controlling. The day started badly as soon as we had done our crossing of the ’Bridge if God’ over the Columbia River into Washington State. We attempted to go down the cycle route starting at the bridge only to be accosted by a guy in a yellow jacket jumping out of his car and telling us the route was closed but did not offer any further explanation. As cyclists do we went 400 metres down the road and jumped the concrete barrier. Several miles later we were accosted by another ... read more
Bridge if the Gods. Washington end
Bonneville Dam and Lock.

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland September 2nd 2018

Oregon Report 2. Christopher had told us not to leave our bikes unattended in Portland without a D lock as they would be stolen so advised that we take the bus if we cannot watch over them. Since it was an independent day with no planned ride or activity we finished building and checking our bikes. Andrew, Bill and myself decided to ride out to Mt Tabor Park and keep our bikes in view. We took one of the many Bike Friendly routes through the suburbs, which are very leafy and contain many very expensive and extremely attractive old houses. The Mount houses some reservoirs half way up and is quite high above the city, giving some good views around but could be better if the felled a few trees from the higher ground. We stopped ... read more
An idea for Lancashire.
Hollywood here we come.
An old hearse. .

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland August 31st 2018

Here we are off in another adventure into the unknown. Well, unknown to me that is. The flight leaves from Heathrow direct to Portland so us northerners must fly down the day before to arrive in time for midday departure on Delta Airlines. When booking in on line I was offered the chance to upgrade us to Club Europe for £59, which I jumped at the chance. This gave us an extra bag in the hold, which we all needed, plus a chance of free food in the BA lounge, a meal on the plane and free champagne. What is there not to like with this offer, especially since it was £1 cheaper than just booking in the extra bag. The only trouble is I need to lose a couple of kilograms, not put 2 kilograms ... read more
Bill and Andrew enjoying the hospitality.
Euro club Bill.
The Magnificent 7.

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