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North America » United States » Oregon » Portland October 19th 2015

The next day I checked out of the hostel and met up with an older gent who I got linked up with through when I was trying to find hosts. His name was Pete and he had cycled the west coast route to Costa Rica in recent years. He showed me a good route along the coast through Mexico, bought me pizza, looked over my bike for free at the bicycle shop he owned and afterwards we went our separate ways. I felt more confident after meeting him as my exposure to bicycle culture was still quite limited. I cycled directionless around the city for a little bit as the person I would be getting hosted by, Lauren, would not be home until after 5, she was also 15 miles south of downtown Portland, no ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland September 8th 2015

Geo: 45.5872, -122.582Greetings from the kitchen table at the Bednarek homestead in Salem, Oregon, two days before we leave for Spain, setting up the blog for our trip, getting it up and running, configuring e-mail alerts, and coming to grips with how much more there is to do to get ready.Our bags are stacked to overflow, so there's some narrowing down and decision making to do, such as how many undies to pack and whether or not to plan on laundry in the sink. Also, we've got Spain train passes but no specific trips reserved, as well as two nights in Granada at the end of the trip but no tickets into the Alhambra yet. I'm finding that Spanish web sites are hard to navigate and quick to reject foreign credit cards, so a lot of ... read more
Map of Spain

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland August 19th 2015

I tried to sleep-in on my last morning in my nice river side hotel room, but it was no use. Two weeks of getting up early and doing stuff did not allow it. At least I may be able to get up early for work on Friday. I spent as much time in and around the hotel complex as I could, with a noon check out, I left at 11:59 and 59 seconds. I walked the two miles to Union Station in Portland stopping at a few spots along the way to have a pint. I hit up Kells - Portland and found out they have session dancing on Sundays. Why can't our Kells be so culturally aware? I got my sleeper car assignment on the Coast Starlight headed home. Waterside once again... That's three for ... read more
Why no Session Dancing on Early Wednesday Afternoon?
Hotel View
Hotel - Pano Shot

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland August 18th 2015

Well the worst thing to happen to me on this trip occurred on this day in Portland. Hair of the Dog Brewing was closed on Tuesday, August 18th for remodeling. One day remodel. Today. I get that if that is the worst thing that happens on your vacation you are pretty lucky, but hey, this is Hair off the Dog. For those that went to Hair on my birthday trip, you know I love this place and have visited it on every trip I have ever made to the Rose City. I could try and get there before I catch my train tomorrow, but we will see. Who does a one-day remodel? These guys had heavy duty circular saws and everything. In California, that is a two-week job with a union shop steward on-site! ;-P My ... read more
Base Camp

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland August 14th 2015

This leg of our trip saw us traveling from Seattle to Vancouver, Washington (Portland).Our Portland itinerary included: 13 Aug - Afternoon Amtrak train to Vancouver, Washington. Walked from the station to the Red Lion hotel on the Columbia River. A celebration dinner in Portland with Mom, Bill, Ben, Bren and Kirsten.14 Aug - Grandmother passed away in the morning before we could see her. We changed our plans for the weekend to allow people to mourn. Ju and I rented a car and drove up the Columbia River Gorge - celebration drinks in Teresia and John's backyard. ... read more
Columbia River - View from Red Lion Hotel
Vancouver Grafitti
Vancouver red necks keeping it real with a confederate flag... dumb.

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland June 22nd 2015

It was a long day filled with more family and more delicious food. We started out visiting my cousins Kas and Bryan. It was nice to be able to catch up with them and see how much each of their kids have grown. It's just wrong when they do that. The kids can't possibly be old enough to serve in the military. But they are and I'm proud of and grateful to each of them who chose that route. Bryan was working out of his home office during our visit, but was able to break away now and then to join in the conversation (and to grill up the chicken). His wife, Dina, was out of town, so we'll have to catch up with her another time. Kas hasn't changed a bit. Still has a great ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland June 21st 2015

Started an hour later than our targeted time, but that's pretty typical for us. After stopping in Lacey to pick up a zero gravity camp chair for Mike, we finally arrived at my Uncle Elden and Aunt Margie's in Vancouver. I didn't realize how much longer it would take to get there when you're towing 5 tons of house behind you. Another lesson was learned in what not to do and one way to get out of the corner you've painted yourself into. We turned the corner onto their street and found a nice stretch of curbstone opposite their house to park the rig without blocking any driveways. The owner of the house was out watering his lawn and we asked if he minded if we parked there for a couple hours. He obviously didn't want ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland June 12th 2015

When my mom asked if I wanted to tag along, my response was "I forgot it was a state." (My apologies Oregon.) However, I am always ready for an adventure so of course I agreed to go and packed my bags a few days later. With some Pinterest research and set out where exactly I wanted to go in the short amount of time that I had available. Portland: You are wonderful. There is so much culture in such a small area and I am really sorry that I couldn't explore every block of your city.I would have loved to do all of the cool hikes in the area, or check out the more hipster part of town, but there simple wasn't enough time. The first thing we did was take a city bus, and a ... read more
VooDoo Doughnuts
Mount Hood
Little Big Burger

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland May 22nd 2015

Fugitives and Refugees: A Walk in Portland, Oregon Nach einer gemütlichen 20-Stunden Zugfahrt von San Francisco nach Portland, Oregon ist es nun Zeit zum Relaxen im Pacific Northwest (PNW). Dem gemütlichen Relaxen ist es auch zu verdanken, dass ich fast keine Fotos aus PDX habe. Alles was ich über Portland weiß, hab ich aus dem Buch von Chuck Palahniuk. Aber ich kann aus erster Hand von einer Street-Party berichten, die im Rahmen des Festivals "Filmed By Bike" veranstaltet wurde. Passenderweise in einem Bicycle-Repair-Shop. Mit Hula Hoop Reifen und einer Alien-Marching-Band. Welcome to Portlandia. ... read more
Velo Cult Street Party
Fat Tire
Velo Cult Street Party

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland April 4th 2015

Geo: 45.5118, -122.676Celebrating Keegan's birthday, then a jaunt up to Hood River... read more
in the park
in the park
Hood River

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