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North America » United States » Oklahoma » Oklahoma City April 22nd 2019

After impulsive, unplanned and spur-of-the-moment trips to both Alaska and Hawaii in 2018, I spent a relatively quiet, event- and attraction-free winter in Apache Junction AZ. I am always working on my “one-of-these-days” long-range mental calendar – the precursor to my “written in pencil” calendar, my “written in ink” calendar and, finally, my etched in stone calendar. Both Alaska and Hawaii had been bouncing around in the mental calendar since the beginning of The Great Adventure in 2010, but neither had made its way to a sheet of paper by New Year’s Day of 2018. Cousin Marilyn’s son and daughter had taken her to Hawaii in Fall 2017 for her 80th birthday. That got me to thinking about a momentous landmark to celebrate my 70th birthday. I decided spending my 70th in Alaska would be a ... read more
The Wall at the End of the Reflecting Pool Is Marked with 9:03 While the Opposite Wall (Behind Me) Is Marked with 9:01 – The Two Minutes That Changed Oklahoma City Forever
The Scale of the Non-Military Destruction Was Almost Beyond Belief
Sometimes There Is Just No Explanation

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Oklahoma City November 7th 2016

On my way to Oklahoma City I stopped in Tulsa to visit the Will Rogers Museum. He was a stage and motion picture actor, an American cowboy, humorist, newspaper columnist, and known as Oklahoma's Favorite Son. He was born to a prominent Cherokee Nation family in the Indian Territory in 1879. American people adored him and were crushed when he was killed in a plane crash in Northern Alaska in 1935. He traveled around the world three times and gave first hand accounts to the American people. Great displays and very interesting memorial to a beloved man. Then it was off to Oklahoma City to see my beautiful granddaughter Carson at Oklahoma Christian. She took me on a tour of the campus, I quizzed her for her Anatomy test the next day, we ate pizza in ... read more
Will Rogers Gravesite
Will Rogers Statue
Will Rogers the Broadcaster

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Oklahoma City August 29th 2016

Our last day on the road we just drove from Sarajevo to Rijeka, then the next day took the bus to Trieste and the train to Venice, then the next morning departed for an uneventful trip home. All the pics are now available on Flickr read more

Geo: 35.472, -97.5203Soon after we were up and had enjoyed a nice breakfast in the hotel, we went to the Saddleback to see who was there to visit with. We enjoyed talking with a number of people, and Phil was able to talk to Aunt Effie and Uncle R.D. as well as Sally about some of the genealogy information he has gathered. We went with Erin to lunch at Billy Simms BBQ place. It's in a strip mall just down Meridian from the hotel. Delicious food and friendly service. Took a short break in our room before going back to spend the afternoon and evening with the Allen clan. Dinner was the usual group thing at the Saddleback.... read more
Talking Genealogy
We Always Like to Eat

Geo: 35.472, -97.5203Checked out of The Highland this morning sadly disappointed in our stay there. It should have been a nice place with at least a little bit of personality. Unfortunately, all I will remember are these two points. 1. The person who was fixing the plates for breakfast had a big beard that was not covered while he worked. You can be sure that I inspected my plate for hair before I started eating. 2. The WiFi never worked for the entire two-night stay. Phil needed to finish up his class using the software he has loaded on his laptop connected to the internet, but he was not able to access it. We have a reservation at the same hotel in October since Phil's high school reunion will take place there. I don't know if ... read more

Hello from Oklahoma City! Today was a short day, only 260 miles. I left Amarillo later than planned and it was HOT. I mean ball-meltingly hot. Oklahoma is an extremely flat, windy hot place. The winds weren't consistent, rather they came in gusts from different directions. This is the worst possible scenario for a motorcycle rider. Being violently pushed and pulled in different directions and having to make constant split-second course corrections is draining at best and terrifying at worst. Imagine this scenario: You are moving forward at 80mph in the left lane and the wind is coming hard from the right. In order to continue going straight you must lean the bike into the wind as though you are turning. Now imagine that the wind either stops or switches direction. What happens? Well, if you ... read more
Styrafoam cup at McDonalds
Abandoned gas station in Oklahoma
Chips with gravy and salsa

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Oklahoma City April 15th 2016

Oklahoma City (April 15, 2016) Like old Willie Nelson crooned, "just can't wait to get on the road again!" This time I'm playing a bit of catch up. The full team left for Chengdu a couple of days ago so don't expect to get any news from them till I get there and start my investigative journalism. They've arrived in Chengdu and the most exciting thing that happened was discovering that there now is an official coffee shop in the hospital with WiFi and gourmet coffees! A far cry from the good old days where we literally could find tea...but no coffee in a city of 12 million people! The team includes Dr. Farris (very senior faculty), Dr. Jeremy Tan (senior resident), Dr. Jonathan Perkins (senior resident), and two ophthalmologists from Kaiser Permanente in northern California: ... read more

After yesterday’s long drive we both felt really tired today. We had bananas and a muesli bar for breakfast and then headed off in our car. We drove about 11km to the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. Whist it was not too far away we actually had to go on 3 separate interstate highways just to get there. Very tricky stuff early in the day navigating these massive interchanges. The museum cost $12.50 each but we had a $2- discount coupon in one of the brochures we picked up yesterday so that helped. When we went in one of the volunteers had a chat with us to explain where to go and he said it would take about 2 hours to go around. The first section was an area of paintings where they show off ... read more
Kerry riding rodeo @ 12.48pm
Kerry riding rodeo @ 12.56pm
Old Cowboys Saddle

Fine and sunny day as we wake up for what would be a very very long day in the car. It started quite cool around 14 degrees but eventually climbed to 26 degrees. It’s strange here where the maximum temperature in spring time generally occurs around 5pm so it takes a while to warm up every day. We headed north towards Springfield before we started our journey on historic Route 66. I was aware that the original Route 66 went through the South Eastern corner of Kansas, so it was natural to head this way so we could tick off US State # 30. First stop was a town called Galena where we came across an old Ten Pin Bowling alley which has seen better days. We stopped at an old emporium / antique store as ... read more
Nelsons Old Riverton Store in Kansas
Vintage Golf Clubs for sale @ $2.50 each (wooden woods !)
The famous Ku Ku Hamburger joint

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Oklahoma City March 28th 2016

This is just a short entry, to complete comments up through Oklahoma City. And to say that I really appreciate the help I got from a person at TravelBlog when my entry went "Missing." I had frequently saved my former blog as I wrote, but the last time I tapped "save", the whole thing disappeared from my screen and I did not succeed with my attempts to retrieve it. I was so pleased that when I wrote for help, I actually got a response and the problem was even solved. Then I decided to just go ahead and send the blog, though it was incomplete, because I was afraid of losing it again. I was saying something about how John and I tend to enjoy smaller museums because you can actually see the entire collection. From ... read more

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