The Alien Rides

The Alien

The Alien Rides

The Machine:
Name: The Mothership
Year: 1998
Make: Honda
Model: Valkyrie

The Rider:
Name: The Alien
Year: 1975
Make: Humanoid
Model: Male

Greetings from Los Angeles! I'm home, safe and sound albeit exhausted. A quick trip recap and an announcement about the future of the Alien. I left Billings Montana at about 12:00 PM on Friday. Hat night I made it to Nephi, UT about 735 miles away. The next morning I left early and blasted the remaining 600 miles home, arriving last night. Man, this was a great trip. It was one I needed for sure. I feel refreshed and regenerated. I didn't realize how burned out and tired I was two weeks ago until now. This ride has been therapy and I en joyed every minute. For me there were a couple of standout highlights. The 101 from Southern California to Northern Washington was fantastic. I could not have asked for better weather, a better road ... read more
Everyone is loading up those last few things before hitting the road.
First gas stop of the day...The Mothership in front of an "adult superstore."
Getting ready to roll

North America » United States June 30th 2017

Greetings from Billings Montana for the final day of InZane 2017! This morning began with Mrs. Alien and I taking what was to be a 200 mile trip to some scenic areas and what turned out to be a very rainy ride to breakfast. Video below. After returning to the hotel and drying off, we went to the closing ceremonies dinner banquets put on by the VRCC staff. This was a great event with a fantastic dinner of roast beef, chicken, corn, potatoes, rolls, chocolate cake and cherry cheesecake. Yum! Along with all of the fun awards and raffles, the VRCC presented a check to the Montana Hope Foundation for $9000.00. This was the largest check ever awarded at one of these events. The only downside of this event was the news that two of ... read more
The group assembled for closing ceremonies
Roast beef
Staff of the Valkyrie Rider's Crusiers Club

North America » United States » Montana » Billings June 29th 2017

Greetings again from Billings Montana and Day 3 of InZane 2017! Over 100 pictures today of Bikes, Bike rodeo, Pie Auction and Blow out party. Also, video of the slalom race. Mrs. Alien and I started the day with a cup of coffee and the Valkyrie Rodeo. For those that don't know, a bike rodeo consists of several contests of motorcycle control. Events included a slow race in which the rider reaching the finish line last without putting a foot down is the winner and a slalom course where motorcycles navigate a slalom course of traffic cones which are moved closer together after each round of competition. Below is a video of the entire slalom competition. Later, we boarded the Mothership and rode to breakfast at the Muzzle Loader Café. Meh. Then it was off ... read more

North America » United States » Montana » Billings June 28th 2017

Greetings from Day 2 of InZane 2017 in Billings, MT! We started the day early with a free breakfast provided by the VRCC, then a nice walk around the hotel taking pictures of some of the bikes that I missed last night. Later in the day, we decided to go for a ride to nowhere in particular. We headed out of town going east on I-90. A little while down the road I saw a sign for Pictographs State Park. I made a snap decision and we took the exit. Turning up a side road following the signs, we had a nice 20 minute ride on a winding one lane road through picturesque Montana countryside. After a bit, we came to Pictographs State Park. The Pictograph, Middle and Ghost caves were home to generations of prehistoric ... read more
Pictograph State Park
Mrs. Alien and the Mothership at Pictograph State Park
Cliffs at Pictograph State Park

North America » United States » Montana » Billings June 27th 2017

Greetings from day 1 of InZane 17! As promised, you will find a great deal of pictures on tonight's post. I apologize for some of them, as I was playing with different lenses and flashes to get the pictures the way I want them. I think I have the camera dialed in now, so picture quality should improve. By the way, if you are a member of the VRCC and see a picture of your bike that you'd like, shoot me a PM on the board and I'll email you the full Hi-Rest RAW file. This morning both Mrs. Alien, who arrived last night at midnight and myself were tired and the pinched nerve in my hip was particularly painful. We did jump on the bike and ride to Cracker Barrel for a nice breakfast, then ... read more
This little boat shaped trailer was cool!
This poor guy trailered his bike all the way here only to discover that he left the key at home.  We have all been trying our keys in the hopes that one of them will work so that the guy can ride.  No luck so far.
The beautiful Mrs. Alien

North America » United States » Montana » Billings June 26th 2017

Greetings from Billings, Montana! I'm finally here at InZane 2017! More on that below. Bozeman was a bit of a pain. I got the only room available last night but it was a 4th floor walk up. The problem with that is that I carry a lot of stuff on the Mothership and I've been suffering from a pinched nerve in my left hip for several months as well as a torn ligament in my right knee. Needless to say, I was not amused that there was no elevator. This morning, I was resolved that I would not be carrying all of my stuff downstairs. I went through everything and sorted out the breakable stuff (cameras, etc.). the rest (clothes, tools etc.) I began chucking out my 4th floor window onto the lawn below. Well...THAT garnered ... read more
No shortage of "early birds" at the BBQ
Schedule of events for the next 5 days.  There's plenty more to do as well.
Bill "Big BF" Ferguson, Valkyrie mechanic extrordinare, is already set up and working on bikes.  This guy travels the country working on Valkyries.  Sounds like a good life to me!

North America » United States » Montana » Bozeman June 25th 2017

Greetings from Bozeman, Montana! I am less than 150 miles from my destination for he next week, Billings MT. The only problem is that I allowed an extra day in case anything went wrong. Nothing did, thankfully and my reservation does not begin until tomorrow, so Bozeman it is for tonight. I began my day in a rather leisurely fashion. Had some coffee, chatted with the locals, ets. Then I put some time into the bike. Over the last couple of days, two problems have developed. First, the stitching on one of my saddlebag lids began to give way, causing it to flap in the breeze (this has been audible on a couple of my videos). Second, yesterday, the return spring on my rear brakelight switch broke and was vibrating against the exhaust making a really ... read more
The broken stoplight switch return spring that was vibrating all day yesterday and drivingv me nuts. It now lives at the bottom of my toolbag.
I love gas stations.  They have everything.  Used this to fix the saddlebag.
While the sign promises good times, I didn't go in.

North America » United States » Montana » Saint Regis June 23rd 2017

Greetings from St. Regis, Montana! I meant to stop in Idaho. I really did. It just didn't happen. In my defense, the riding was good and the day started off weird... Early this morning as I was having my coffee in the motel parking lot in Issaquah and looking over the bike for today's ride, an older gentleman in an Army sweatshirt approached me. "That your bike?" he demanded. I said that it was. He then said "I was very unhappy to see it there this morning." "Why?" I replied. He then proceeded to tell me about a friend of his who crashed and died on the exact same bike. Creepy, yes? Then he went on to tell me about all the other people he has known, or even heard about who have crashed and died ... read more
The Special Omelet at the Summit Pancake House.  SOOO good!
The view from the parking lot of the Summit Pancake House in Snoqualmie Pass, WA
Parked at the Wild Horse Monument in Quincy, WA

North America » United States » Washington » Issaquah June 22nd 2017

Greetings from Issaquah, WA! It is I, The Alien, bringing you tales of my great motorcycle adventure. Today marks the halfway point of the first third of my trip. Huh? Yeah. Read on for tales of sausage, boats, computer guys, international borders and how I almost died. Here goes: I left Astoria, OR at about 8:00 AM (Yes, I'm slacking off on early departures but I'm on vacation.) Continuing north on US 101, I quickly crossed into Washington. I have not been to Washington state since I was 5 years old. At that time, my Dad took me on a 9 day car trip to Vancouver, WA in his MGB. My Dad is a smart guy and knew that the trip would be no fun for me if I were staring at his glove box the ... read more
Across the water lies Canada
Waiting for the Edmonton Ferry
The edmonton Fery itself

North America » United States » Oregon June 22nd 2017

Greetings from Astoria Oregon! Today was a great day for riding, a mediocre day for food and a questionable day for humans. I left Arcata at 7:00 AM and headed north on US 101. You may have noticed that quite a bit of this trip is on the 101. There is a reason for that. I've always wanted to ride this particular highway from it's southernmost point (East Los Angeles, CA) To it's northernmost point (Tumwater, WA). Hence the reason for the first several days of this trip. I stopped for breakfast in Orrick, CA at the only coffee shop that was open. The folks were nice and the coffee was hot, so I decided to order a cheese omelet. This is where things get strange. The omelet arrived just barely cooked enough to hold it's ... read more
The Mothership at the cliff where I got in trouble
Water breaking on the rocks below
This is where I was standing when the cop got nervous

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