USA Road Trip - Day 23 (Branson, Missouri to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

Published: April 10th 2016
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Branson, MO to Oklahoma City, OK

Fine and sunny day as we wake up for what would be a very very long day in the car. It started quite cool around 14 degrees but eventually climbed to 26 degrees. It’s strange here where the maximum temperature in spring time generally occurs around 5pm so it takes a while to warm up every day. We headed north towards Springfield before we started our journey on historic Route 66. I was aware that the original Route 66 went through the South Eastern corner of Kansas, so it was natural to head this way so we could tick off US State # 30. First stop was a town called Galena where we came across an old Ten Pin Bowling alley which has seen better days. We stopped at an old emporium / antique store as I need to find a licence plate from Kansas for the Bali Hut display and hoping to find something unique here, but nothing to be found. I stopped at a visitors centre where an old man was happy to see a tourist (the town has nothing much going on these days !) and when I asked him about souvenir plates he suggested Riverton the next town along. Off we go and come across Nelson’s Old Riverton Store which has changed little since it opened in 1925. A nice man who looked old enough to be the original owner pointed me out to a display of plates and Yes ! I have a Kansas version for the Bali Hut. Yippee ! Next we head to Baxter Springs where I find a store with heaps of antique golf clubs for sale at only $2.50 each. This is ridiculous. There was woods that are actually made of wood and many collectors’ items, old putters and irons galore. For the enthusiast this would be a great day’s shopping but I’m more into the latest gear that will help lower my handicap. Soon enough we head into Oklahoma (US State # 31). There are lots of places along here that appeared in the Disney Pixar “Cars” movies which I have not seen so I can’t point out anything specific. We stopped for lunch at Waylans Ku-Ku Hamburger joint. It is listed on the Route 66 must see places so in we go, and Kerry ordered a Cheeseburger on it’s own which cost $1.69 and I went for the Giant Hamburger meal which came with Waffle Fries for $2.69. They actually had a Double Giant Hamburger and given the size of my burger I’m glad I stuck with the regular one. Really nice freshly made burgers, and so cheap. Highly recommend this place as a classic old fashioned diner. Not for the first time we notice a lot of seniors were eating here. This has happened at a few of these diners where you expect younger people to be. I guess they may have been coming for years and know when something is really good ! Everything here is named after Will Rogers (highways, turnpikes, buildings, you name it so he must be famous but I will have to google him later). Our next stop was at the famous “Rock Café” in Stroud which is another on the Route 66 must see list. I was hoping for a milkshake in this diner but they did not serve milkshakes here. So Kerry had this massive tart thingy which I think had apple in it and I had two ice cream scoops smothered in chocolate. Not what we really wanted for a late afternoon stop. This place just did not seem right for some reason, and we eventually realised that the historic building was destroyed by fire in 2008 which explains why it did not have a lot of character. We eventually arrived in Oklahoma City just after 6pm some 9 hours after we left Branson, Missouri. What I did not realise is that much of the road from Missouri to Oklahoma City is tolls so we chose to drive the Route 66 route which was about an hour and a half longer on what was always earmarked as a long day of driving with quite a few stops. We are staying in downtown at the Sheraton which we only booked a few days after a $99- a night special came out on Travelzoo. Concierge recommended Knuck’s Wheelhouse in the adjoining dining & entertainment precinct known as Bricktown as a good pizza joint so off we go for a 10 minute walk. We decide to share a Pizza called “The Royal With Cheese”. It had Ground Beef, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Red Onion, Bacon and Ranch & Mustard Drizzle on top. They had two sizes and as I’m always looking for a bargain I said let’s go with the family size version for $20- bucks.
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We had a booth seat again and they had a TV facing me (US Golf Masters highlights on so that is cool), and another TV facing Kerry so I politely ask if they can put on Fox Channel on Kerry can watch the America idol finale which they did with sound on as well. When it was delivered I had made a big mistake ! It only had 8 slices but each slice was half a dinner plate. We got through 5 and asked for doggy bag to take back to the room where I might have more later ! It was a delicious pizza. When we got back to our rom we watched the end of American Idol (or is it really the end !!!) where La Porsha was robbed and later the local news and they were saying that Oklahoma had 5 earthquakes today in a place called Luther which we drove through but felt nothing at all. Finished the night by calling Marriott to book Hotel in Amarillo as they have given me a freebie night and cancelled Holiday Inn Express. Tomorrow we explore what Oklahoma City hast offer.

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10th April 2016

Maybe it is the library, or church?
11th April 2016
What does this sign mean ?

Turn left to get to the Library!

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