Day Three - Amarillo, Texas to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Published: June 10th 2016
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Texas Rest StopTexas Rest StopTexas Rest Stop

Texas has the coolest rest stops. This one had individual little huts, so that you could be inside while you were outside. Huh.
Hello from Oklahoma City! Today was a short day, only 260 miles. I left Amarillo later than planned and it was HOT. I mean ball-meltingly hot. Oklahoma is an extremely flat, windy hot place. The winds weren't consistent, rather they came in gusts from different directions. This is the worst possible scenario for a motorcycle rider.

Being violently pushed and pulled in different directions and having to make constant split-second course corrections is draining at best and terrifying at worst.

Imagine this scenario: You are moving forward at 80mph in the left lane and the wind is coming hard from the right. In order to continue going straight you must lean the bike into the wind as though you are turning. Now imagine that the wind either stops or switches direction. What happens? Well, if you don't correct instantly, you will shoot into the right lane and beyond. Not good, not good at all. So, you immediately straighten the bike and lean it into the wind, which is now coming hard from the right. When it switches back, seconds later, you correct again to avoid shooting off into the center median and opposing traffic. VERY not good. This process
Styrafoam cup at McDonaldsStyrafoam cup at McDonaldsStyrafoam cup at McDonalds

If they served sodas in these cups back in California, people would be marching in the streets. It kind of made me nostalgic.
was repeated every few seconds for the whole day. Lighter bikes suffer far worse than the Mothership but we got blown around alarmingly nonetheless.

Between the aforementioned ball-melting heat and the wind, I decided to forgo my original plan to push on to Tulsa and called it a day in Oklahoma City instead.

Once I got settled, I went to a local pizza joint for a bite. While I was looking at the different pizza options, the waitress asked if I wanted gravy, salsa or both for my chips. I had to ask her to repeat it twice before I could process the fact that she was, index, actually suggesting that I start my pizza dinner of with chips and gravy. I politely declined but she brought them to me anyway. The gravy looked similar to the gravy you might find on a chicken fried steak. AAAGGGHH.

After dinner I had a long conversation with Mrs. Alien, who I miss very much. She's having car trouble which I will try to diagnose via phone later tonight.

My plan is to get up at 3AM and leave by 4AM tomorrow.

Stay Tuned. Tomorrow - More Oklahoma
Abandoned gas station in OklahomaAbandoned gas station in OklahomaAbandoned gas station in Oklahoma

More from the Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland collection. I'm learning that America is filled with these modern day ruins. It's no Roman Coliseum, but it's ours.
and Missouri. It's my plan to stop in St. Louis tomorrow night. I want some BBQ.

See you on the road.

Ride Safe,


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Chips with gravy and salsaChips with gravy and salsa
Chips with gravy and salsa

Don't try this at home... or anywhere.

10th June 2016

You had your hands full in the winds
I have experienced the winds like you described driving a motorhome, but can't imagine it on a motorcycle. Hoping you have a better ride tomorrow. Dad

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