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Day one is complete! After a long 12 hours, and 640 miles down I made it to Charlotte, North Carolina around 7 pm yesterday. Other then a stretch of hour long traffic in Maryland (where a three lane highway mysteriously turns in to one lane), the trip was painless. With just two stops along the way for gas and to use the bathroom, I honestly felt that I could have even driven a few more hours. I guess that's a good sign for the rest of the trip. I am currently slightly hungover writing this- after getting here last night me and friends in the area did not waste much time getting to drinking before a night out at the EpiCentere. Of course, before drinking we did go to a small, local restaurant called Alexander Michaels ... read more

We were planning on going to Virginia to visit Don's ex-brother-in-law Wayne and his family but they decided to come to Charlotte to see us instead. Wayne and Rhonda arrived on Thursday morning and we all headed to the NASCAR Hall of Fame. We are not big NASCAR fans but we enjoyed spending time with Wayne and Rhonda. The Hall of Fame is done nicely and has a lot of history as well as interactive things so they keep it interesting for everyone. Friday was spent going around to some of the garages in the area to see the cars and then Wayne and Rhonda spent the afternoon at the Billy Graham Library while we took some time off and got things ready to have them over for a BBQ. We had a nice dinner and ... read more
Track inside
Womens Circle
Danica's Car

What an amazing place and an amazing man. I had been looking forward to visiting this place since we decided to make this journey South and I wasn't disappointed. The grounds are immaculate and so peaceful. It is not over done it is just simple and perfect. Even if you are not a strong believer, I think you will enjoy this because like I said it is not done in an "in your face" kind of way. It is done for you to have your own journey and reflection with God as Billy Graham wants everyone to know Him, Jesus Christ, not him, Billy Graham. He touched so many from so many nations it is astounding. The pictures will speak for themselves. Everything is free but if you want to make a donation you can. Even ... read more
Graham Kitchen
Graham Living Rm
Graham Library

Packed up and left our wonderful RV spot in Charleston to travel to Charlotte. Along the way we stopped off in Kershaw, SC to visit a friend of mine that I went to elementary school with. She and her boyfriend lived in Clovis for years and had a big horse arena but about 6 years ago they moved here to South Carolina and bought over 300 hundred acres and built a beautiful horse stable. She has Paso Fino horses and she competes with them. It is nothing like the western riding. They wear what I call "proper" attire and these horse are small but very regal. It is beautiful to watch. She trains and boards as well. Like I said, she and Johnny have quite the spread and it was really fun to visit and see ... read more
Vickie & Johnny
Charlotte Speedway Sign
Main entrance

Day 3, we joined up with others from Clinton, IA, to caravan together from Knoxville, TN, to Charlotte, NC. We stopped at a Waffle House in Mooreville, NC, for lunch. Unfortunately, Steve & I dropped out of the caravan shortly after that when grey smoke came out of exhaust. Steve didn't want to take a chance, so stopped to look at engine. Figured out it was a hose. A young local guy named Mason stopped to admire the car and hung around to help give Steve a ride to get what he needed to fix it. Took quite some time, so really had to hurry to get to the official starting point of the Power Tour in Charlotte, NC. Got there just in time, as the registration and car show ended at 6 p.m. Stayed at ... read more
'10 Mustang belonging to Brian from Clinton
New friends, Denny and Patty from Clinton, and their Shelby GT
New friend, Phil with his truck, "plan B" after his classic car ended up in the hospital.  Julie's inside the truck.

North America » United States » North Carolina » Charlotte February 13th 2014

Staying put, 10 hour drive to Fort Lauderdale Friday and Saturday... read more

North America » United States » North Carolina » Charlotte February 12th 2014

800km yesterday Left at 6 am to beat the storm, slid into Charlotte at noon, 575km later, booked the last room at the Best Western Staying put until it is safe to go south Oasis leaving at 5 Sat night... read more

"Now girls, don't make eye contact with any locals and don't look like tourists. I mean, the Indians around here are nice enough, but the n***** aren't." And with those words from our taxi driver, I welcome you to North Tryon St, Charlotte, or as its commonly known "the ghetto". Now, don't get me wrong, downtown Charlotte is very nice, just not Nth Tryon St. Why we (me and my companion Rachel) decided to go to Charlotte, a city not known for tourists or a lot at all in fact, is still a mystery. A weekend get away not too far from Chapel Hill in winter - Charlotte seemed like the most reasonable option. The App Mountains would be too cold, Wilmington would also be cold and to get anywhere else meant hours of travelling. So ... read more

North America » United States » North Carolina » Charlotte September 17th 2012

No, I'm not traveling anymore. In fact, it's been one full month since I hopped off the plane and into Ryan's waiting arms. (Actually, he was sitting and reading a book about cholesterol... but he did launch out of his seat when he finally saw me and so concessions must be made.) The other night though, Aunt Sonia asked what had happened to the blog? I had written in Bariloche and then everything after (a full three weeks) was lost to the annals of weary traveling? Not so. But yes, I got tired of writing. I was tired of doing most everything associated with the trip. Riding on buses for hours (alone), going from hostel to hostel and eating dry cookies for breakfast (alone), spying beautiful vistas (alone). But here's the thing: traveling alone does force ... read more

North America » United States » North Carolina » Charlotte September 10th 2012

I concur with everything Norris wrote in the last update & will add some Amanda perspective. I am so very nervous about being so far away from our 4 year old! I know it will be fine but I'm still anxious. A little backstory on why I get so nervous; when he was 16 months old Norris & I went with my cousin Nick on a 4 night trip to Burlington, VT & Montreal, QC. It was our first trip away from him. My mom came to our house to take care of him & while she was here she got sick. So, I was in our hotel at 7am on Saturday morning feeling extremely far away in Canada trying to rally the troops to get her & my little guy taken care of! After that ... read more

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