East Coast Tour - Day 13

Published: July 15th 2016
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Savannah River WalkSavannah River WalkSavannah River Walk

Very pretty 200 yards of riverside. There is even an old train depot they left up (most people now use it to smoke).
Day 13 - Savannah to Charlotte

This morning we packed most of the trailer up but left it at the campsite while we drove into Savannah for breakfast. We parked near the old town river walk and spent some time looking at the archetecture before going to Huey's on the River. Huey's is a creole restaurant and makes some fabulous beignets. Michelle didn't like the hollandaise sauce on the eggs benedict but discovered she really likes cheese grits. After breakfast we spent some more time exploring the river edge. We discovered some old vaults built into the retaining wall on the bluff. Instead of being paid, the archetect who designed the retaining wallwas given the rights to collect rents in these spaces for 20 years. We headed back to the KOA to hook up the trailer and after a small hic-up with a drained battery we were on the road to visit "The Z family" in Charlotte. We met the Zoutewelle's on a Disney Cruise last year when we were seated at the table with them. They have a daughter almost exactly Michelle's age and a younger son. A storm blew up on our way and, in an attempt to
Cheese Grits!Cheese Grits!Cheese Grits!

She finally tried them today... even though she if offered them regularly (including last week at her aunts house).
avoid the worst, we took a bit of a detour through the countryside. There are a lot of very pretty little roads in North Carolina. Oh, and it's not flat. We managed to miss most of the storm but got a bit buffeted by the winds. We finally arrived at the Zoutewelle's that evening. We have been looking forward to seeing them on this trip and plan to stay with them for two nights. Ellen and her Mom put together a great dinner and we spent the evening catching up.

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Best Beignets East of New OrleansBest Beignets East of New Orleans
Best Beignets East of New Orleans

There were 12... we boxed these... I am not sure they made it back to the car (consumed, not left).
Heading into South CarolinaHeading into South Carolina
Heading into South Carolina

Most of these signs are on bridges, which often have those 20 foot sections that dip up and down and make the trailer bounce... which in turn makes it very difficult to get a good picture. Anne has been doing great.
And then North CarolinaAnd then North Carolina
And then North Carolina

This one was a little fuzzy since we were heading into a storm. Also, we kind of skipped the coast of South Carolina. Our Bad. I hear it's lovely.
"Csmping" at the Zoutewelle's"Csmping" at the Zoutewelle's
"Csmping" at the Zoutewelle's

Camping in a comfy hide-a-bed with much quieter AC than the trailer.... and a really big, super friendly dog.

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