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Charlotte 3-14-2021 Charlotte, North Carolina Sang nay toi di ve huong Charlotte thuoc North Carolina, thanh pho lon nhat cua North Carolina. Khi gan den thanh pho Charlotte toi ghe qua White Water River. la Man make river lon nhat the gioi. O day ho kayaking tren song nuoc chay rat manh. sau do toi di den Levine Museum of the New South noi ve lich su cua Noi chien. Nhung tieu bang mien nam nuoc My co thoi tiet va dat thich hop cho viec trong bong gon de det thanh vai. Sau cuoc noi chien nguoi da den la no le truoc kia khong co dat de trong Cotton nen ho thue dat cua chu dat de trong Cotton. 3 trong 4 nong dan o North Carolina la black trong Cotton tren dat thue ... read more

Hellllooooo! Happy April Fools Day 2020! I wish I was joking when I said that this is The first “actual” pandemic we have experienced in our lifetimes! CoVid19 has been in the US ruining honeymoons, vacations, and daily life across the entire world! Blake & I are bunkered down in our town of Charlotte, NC and plan to explore this city as much as we possibly can. Look out for future posts of great greenways, hiking spots, and of course best local takeouts! Ciao! Amanda... read more

Hello World - I had promised myself that I would blog our adventures in China - and I have, keeping most of my memories to myself as I have literally destroyed my keyboard and iPad. (Thanks TSA) So the whole wide world knows Blake and I moved back to the USA the week of Thanksgiving. Long story short - we ran into Visa issues with employment and such. In an honest attempt of fixing the Visa issues, we got the opportunity to travel to a few Asian Countries: first to Thailand and then to Hong Kong. Now that I have some time, let’s rewind the past six months, shall we? ... read more

My husband and I both come from the same very small town in the middle of the Triad region of North Carolina. Yet, while I say that we are both from there, the reality is that I have lived here my entire life but he is the son of a Methodist minister. It’s the norm in that specific denomination that the minister moves to another church every four years or so. As such, my husband grew up in multiple places, all of them in the central part of our state. He spent many of his formative years, from around the ages of 8 to 12, in a little town called Mount Pleasant, NC. The town is about two hours from where we live now, but for the most part we haven’t been back to visit. The ... read more

North America » United States » North Carolina » Charlotte February 21st 2018

Since we decided not to go on our Myrtle Beach, SC Valentine's getaway this year (the first time in a decade!), we opted instead to go to Charlotte, NC for a weekend away instead. The kids stayed with my in-laws on Friday night and my parents on Saturday night. This is definitely one instance where living close to family pays off, as the two families are only about three miles apart, so transferring the kids was not an issue at all. I rode down with my husband to work in his office on Friday. He changed jobs about two weeks ago and his new position finds him in Concord, NC every day. Since Concord is only about 30 minutes from downtown Charlotte, we figured it wouldn't make sense for him to drive all the way back ... read more

North America » United States » North Carolina » Charlotte February 2nd 2018

My husband and I live near the Triad area of North Carolina, and we’ve been itching to get up to the North Carolina Whitewater Rafting Center in nearby Charlotte, NC. Never one for adventurous water sports, I’ll admit that I was a little less intrigued by the idea than my husband. An Eagle Scout, he’s always been more drawn to outdoor expeditions than I have been! Still, when we researched all there was to do at the Center, we were both excited to go. This was piggybacking on our recent jaunt to New Jersey, where he accompanied me on my work conference. When we got back from that trip, we realized how much we missed spending a little time together as a couple. We absolutely adore our babies, but url= revealthat a little time away can ... read more
Whitewater Center
Whitewater Center

Today is our last day in the mountains. As we travel further east and south, the land will get flatter and the weather will get hotter. We will miss the mountains - a lot! Today we are headed for Charlotte, NC, home of the NASCAR Hall of Fame. But before we go, we have one last pass over the mountain as we bid farewell. The weather report for today is HOT! It's supposed to be bright and sunny and over 95 degrees. So we had a quick breakfast and tried to get out of Gatlinburg early to beat the heat. For some reason the Garmin Lady was not cooperating this morning and wanted us to head west out of Gatlinburg and onto some highway. We were having none of it, as we wanted to pass through ... read more
Looking Glass Falls - The Falls
NASCAR Hall Of Fame - Racing Film
NASCAR Hall Of Fame - Jeff Gordon Car

North America » United States » North Carolina » Charlotte August 28th 2016

We are on our way North. We left Sandy Springs a little later than planned but still got on the road before 11:00am. The drive is familiar to us so the first 100 miles was boring. Then we decided to have some brunch shortly after noon. We were already in South Carolina and thought about finding a winery nearby where we could have some lunch plus taste some wine. After some research, we forgot that idea. The best we could find was 50 miles north of I-85 and would require almost a reverse drive back. So, we thought of a dining area that we discovered a few years ago in downtown Greenville, South Carolina. We were ready to eat since Jackie had skipped breakfast. We diverted off I-85 into downtown Greenville and found a convenient parking ... read more
Bloody Mary menu
Bloody Mary

Day 14 - Charlotte Today we were given a personal tour of some of the sights in Charlotte and headed out to the Reed Gold Mine. The Reed Gold Mine was the sight of the first documented gold discovery in the US. Since the land around the find was all privately owned there was no gold rush like in California. There was a documentary film (very 1970s), a museum, a self-guided tour of the first level of the mine and surface equipment, and a chance to pan for gold. There were a few really cool pieces of equipment still working and the temperature of the mine felt lovely on a hot day. We had fun panning but, alas, no one found any gold. After the mine we ate lunch and then took a driving tour of ... read more
Cool Old Engine
Inside the Mine
Nice and cool

Day 13 - Savannah to Charlotte This morning we packed most of the trailer up but left it at the campsite while we drove into Savannah for breakfast. We parked near the old town river walk and spent some time looking at the archetecture before going to Huey's on the River. Huey's is a creole restaurant and makes some fabulous beignets. Michelle didn't like the hollandaise sauce on the eggs benedict but discovered she really likes cheese grits. After breakfast we spent some more time exploring the river edge. We discovered some old vaults built into the retaining wall on the bluff. Instead of being paid, the archetect who designed the retaining wallwas given the rights to collect rents in these spaces for 20 years. We headed back to the KOA to hook up the trailer ... read more
Cheese Grits!
Best Beignets East of New Orleans
Just the right mix of cool and damp

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