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North America » United States » North Carolina » Charlotte September 9th 2012

I'm sitting here feeling rough and really glad that I caught this bug over a week out from the trip, so that I'll be feeling good when we get to jolly old England! I've been thinking about the trip all day and what I'm looking forward to most. I always look forward to the new experience of just being somewhere totally new. New people, food, accents and explorations.. I guess what I'm really looking to is just a huge break. A break from responsibilities, a break from stress, a break from parenting and the opportunity to just hang out with my wife, friend and travel buddy. I know it won't be easy to be away from Denver for a week and I'm sure he'll be on my mind constantly but I'm definitely looking forward to ... read more

Weekend Trip to Uptown Charlotte NC – June 2012 We arrived in Charlotte around 5:30 and finally found our hotel after riding around for quite a while. I knew the hotel would be hard to find since I had read up on other peoples reviews. There was a (closed road) under construction so that might have been why we couldn’t find it very fast. I knew it was on the corner of College and 4th but it was kind of hard to see the sign from the car. Later when we walked around the area the hotel seemed quite visible then. We stayed at Aloft and it was really very nice. The lobby is on the 5th floor and it is a 15 story hotel. We stayed on the 15th floor with a view of the ... read more

Sooooo Excited!! June 23rd is fast approaching. Mom's packing for China, so I have to do the same too. I really wish Facebook wasn't blocked in China. *sigh* Oh well, gotta try something new out. ... read more

JUNE 2, 2011 City official name :Charlotte Founded date : Location :North Carolina State Elavation :? ft (? m) Area :Approximately ? square miles (? km²). Facts :Charlotte is the largest city in the U.S. state of North Carolina and the seat of Mecklenburg County. In 2010, Charlotte's population according to the US Census Bureau was 731,424 , making it the 17th largest city in the United States based on population. The Charlotte metropolitan area had a 2009 population of 1,745,524. The Charlotte metropolitan area is part of a wider thirteen-county labor market region or combined statistical area with a 2009 estimated population of 2,389,763. Residents of Charlotte are referred to as "Charlotteans". Charlotte has b... read more

Monday May 30 - Charlotte Morning entry: Happy Memorial Day to all. I've been up since about 8 Eastern Time repacking and putting stuff in my truck. I'll try and have only my suitcase and ice chest to load up tomorrow. I'm planning on heading North to Danville, Virginia tomorrow. It is about 150 miles from Charlotte. Danville was where the Confederacy set up a temporary capital after abandoning Richmond. I'll probably get there tomorrow and check it out and the next day go to Appomattox Court House and then to Richmond where hopefully there is room at the Intown Suites. If I can get a room at Intown Suites I will rent it for the week. If not then I'll have to adjust to the greater expense of staying elsewhere, or maybe camp some to ... read more

Charlotte May 24 - May 29 Friday May 27 Charlotte I arrived here on Tuesday and here it is Friday!!? How did that happen. I feel like I just got here last night. It has been a busy week. Tuesday I visited with my relatives and just settled in. I was pretty tired from a very full day. I hadn't realized it but I had driven 236 miles from Smokey Mountains National Park to Charlotte. And a good portion of that was on some of the most wearing on man and machine kind of road I have ever driven on. Heaven to bikers and sports car drivers but hard on 3/4 ton trucks. Wednesday was wash day.....nuff said. On Thursday I took a stab at exploring downtown Charlotte. It was interesting but there was some kind ... read more

Tuesday May 24 Great Smokey Mountains National Park to Charlotte Morning: In Cherokee, North Carolina at the McDonalds. Will head East in a little bit to Asheville. NC. Will tour the Biltmore House there if I can manage to swallow the $50 admission charge. Looks to be a decent day. AOL weather says it will only be 83 degrees there today so hope that holds up. Ashville - Had started driving the Blue Ridge Parkway out of the park towards Ashville and then said heck with it and cut across to Hwy 19 and took it into Ashville. Went to visit the Biltmore house there and although I had my doubts of whether it was worth $50 to see I decided I would check it out. When I got there it was $60 to visit the ... read more
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Finally arriving in Charlotte

The South, as a whole, worships the past. Historic sites, historic houses, and historic reenactments are everywhere. Most of these have a curious feature: They remember events either before 1865 or after 1940. There is a reason for this. The years in between were very painful; a seemingly unending stream of economic misery, political corruption, and social repression. The region was first run as a virtual colony of the northern states, and then as the fiefdom of a conservative elite (many former Confederate officials). This willing blindness is very unfortunate, because the events of those days have had long after effects, many of which are still felt. The Museum of the New ... read more
Poll Tax Receipts
Seperate and unequal
Cotton Loom

Today is my first day in Charlotte, North Carolina. Civic boosters call it the Queen City, since it was named for a queen of England. Almost everyone else in North Carolina, including those who live there, call it Banktown. The name is appropriate, since the city core is dominated by business-minded types in dark suits. The whole area feels like an anomalous part of the Northeast stuck in southern North Carolina. Charlotte, in fact, is the center of consumer banking in the US; they are attracted by the state’s notoriously lax (supporters call them "flexible") banking laws. It was Charlotte banks, after all, who first came up with the type of “url=http://abcnews.g... read more
Welcome to Banktown
Inside the skull
The Green sculpture

North America » United States » North Carolina » Charlotte February 1st 2011

Last week I was able to go for a short visit to North Carolina. What fun!! Maggie is growing up so much and it was fun to interact with her. One morning she got up and looked out the window and said "Mr. Sun! It's your turn." She's so grown up and as Jason left for work one day she yelled "Make sure you have a healthy breakfast." Here are a few pictures and videos to share. Sara and I were also able to do some furniture shopping as I need some new things to fill empty spaces in the new house. It's an overwhelming task and it will probably surprise us all what we end up with. Here are some of the things I liked.... read more
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