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North America » United States » New York » Syracuse July 30th 2009

What constitutes as wasted time? Is it time spent doing something that you will feel guilty about later? I fell asleep today, for 2 hours. What was supposed to be a "resting of the eyes" turned into a full fledged slumber, complete with confusion upon waking. It was after work, after a bit of reading, after yoga class, and after a shower that I fell asleep, accidentally. In retrospect, it wasn't like I was missing out on responsibilities, I had completed a full days list of to-do's. But when I awoke, I was confused, and borderline upset with myself. I was able to reorient myself with where I was in the day, which had slipped undetected into late evening, but I haven't been able to shake the nagging feeling of wasted time. Was it because I ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse July 28th 2009

I hope that no one has subscribed to this blog. I can poke around and find out, as that is one of the features of "owning" this blog, but I am willing to bet that no one has. I hope that no one has because after my traveling bout my blogging has come to a stand still despite an entry that says otherwise. The entry right before this one actually, talking about how I am going to keep blogging in the spirit of what this specific blog was created for in the first place. Obviously, I didn't keep that wishful thinking in action....until now...3 months later. I suppose I haven't felt like there is anything important or exciting enough in my life right now to blog about. My life is seeming uneventful right now, but that ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse July 8th 2009

i/m going to china tomorrow!!!... read more

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse June 21st 2009

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to open my blog so that I can give you all the link before I leave! 3 weeks from yesterday and I will be in sunny (I hope) South Africa! I am going to try and post a few photos of the university I will be attending while I am there - - Stellenbosch University. Besides that, I hope to update you all once a week with photos and stories! Thanks for checking in, I will miss you all bunches! xoxo Aub... read more
Stellenbosch University

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse April 1st 2009

I have been thinking about this travel blog for a few weeks now, wondering if I should write a final wrap up of my trip, or just keep writing, despite the fact that I am no longer "traveling" per say. But in keeping true to what this whole travel blog is about in the first place, the idea that I am always traveling even when I am not, I might as well keep writing. I've been back in Syracuse for about 3 weeks now, or more, or less...who's counting? It's an easy transition. The US always seems to be an easy transition for me, probably because I am from here. I don't necessarily mean easy in a good sense through. It is almost too easy. ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse January 11th 2009

I'm leaving tomorrow morning! The trip has drastically changed within the course of the last week. The most noted change being that I am now a solo traveler. Also, instead of heading to Barcelona right away I'll be spending a month trying my luck with the Irish, then I'll fly to Barcelona and hopefully have a bit of an idea what to do next. I've tried to handle the situation with grace and patients, something that is hard to practice when you still feel kind of angry and when you feel like you need to hurry. There are still a lot of unknowns flying around and I have to just let them fly. Changing an entire trip at the very last minute isn't something that I recommend, but on the same token, not necessarily impossible thanks ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse January 3rd 2009

I did mention that there is/was some kind of love interest compelling some of this trip, right? Well, let's just say that disaster has struck in that area. I mean a complete meltdown, sparks fire and all. Poof, up in flames. Facts are as followed: I still have a ticket. I am registered to run the marathon in March. I now have no place to stay, or any plan. I don't have much money. Do I stay or do I go? Half of me feels like, screw it...I'm going anyway. The other half feels...(place your words here). What to do, what to do? ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse December 30th 2008

So travel blogs are supposed to be about traveling, obviously. But aren't we all traveling all the time? To and from work. Through different realms of consciousness while we're asleep. Between feelings and emotions. As Ani DiFranco says, promiscuity is just another way to see the world. I will be taking off to Spain shortly, but I want to state that this blog isn't going to be merely about what building I saw or how many train rides I took. It will be about that and much more. It will be any words that I want to publish here, that will travel through the internet and to your screen, if you so choose to read it. This blog is going to be about me, traveling through the different continents of me, learning and meeting all different ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse December 27th 2008

It's getting down to the wire before I leave for Spain. I'm thinking about all the last minute details, all the little things like buying a return ticket and figuring out how I am going to afford this trip. Minut details in the life of a traveler. Honestly with each trip I take I feel more at ease with traveling. Of course I still have the tingling of anticipation, but I feel like I know what I am doing a little more each time. Having said that, I know I am going to encounter several experiences that will slap me in the face with a reality check that I actually know nothing. As far as I know I will be in Barcelona most of the time. I have a limited budget, so for this trip I ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse November 8th 2008

Dear Ones, Well we have started into the holiday season already! I say this only since I work at Sears in the tool department and they have been playing holiday music since November 1st! Oh well, so is the world of retail sales. It seems with the elections over now, that things are mellowing out a bit here in New York; I am sure that the entire country can take a collective sigh of relief now that the craziness of the election year is over. Whether the candidate that you wanted to win did or not, our country is still the greatest on the face of the planet and we are a resilient people no matter what is thrown at us. One of the biggest determining factors for our decision to go out as Way Disciples ... read more
Hannah as a fairy princess!
Clara as Barbie Mariposa!
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