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Mama just left a minute ago for Monterey, California with her kayak, bicycles and paddie in tow- what a sight. Sometimes I forget why she is leaving in the first place. I am really ok with the transient quality that most relationships have. Something about the dismemberment of my own family is harder to deal with. I'm feeling awfully lonely.... read more

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse July 29th 2005

This was definately the best weekend yet!!! Jolene and Chet (american uni friends) had invited me to there place in upstate New York for their towns annual Harborfest!! Oswego is near Syracuse and right on the edge of Lake Ontario (a huge ass lake that you cant even see the other side!! and no tuffy that dosnt make it the ocean) i took an eight hour bus ride from newton, boston to syracuse new york where i got off and caught another bus to oswego university campus. I had heaps of fun meeting all jo's and chet's friends and drinking lots of beer, cant really say what i got up to as a lot of it is blurry and the rest is better left off the net. so thanks to all the peeps who i met ... read more
beer pong half time break
drinking in oswego

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