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North America » United States » New York » Syracuse October 25th 2008

God bless you all! I first wanted to say that having this way to communicate to all of our friends and family has been fantastic! All of your responses of love and encouragement have been so great. The kids love to hear from their grandparents especially and Clara and Sam now have e-mail addresses and have communicating faithfully to them. As you have heard, we moved into our beautiful home on Isle of Pines road; it has been a glorious Fall with the tree colors and the weather actually being in the mid 50s and sunny so far.........The calm before the storm?!?!?!?!? What is amazing is that we moved into our new home, I secured my job at Sears, and we got the kids into school all within 10 days of being here! Matthew 6:33 says: ... read more
Mr. Peahead
Clara and Sam's first day at school.
Hannah's first day in school.

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse October 12th 2008

Hello all. Well, we have our new home and address as of Friday night: 3217 Isle of Pines Baldwinsville, NY 13027 I will enclose some pictures of the area with this posting also; the area is absolutely beautiful! The trees are starting to turn and it is everything and more when it comes to the Northeast and the fall colors. Marsha and I have always wanted to visit this area during this time of year, so another need met. You will notice in the pictures that we already have a house full of furniture! Some of the people here that attend our fellowships were moving and gave us almost all their furniture and almost everything from their kitchen. God has completely met our need for everything! I have my employment now also; I was hired on ... read more
Sideview of our home.
View down our cul-de-sac.
Our living room

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse October 8th 2008

Hi all. Just a really quick note to all who haven't heard, we have been sent to Baldwinsville, New York! It is a suburb of the Syracuse area (upstate NY) and we are very blessed to be here! We are staying with Dan and Dee Davis who are the Region Coordinators for New York state. I will send more detailed entrys when we get our housing, get the kids in school, and get our jobs. Love to all of you! Jim, Marsha, Clara, Sam, and Hannah.... read more

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse June 28th 2008

On saturday, June 28, my family and I travelled to Syracuse, NY for my cousin Steven's high school graduation. We went to his parents house, my Aunt Mary and Uncle Darren, and their other children, Sarah and Brett. The family prepared food and then played basketball. On Sunday, the family went to my Aunt Cindy's house for breakfast and then the kids watched Monte Python and the Holy Grail. Afer we finished at my Aunt's house, we went to Marcelles Park, and had a barbecue. Many of the adults played horseshoes and the kids went to play basketball (again). My mom and I brought my 2 1/2 year old second cousin, Jacob, to the playground.... read more
The Creek
My Two Baby Cousins
Breakfast on Sunday

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse March 9th 2008

After having our original flight (Rochester to Philadelphia to Denver) canceled Saturday morning, we were left with quite the East Coast tour instead. Our adventures began in the wee hours of the morning with a snowy drive (courtesy of Jason's parents) to the Syracuse airport. We left the house around 4am and got to the airport just before 6am. We ever so patiently waited in line to check our bags and quickly kissed our snowboards goodbye as we sent them out on a journey of their own. We proceeded to the security check-point and after we were officially safe people we meandered our way over to the gate. We peeked out the window at all of the snow and we were both quite nervous about whether that plane would make it off of the ground anywhere ... read more
Jason ready to leave!
Us on the plane from Syrause to Boston

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse August 31st 2007

Friday August 31, we arrive in Syracuse it's been one month on the road. After seeing Maxanne and her dorm room it's off to look for a hotel room. How hard can that be? There are so many hotels in the local area. Who knew the Syracuse football team was playing Washington State on national TV that evening and the state fair was in town. It took about six stops before we got the last room at The Holiday Inn. We took Maxane and three of her friends out to dinner and then headed back to the hotel exhausted but with the trip nearly over amazed at how far we had traveled and the many places and sites we had visited. ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse July 11th 2007

As a local, it may seem silly for me to write about "travelling" to a town only about 45 minutes from my hometown, but my goal here is not to write for myself but for others, and especially to write about the great places only locals know about. Syracuse is not much of a tourist attraction, but there are many great places to go downtown, especially on a Friday or Saturday night. Hanover Square is a great place to start, located on Water St., between S. Warren St. and S. Salina St. Featuring live music in at least one establishment any given Friday night, there's always something going on here. In the summer there are often concerts in the square itself. This past Friday night I saw a great classic rock cover band, and audience members ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse January 13th 2007

Greetings! I will be traveling to Brisbane, Australia in a few short weeks. While in country I am hoping to make regular posts, including pics, and maybe even some video (who knows). In the mean time I will mostly likely post a couple of reflective entries based on some of my most recent travels. The subject matter will include...but won't be limited to my senior design trip to Bolivia, on the Bus with the BSC women’s hockey team, Bolivia last summer, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and my short but beautiful trip to New Hampshire. Please enjoy! and if you have traveled to Australia, share you experiences and advice with me! ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse July 9th 2006

We stopped off at a place called Syracuse which is upstate new york on the way to ‎Niagara Falls. Its a University town on the former Erie canal network and although its ‎quite a big town its small by US standards. ‎ The hostel was a little strange, we were the only travelers there and the only other ‎resident was elderly and seemed ill. The hostel took up the first floor of an old house on ‎the suburbs of Syracuse and everything was musty and creaky. It reminded us of every ‎US horror film ever made and then on the first night we had a massive electrical storm, ‎great. ‎ The next day we had to leave the hostel early for the day because they have a thing called ‎a "lockout" i.e. you get kicked out ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse August 12th 2005

So I actually have a place to stay in Germany now!!! My family lives in Herzberg. It's in Lower Saxony, which is a state in the north. I haven't talked to any of them yet, but apparently I have a 15 year old sister named Isabell and a 20 year old brother named Sebastian. They are VEGETARIANS and have a cat. That is about all I know of the situation right now. Still, it is surprisingly comforting to know that there actually is a warm epicenter to all this madness that is about to pervade my life in about 2 weeks. To be completely honest, I am perfectly satisfied just knowing that there actually is a place for me in that strange land, Germany. It's a nice thought to have swimming around my head with all ... read more

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