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North America » United States » New York » Syracuse May 28th 2018

The course took us around the bottom of Lake Erie, and up along its southern shore. But we never saw the water. Everything is developed, industrial, and flat. We made it into Syracuse early, wondering what we would find. We arrived at another empty city -- large unused spaces at its heart. This place was really deserted though, it being Memorial Day. We did find some food in the only deli in town that stayed open. Lucky us. By now we were dragging a lot of tiredness around with us, and we collapsed, looking forward to the final run to Burlington.... read more
Large open square downtown
War memorial and 100 year old building at the back.
Incident in 1851, freeing a slave jailed under the Fugitive Slaves Act.

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse October 17th 2016

Today was our last day in Boston, I felt quite sad to be leaving as it was an amazing city with excellent culture and history and I had enjoyed a great couple of days there. Today was the day that we picked up the car that we would be using for the next couple of weeks and it was another lengthy walk down at Atlantic avenue following the red brick road for one last time! The car was an absolute monster and was much bigger than the car I had driven the last time I was in the states and felt fairly apprehensive about my first drive. Initially I thought we might be able to have the layout of the car as 2 in front, middle and back but this was not possible and had to ... read more

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse July 13th 2015

We have been in Syracuse for a week for a family visit with my sister Deirdre. We also made sure we were here to celebrate her husband David's 80th Birthday. There were 54 people over 3 days and we had beautiful 80 degree weather for the event. How wonderful for David's family to travel here from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia, California and several from Costa Rica where they have lived for many years. We have enjoyed visits to the Erie Canal, walks along the Creek Walk in downtown Syracuse, a visit with my neice Kathyrn in Utica and the family reunion held at Green Lakes State Park. How lucky we have been to be with family and friends to share a special time together. These moments do not come often but we have made sure we ... read more
Our camp spot in my sister's yard
Lunch trip to another Buffalo Wild Wings in Syracuse
Erie Canal

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse June 27th 2015

The Dollinger's Inn is a sweet little hotel, very homey, though they do hold a strong belief in disposable tableware. Styrofoam plates, cups, bowls... anything that doesn't need to be washed. We had a breakfast of French Toast sticks, sausages (more like kebabs), bagels, cheese, the usual I guess. Except the kebabs. They'd go better on Yom Ha'atzmaut than breakfast. Anyway, the kids explored a bit outside while we got our baggage organized, and after seeing the frogs they found we all loaded up and went on our way. The rain started almost immediately and got progressively worse as the day wore on. So, we started out shopping at an outlet in Waterloo, and turned it into a day long shopping spree. My credit card hurts... Actually it wasn't that bad. We got raincoats we'll need ... read more
Syracuse U

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse June 7th 2015

On a beautiful summer day, my friend, Val, and I decided to explore some nearby Syracuse-area parks we'd never been to. We packed a picnic, made a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts, and were on our way. Our first stop was Chittenango Falls Park in Chittenango NY. This state park had no entrance fee, and it showed a little. It seemed lacking in upkeep and there was a bit of litter in places. NY State parks are usually greatly maintained. and this one fell short of my usual experiences. This didn't hamper my trip at all, however. We walked the paths through wooded areas to get to the river. The walking paths often go in the river, which really is more like a very shallow creek, so I would suggest some good waterproof athletic shoes. We ... read more
Chittenango Falls Park
Chittenango Falls Park
Chittenango Falls Park

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse June 5th 2015

Every summer, Syracuse's Clinton Square houses the Taste of Syracuse Festival. I first went in 2015 (when my accompanying photos were taken), and have been back a few times since. It's a food-based fest, with a variety of local vendors selling small bites for just a few dollars. There is also live music, inflatables and face painting for the kiddos, vendors selling their wares...but it's really the food that gets me there. The first time, I took my daughter, Grace, and her then-boyfriend, Josh. Grace and I had a great time perusing all the different booths, trying to find the most interesting things. There was something for everyone here...typical American food, ethnic, vegetarian, meat-lovers, sweets. Grace, Josh and I all gravitated towards different vendors, sampling and tasting to our heart's content. When I returned with a ... read more
Taste of Syracuse
Taste of Syracuse
Taste of Syracuse

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse August 2nd 2014

Hoping to reach Hagerstown, Maryland. Hopefully weather cooperates!... read more

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse August 1st 2014

OK so we've made it to Syracuse in one piece!! Uneventful except for Deb and Stan's throne stops and, of course there was also Derek & Stan's moment with Rhoda. .......Derek was particularly interested in a taste test. .... oh and there was the coors truck which insisted on me jumping on.... read more
We're off
arrival in Syracuse

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse June 15th 2013

Our days only get better here at the Good Sam RV Rally. We joined Sam & Sandy for breakfast. Almost like early morning at Denny's in Kissimmee. Got a text: Walt & Diane had arrived at the RV Rally. What a joyous reunion - the six faithful comrades usually together in the South had now reunited in the North. Hail, Hail - the gang's all here! What a great day! Together again. Too good to be true but it was....just like a miracle. What a big difference a little sunshine with great friends around makes in changing one's opinion of this Rally. From gloom to glory....Hallelujah! We explored some new RV's on display. One of the food stands was cooking a pig on a spit...that was rather pathetic. We completed the morning back in the exhibit ... read more
On the Shuttle
Crowds Gather for Reba

North America » United States » New York » Syracuse June 15th 2013

The rained stopped for Day 2 at the Good Sam Rally. Yahooo! Taking our good old time getting up in the morning; we weren't in any rush to venture out. Cory was showering and I was lingering in bed. I could hear knocking and first thought it was just Cory banging around. No....there was knocking. Cory ventured to our door in his underwear. I heard him gasped & holler but couldn't believe what he said. Throwing open our door in his skivvies, he, in shock, welcomed our dear friends, Sam & Sandy. Surprise!! And we were.....they had driven their RV from their home in Michigan to surprise us at the rally....and did they ever! We had to be dreaming. This was all too good to be true. I jumped out of bed and threw on my ... read more
RV Rally
Speaker Cory ....and Lulu

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