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North America » United States » Nevada » Reno October 25th 2009

Hi Everyone, Hope all is well back in the UK. I've been busy and therefore haven't written a blog in a while... Sorry to keep you all hanging! We've had all extremes of weather here. A couple of weeks ago I worked in a day of rain, it was just like England, didn't stop all day! We have also had a lot of snow at the cabin then to top that off last weekend I was in intense heat at Death Valley. It was about 40c, over 100f. Death Valley was great fun, very dry and hot so I ditched my tent and slept under the stars. They also had an astronomy event there which meant we got to use telescopes and look at Jupiter and many constellations. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of any ... read more
A Deserted Town
Joshua Tree

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno October 9th 2009

Hi, I've had a busy couple of weeks. A group of us went to Virginia City which is the oldest city in Nevada (I think)... it's a staggering 150 years old, hardly the same as in Europe! It was good to see though. It's a small place up in the mountains with lots of wooden saloons. That weekend also happened to coincide with a bikers festival called Street Vibrations. It was crazy. I've never seen so many bikers in one place and they were all so stereotypical. They seem to have some strange tradition where the women sit on the back of the motorbikes, ride through the street and flash in return for cheap, plastic beads. Very strange though quite amusing. Most of the women were very large and about 60. I'd like to add I ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno September 25th 2009

Hi All, Last weekend I visited Pyramid Lake and Black Rock Desert which is in Northern Nevada. It was an amazing place, very cool landscape and I had lots of fun with my 2 friends Emma and Susanna. We saw some lizards but no snakes unfortunately (I really want to see some snakes)! Pyramid Lake is on an Indian reserve in what feels like the middle of nowhere. We stopped off at a gas station and we were the only car there. It felt like something out of a movie. The roads were all so long and straight and we probably passed about 8 cars in 2 hours on the way to the desert. We camped right next to the lake and made ourselves a very impressive camp fire. We then woke up early and ran ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno September 18th 2009

Hi Everyone, Hope you are all well. How is the weather back in England? Well it's been pretty hot here, 36c the other day. Hahahaha. Sorry but I have to rub it in. So I have now completed 3 weeks of work - time is flying by! To fill you in... we have been working on the Tahoe Rim Trail re-route which is South Lake Tahoe in a place called Stateline. It's right on the border of Nevada and California. In the last 2 weeks weather has been very hot. The work is still hard but really enjoyable - I like working outside so much more than I thought. We have seen some more interesting wildlife. I've encountered 2 scorpions, both were very small but it was quite exciting to see them. We have also seen ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno September 7th 2009

Hi Everyone, Sorry but I wrote the previous 2 blogs a while ago but only saved them and forgot to click on publish. That explains why you haven't seen any photos! Anyway back on track now. I have completed my first week of work which was hard but great. I really enjoyed it, it's very physical and by Friday I felt like I had run a marathon but it's very rewarding and the crew are all lovely. We have been digging a trail in a place called Heavenly near Lake Tahoe. This means moving big rocks, pulling up roots and evening out the ground so the thousands of people who visit will be able to follow a trail and not get lost or step on lots of plants and wildlife. It is located in Western Nevada ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno August 30th 2009

Hello Everyone, I am here in Reno. I arrived on Wednesday but have had lots of problems with internet. I am now sat in the University of Nevada library. It's a really nice uni but I feel like I'm living in an American teen movie. Everything is living up to its stereotype. On Friday night there was a house party run by the Le Cross team. It's good fun though but I do keep laughing to myself when I hear certain words such as 'awesome' and 'far out'. Reno is a funny place but I quite like it. It's very small with 1 street full of casinos with a couple of wedding chapels thrown in. A much smaller version of Vegas. There are slot machines everywhere - the airport, gas stations and even in supermarkets, they ... read more
Downtown Reno
Downtown Reno
Downtown Reno

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno August 25th 2009

Ok, so I am a twenty one year old guy from Reno, NV looking to get out there and see the world. Not only do i want to see the world, I want to take people with me. I hope to become a group travel planner, that would be such an amazing job! I found this site and was hoping that on here i would meet people who could share their adventures with me. Maybe a tip or two on good places to go, things to do, what interests people in thier line of travels. I cant wait to hear from all you wonderful adventurers! -Jonathan P.S. - If any person would like to exchange emails, my email is read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno August 13th 2009

I departed the Grand Tetons on Wed around 8 a.m. Snapped a couple last minute pics of the range before heading west out of the park. It was time to get some serious miles in. I drove about 7 hours until I arrived at Twin Falls, ID and stayed the night. I didn’t really find anything I was looking for in Idaho. They do have world famous potatoes but that’s about it. Tonight I am in Reno, NV. I have an awesome hotel room at The Nugget Resort & Casino. It only cost $50 and I managed to win half that back playing the slot machines a little while ago. This place is awesome. Tomorrow I will cross over into Cali and going to Yosemite for a couple nights, can’t wait. Until next time. Cheers, Josh ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno June 30th 2009

27th June, 2009. Reno, Nevada. Into downtown Reno this morning, the depression has hit here, four Casino's have closed down, in the main street and numerous other buildings with no tenants - the Pawn shops were doing a good trade (again you can buy cheaper new than in the old pawn shop). We saw a number of people with their hands out looking for a bit of cash and the ever hopeful dreamers plugging away at the slot machines in the casino's. The main street s were closed to traffic for the weekend for Blues Brews and BBQ's, take note Tauranga no charge to get in, just for your purchases. Lots of people out wandering the area "Reno - the biggest little City in the World" (Americans need to travel more - they honestly believe they ... read more
27th June, 2009. Reno, Nevada 004
27th June, 2009. Reno, Nevada 006
27th June, 2009. Reno, Nevada 007

North America » United States » Nevada » Reno June 29th 2009

26th June, 2009. Reno, Nevada. Up and into it this morning, 77 degrees (23.5C) at 8.30am - nice. Had heard about a small Cowboy town, Virginia City about 23 miles from here so off we went. What an interesting place, centre of a huge gold strike, they too over 73 million dollars of gold out of there in the late 1800's. The town is basically in its original state, that is after it had been rebuilt for the 3rd time after fire. Footpaths are the old boardwalks, lots of cowboy bars, one with numerous bra's hanging from the lights - must have been some well en-dowered women in that bar. One grumpy old women in the street giving out vouchers for a bar/casino. Lots of motorbikes in town, nice run up from Reno or Carson City ... read more
26th June, 2009. Reno, Nevada 012
26th June, 2009. Reno, Nevada 014
26th June, 2009. Reno, Nevada 015

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